REALLY BAD stomach/abdominal pains!! Maybe gluten intolerance? new member here!

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Hi I'm new here so please bear with me!

I'm a female, almost 21 years old and about 5"4. I am healthy; I eat pretty healthy, exercise, don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs or don't smoke. Recently, I've been having these strange stomach problems and I'm lost and have no where to turn to.

I have a health "history." In about 2 years, I have developed severe environmental allergies and allergies to cats and dogs. I'm now taking allergy shots for this. From birth to freshman yr of college I drank milk and had no problems. Recently, I've developed a SEVERE lactose intolerance so I have now cut dairy out of my life completely and that seems to be going well. Also, I've always been tired, more so than the average person (I have a identical twin sister who is NOTHING like this...has no issues at all) ever since a couple of yrs after I hit puberty. I am now on birth control (for controlling cycle length), take D3 vitamins and take pro biotics (sometimes I forget; haven't taken that in 2 weeks though...oops!)

Recently, I have been noticing my stomach getting increasingly sensitive to everything to the point where I never know when I'm going to feel sick. I mostly get mild to severe abdominal pains and it ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS hurts in the area between my sternum and belly button. It never hurts elsewhere, just in that spot about 3 inches below my sternum. When I have these pains, it feels like food poisoning and I always have diarrhea (I know gross) and or softer stool or stool that "burns"

I thought I was gluten intolerant and went gluten free for a bit (like 2 weeks, then stopped bc no improvement) and was fine after. I have been to my doctor numerous times and all she chalks it up to is stress which is super annoying and frustrating to hear. I have gotten allergy tests (like 4 of them) and all came back well for foods. I had ultrasound done and it was okay.

I've often thought about getting an endoscopy done but was told it might not work so I decided not to go through with it.

Anyone else experiencing this? I am SO FRUSTRATED. I try everything to the point where I'm eating bland foods and even that causes me pain sometimes! Today I had a bagel with an egg and peppers and bacon and now I feel sick to the point where I've been to the bathroom 4 times in the last 1.5 hrs and have had to miss classes. It's a burden on me and my sister (roomate) and it affects me because I can't study or do anything.

Anyone have suggestions? Any would be great! thank you so much! :D

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    May be stomach ulcer, have you tried a herbal product containing liquorice, not the lolly liquorice. Aloe Vera?

    Also from health shop you can get capsules that help to digest Lactose, also gluten. A stomach biopsy is a good idea, then you will know for sure if it is coeliac which I have. For a quick option to see if it is an ulcer is the Gaviscon. Usually works on ulcer almost straight away.

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    Yep it all sounds like a Stomach / Duodenal Ulcer / raging Gastritis, a H.pylori infection, you could do with an Endoscopy just to check out what's going on down there smile
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    thanks so much Benny and Priscilla!
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    Could be but also get checked for the ulcer. I had one of them once and it sounds similar to what you have described.
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    thanks Holly! will do!
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    Hi, sounds similar to me. I had severe stomach aches. Diarrhea..nausea. . . The docs did an endoscopy. To find i had bruises in my stomach. Nothing i took helped, except flamar mx for the cramps..

    They told me it was IBD and stress related. Which was  also frustrating. . And then they said i could be allergic to gluten.

    I stayed away frm only bread and pasta for a few wks.. and it didn't help much. 

    The only thing that helped was *strict Gluten and lactose free for a few *months*. And it soon got better. Started in feb 2014 and nov 2014 its gotten a lot better... im 22, close to ur age.. i was lost. And doctors were no real help..

    The damage to your stomach takes a few months to heal. And every time u eat bad, it starts over. 

     i really hope things are better by now

    don't give up though smile this too shall pass

    there's light at the end of it

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    Keep eating gluten and have the endoscopy...your symptoms sound like it may be Coeliac Disease. priscilla had good advise, as did other posters. But don't cut out gluten until you're tested...  (two weeks, I'm sorry to say, wouldn't be enough to lose all of the symptoms)  I hope it's not anything serious, but I wish you the best of luck with an answer and better health to come!
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    we live in williamsburg va usa and my doughter she is now 17 years old and have the same exact problems.

    we did every thing we can but nothing came out from it

    i am very worried becouse again her school work and her life is at astak

    and all started again just like you when she hit pubirty

    but i meet man at the age of 50 and had the samething

    i think it as lot to do with stress and the water we drink the amount of sleep we have

    i have a nother girl with same symtems and they told her her suficus has a problem

    she takes madication for that and she is getting better

    get help us

    the nauture doctor told her get of all darry and all processed food and most of all outside foods

    i will keep you in my pryers


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