Really need help from all of you.

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22 Male, wieght: 160ibs now, was 215 ibs at 18

I have had breathlessness (air hunger) for 4 years now. the constant urge to take a deep breathe never goes away ever.


1st general physician visit


chest x- ray

1st pulmonologist visit:

another chest x-ray

and a ct-scan of the chest

with another spirometry

2nd general physician visit:


cardiovascular ultrasound

asthma allergy visit:



right rib x-ray



endoscopy showed acid reflux damage in esphogus

then asthma allergy again:

spirometry showed upper airway issue (i think)

then had a metholdine something test for asthma... no asthma

had an endoscopy rule out VOCAL CHORD ISSUES

then a new pulmologist:

orders a Ct-scan of my throat.

told me to see an ent

ent visit:

he scopes me down and looks over ct-scan

says that everything looks normal from throat up, and suggests a bronchoscopy


going to see the pulmonologist again to discuss a bronchoscopy


chest pain/tightness and discomfort.

shortness of breathe that is 24/7.

a feeling like i always need to swallow.

a very weird feeling down my throat (i think) as i breathe.

it feels like i have a smokey breathe, like im smoking on inhalation....


i was a sedintary gamer who powerlifted as his only activity. weighing 220ibs at 5'9" and was always laying on a recliner couch eating food aside from school.

smoked a lot of weed from 13-18/19 and towards the beginning of this breathing issue, like 17-19 i had been smoking hash oils with high tempature propane on a nail. increased the frequency and amount i smoked by a LOT up untill this started...

my doctors have told me they dont think its related to the smoking, but im nit entirely sure. is a bronchoscopy worth getting? what could this be if not a lung issue? and how would i officially rule out my lungs/throat... ?!

im in urgent need of advice and support. been a very rough journey and im struggling more day by day.

i would like to say thank you to those who reply and share their wisdom/experiences in advance.

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    Hi, I'm not a doctor but as soon as I seen you and smoked in the past it could all be, [I don't know to spell the bid words] and don't take this bad. It could all be in your head. Because I smoke in my early twenties and became paranoid. It took a few years to go.

    All the best martin and keep in touch

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    Sorry I forgot to say. Exercise can be a great help to along with eating the right foods

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    Did you have contrast with your CT of your chest? Are you on any medication for your reflux and oesophagitis?

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      no contrast, was on reflux meds but i need a new perscription.

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      i quit when this all started 3-4 years ago... im 22 now and still have no relief

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      have your symptoms got worse since you haven't taken your ppis?

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      the acid reflux makes things worse for sure, but im breathless 24/7 regardless of the reflux... super confusing and weird

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      Well maybe ask to have a chest CT with contrast. Also to help with the breathing, you could see a respiratory physiotherapist. If you have a bad posture it can affect your breathing. I don't know if you would consider yoga, pilates or thai chi. These type of exercises can help you control your breathing and improve your posture. If you take a beginner class it is just gentle and relaxing.

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    as of this month:

    i had a spirometry test show an upper airway obstruction, my asthma/allergy doctor though it could be vocal chord dysfunction but found nothing wrong with an endoscopy.

    he ordered to give me a breathing test that involved me inhaling sugary powder in increased doses while doing spirometry.

    he then referred me to a pulmonologist who issued for me to get a ct-scan of my throat.

    then he just said, "upper airway obstruction, go see an ent".

    the ent did a larynscopy yesterday and saw nothing and said that he could only see so far. and recomended a bronchoscopy being the only way to see into the trachea and what not.

    im so confused as to whats going on and what the upper airway obstruction was seen from. like how they are determining i have this.

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    Hey man,

    Just read your post. Sorry to hear you going through this. How are you keeping?

    I am also going through something similar, the need to constantly take a deep breath. Have gone to multiple doctors, and after multiple scans and heart scans they said everything is okay and this must be a behavioural breathing issue. I am a relatively healthy person, don't smoke, drink sometimes and exercise a tone loads, but this issue still persists.

    I am starting to think it might be a mental/behavioural issue as when I have a few beers and sit there relaxed (lets say tipsy) this issue is not present. Have you tried and noticed this?

    Have you also tried doing meditation? While doing it I do not get this urge, and after sometime it comes back?

    Let me know if you tried the above and what are you finding that helps. The worst thing you can do is just keep thinking about it, because it destroys you more. So Try keep your brain busy and see how you are reacting.

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