Really need some help, feeling physically and emotionally at breaking point!

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Hi all, i'm new to this group but i really need to speak to other's who are possibly experiencing the same life crippiling symtoms as me.

I'm sure my doc's think i'm a hypochondriac, my patient history goes on for years and every conclusion is anxiety, i end up feeling really stupid with no help from them until the next set of symptoms....

I have just had another worrying episode in my life which has triggered new symptoms which i have now convinced myself is terminal, my parner dosen't understand and i feel i have knowone to turn to.

My body is very good at constant anxiety ie; brain fog, blurred vision, lightheaded, ibs, gord/gerd symptoms..i can belch for england, shacking, heart palpatations..most of the time it feels like my heart is going to pack up from exhaustion from working overtime!

Sorry for rattling on but my question is....

Is there anyone out there with these following recent symptoms iv'e been getting over the last week.....

Aching/dull pains across my upper chest above my breast bone which can go across my shoulders and down my arms, a constant aching heavy feeling in my neck/chest back of my throat accompanied by excessive belching, heartburn. The pain can go to my back and i can have wheezing, an occasional cough but not noticable, i am also aching all over like i have the flu constantly with zero energy, motivation. I have now covinced myself it's serious and i'm on my last legs from trauling the internet for symptoms.

Would be so relieved to hear from anyone else that's going through this as i have another doc's appointment for next week and i'm dreading seeing the 'hear we go again face'.

Many thanks for listening

Amanda xx

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    I have heart palpitations migraines frequent headaches I did have really bad chest pain at 1 point but it has gone but I'm sure it will come back. Try not to look for symptoms online the worst will come from it I have experienced it myself there is a post I posted on her with the symptoms  it's hard knocks you down a lot I'm only 20 so it's messing my life up at the moment  with my headaches it feels like I have something wrong with my brain if you need to talk pm me ☺
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    Yes anxiety can and does often cause all these problems.  If a doctor tells you that they think so top - it's a safe assumption that that's what it is.  I know we never believe them though and always imagine the worst. For example I've had a horrible lump in the throat feeling for quite a while now - constantly, gp tells me its anxiety and that my throat is fine - but of course I don't believe him
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    mindie, we are all in this b....y boat together,if only we could reach out to touch each other. I also have excess belching,thought mine had been caused by medication until I read about it, having said that I am on medication, which I feel has contributed to my symptoms, addicted.was just about screaming with pain, couldn't stand , jelly legs, took med but it hasn't helped. saw doc yesterday, she wants me have appt with neurologolist because I am dizzy and lose my balance, eye test, rule anything nasty out, am not having much success reducing meds, just want it to be over, and be my old self again, outgoing, enjoying life, sending you a big loving hugs,   MOTH  doesn't really understand what has happened to me,not very sympathetic. rosie. BIG   huuuuuuuuuuuuugs  to everyone.
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      Aww bless you for your kind words of reassurance so sorry to hear your having a rough time of it.

      It can be a very lonely disorder when knowone around you understands and you think your the only one, makes you want to shut the door on the world and cry.

      If you'd like to chat i'm always here xx

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    Thank you all so much for your replies and kind words. It,s so reassuring to know there are others out there going through the same problems. I really want to get this sorted now as when i have periods of low anxiety/stress i know what it's like to feel relatively normal and enjoy life. It's a shame we can't all meet to help each other through our hard times...

    Supose we all have to take some comfort that we are all in the same boat and not alone...hugs and best wishes to all xx

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    Your not alone, trust me. I get the chest pain going down my arm and into my back, also horrible feeling in my throat. I have no motivation and very tired. Anxiety can cause so many different symptoms, it's crazy really. Please don't panic, easier said than done I know. I find acupuncture helps tremendously x 
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    Hi Amanda, I have had some of those symptoms for about twenty years now.  They told me I had fibromyalgia syndrome and gave me strong painkillers which just numb my brain, not the pain.  Before that they thought it was petit-mal epilepsy and anti-convulsants which can have a chronic effect if I had fallen pregnant, but they didn't ask or mention this to a sexually active young woman in a steady relationship.  No doctor would think to do that!

    It's not just you at all, there are many of us who are just as frustrated.  I have also found the internet can be a very depressing tool when it comes to self-diagnosis, I have had more dodgy diagnosis outcomes from that than enough, and it frequently tells my other half to ring for an ambulance because he's having a heart attack - it's just muscle pain from doing too much!

    I don't know if it's just my cynical nature, but I have just been amused.  I took their patient q health check, you know just to depress myself, and came out at 27/100.  Once of the things it days I should do is reduce my stress.  Okay so I have health issues, and a chronically ill mother in law, and am dealing with her stressed and depressed son, no way of reducing that unless I did her in (tempting).  I have a house I can't manage, but have not had chance to do anything with it between working and sorting the MIL.  I have been doing a stressful job but  I got laid off on Friday, I had to laugh, cos that will reduce my stress levels a bit... And I suppose I can get some stuff done around the house now.

    I figure you just gotta keep on laughing, even if it is just at the black comedy of life.  Hope this helps a bit, if nothing else it helps to vent

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