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please help! Had my 4th baby on Christmas Day, 4 days later the insomnia kicked in, then the anxiety I get on a morning is horrific! I wake early after being awake most of the night with my baby, Rush to the bathroom and the adrenaline of anxiety makes me puke, then I get shaky freezing cold can't function start to panick then I feel so so low and depressed I seem to perk up at nighttime a little but not for long! Started on 50 mg of sertraline 16 days ago and I have been more depressed and anxious than I was before I started taking them! Went to docs yesterday and she upped my dosage to 100mg, I had a bout of depression and anxiety last January due to personal problems but it only lasted two weeks and when I took the sertraline then I didn't really have time to take effect as I already started to feel better before they had kicked in, I need reassurance I am going to feel better again for my 4 children's and husbands sakes I want to enjoy my life again

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    It's hard to see the light when you're in the thick of it.

    You will get better, but it will take time.

    Try and keep that in your mind, you will get better.

    Take it all a day at a time.

    Sertraline can take anything from 4-8 weeks to start working for most people, and despite the negative experience stories it is a successful medication for a majority.

    Sleepless nights and a newborn will aggravate your symptoms as you're aware.

    Have you got the capacity to set up a support network to help you out a bit?

    Even if it's just to talk, catch up a bit of sleep etc...

    Make a conscious effort to look after yourself as much as you can.

    Keep in touch with your GP, health visitor?

    Wishing you the best, you're not alone.

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      Thankyou for your reply, I don't really trust health visitors tbh I am scared incase they try and take my children away even tho the gp has reassured me that that would never happen, I am a good mum, but when I am low which is a majority of the day I do struggle my husband is due to go back to work next week but the gp has said she would give him a sick note so he can stay at home a little longer to support me, my mum dad my best friend my husband and mother in law are all fantastic support I speak to them every day. I tend not to sleep much at night so when my hubby has dropped the 3 older children at school he comes home watches our baby while I take a nap ( have to take a sedative to sleep tho) I just feel like I am never ever going to get better it's such a dark place to be in x
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      You will get there, there's no shame in having depression/anxiety. you have good support, I understand your concerns with a HV.

      They are understanding though.

      Having these issues is no reflection on your parenting.

      You'll get there, day by day.

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    The human mind has a tremendous capacity to heal if you give it a chance.  Your hormones are all cattywampus and things will settle out.  Anxiety is a viscous circle and our thoughts propel it forward, causing anxiety about the anxiety.  I recommend meditation as it is hugely therapeutic, beneficial for anxiety and depression.  I'll send you some links of things that might help naturally.  You got over your bout before without the drug, really, and you can do it again :-)  It always feels like it will last forever when you are in the thick of it, but it won't.
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      Thanks for replying it's very reassuring to have support links would b great thanks again x
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    I understand exactly what you are going through, I have 4 kids too from kindergarten to high school. I'm taking sertraline since October 2015 for anixity and depression .

    It's my first time taking these medications,

    You will get better don't worry it took me 4 weeks to feel the difference i had a couple of bad days then my doc upped my dose from 50-100mgs .

    I'm now in my first week in the new dose and I can feel a little better than before.

    Stick to it you will get better.

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      So do u feel so low where u can't snap out of it? It petrified me thinking I could b like this forever everyday is a struggle, I really hope your meds kick in soon bless you
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      Yes I felt so low that tears come out without any reason .

      Don't worry you will get better soon .

      And keep in mind that it's a time and will pass for the sake of your kids .

      You r not alone and remember that you have your family that loves you and supports you . That will help u calm down .

      Hope for the best will come . Keep us updated. 💐

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    Hello Ash a lot of what you are saying reminds me of when I had post natal depression many years ago, it was a horrific time I would not want to return to. They say that anxiety and depression are two sides of the same coin in that they are treated the same way. I have been on Sertraline since the beginning of Nov last year for anxiety and panic attacks (came out of the blue) and can whole heartedly agree with everyone elses comments, it is hard in those first few weeks when you are feeling awful and the tablets make your symptoms worse before they get better. But they do get better. You will notice some of the symptoms will start to disappear or diminish which will give you.Hope. but see each day as a step nearer to getting better. You do need to try and 're focus your mind on other things and don't think about how bad you are feeling but how each day you are getting back to the normal you. It feels like it takes forever but it doesn't. It may help to talk to one of the post natal team that comes round, they offer fantastic support that I really could not have done without.
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      It's really nice to no That u have suffered similar to me (not meaning to say I am glad u had it ) I feel normal at night from around 6 then the next day is a battle again, it's scary and a very dark place to b in! I am so pleased your better now I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy x
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      Hello Ash I do remember the blackness and despair I felt at the tttime and I had no family support either. I felt completely alone and totally helpless. You don't ever forget that, my husband didn't understand at the time but now he has been through depression recently he can totally see where I was coming from all those years ago. Don't despair, keep taking the Sertraline at the same dosage at the same time every day with food. Try and maintain some order in your mind of things you need to do and focus on those and you will feel like you have achieved something when you have completed them. Baby steps but they all count to making you better. Also try and get out for some 'me' time, swimming, running or some sort of exercise is great for getting the endorphins, your feel good hormones going. Try to think a day at a time and congratulate yourself that every day you are working hard to get better. Message me if you need anything x
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      Aww thanks so much for that lovely msg, my husband is so supportive but he obviously doesn't understand as he's never been through this, he's worried about my appetite as for two weeks I have only ate half a meal a day, I can't physically eat, when am low (which is most of the day) it's so hard to even do some washing and mop the floors and normally I am so house proud..... He's due back to work on Monday and I am terrified, my gp said she would give him a sick note but he's worried what work will say as he was only off a few month ago with a bad case of flue
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      I know about appetite I dropped to a very slight and too thin 8 stone when I had post natal depression, I just lived on coffee and didn't want to eat I got back to normal though eventually to 9 1/2 stone, I have dropped to 8 1/2 again 'recently due to the symptoms of starting on Sertraline and again I didn't want to eat anything but got my appetite back and trying to put the weight back on. I think your husband needs to take the time to be with you if he can and get that sick note from work, I am sure they will understand as you've only just had a baby, it's not an easy time, but do remember that he will have to go back to work at some point, you just need the extra support in the interim. When he does go back to work try and get out of the house every day, no matter if you are not going anywhere just get out for a walk with the baby in the pram, this helps too. Let me know how you are getting on but the fact that you are in here shows you can talk about it and this helps enormously showing that you are not on your own x
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      How long did your postnatal depression last if u don't mind me asking? Can't wait for these pills to kick in I feel like I am going crazy! I will try my hardest to get out every day, wish I had the confidence to go to the gym lol thanks so much for the support it really means a lot xx
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      Hi Ash to be honest I can't remember all I know is that when I had my son it took the Doctor a while to recognise it, he had the health visitor round doing one of those tests to see if I was classed as depressed. I was I was almost suicidal. He got me on the tablets straight away with the post natal team to come and talk to me, they were fantastic. When I had my second child 6 years later I was Panicking a bit about how I would be after the birth after the last time. The Doc said to me don't worry and he put me on the medication straight away after the birth which helped enormously, he also got the post natal team too, they are worth their weight in gold. Talk to them, they are fantastic. You will get there but grasp every helping hand you can and hold on. You need this at this moment but you will get there I promise you xx

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