Really stiff and sore finger joints...

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Just wondered if anyone could help? About three months ago my middle finger's second joint on my left hand became really sore and very stiff (especially in the morning). I had to use Voltarol to take the discomfort away and noticed that it was swollen and very sore to touch (but not full of fluid). Then it settled after a few weeks and I hoped it was just a random thing.

Then about three weeks ago a couple of finger joints on my right hand have started to do the same thing and I am waking at night with pain and a lot of stiffness. In the morning it is as if they are 'stuck' in the same position and after a little while they come back to life (although remain sore throughout the day).

Do you think it could be the start of a kind of Arthritis? Not sure if I should go to my doctor or just buy some joint vitamins or if anyone can help shed light? I eat really well and look after myself, take exercise and starflower and fish oil supplements.

Many thanks

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    Hello Newbod. I have only recently joined so forgive the long pause in answering your question.

    I have both Rheumatic and Osteoarthritis in various parts of my body.

    My hands, which have osteoarthritis sound very much like the description of your symtoms. There is also a condition called trigger finger that often affects the middle digit.

    Although I am not a doctor and couldn't diagnose what you have, I would suggest that you visit your gp. It may be that you've already done that by now. At least you will have a proper diagnosis and treatment.

    I would expect you to be sent for an xray at least and it may not turn out to be arthritis after all.

    I have taken fish oil for nearly 40 years. It is good for the heart, joints, skin and general wellbeing.

    I soak my hands every morning in very warm water to get them going. One of the best treatments I have had is wax baths (hands only!) at the physiotherapist, really soothing and leaves the skin lovely and soft.

    I also wear supports at night and for various activities.

    I have had two operations to fuse some of my fingers, but I am unlucky in having severe arthritis.

    Please go to the gp and let me know how you are doing. I wish you lots of luck for a good outcome.

    Fanny Jane.

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    Hi newbod

    Just to add to last post, the finger bent and stiff thing can result from nerve problems in neck. , I've had it, and the neck problem was identified by means of an MRI scan. There can also be a numb hand sensation and sometimes nerve pains up the arm. Might be worth checking with GP or Physio.


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      Hey Gerry the neck smile

      I've just come across your reply, and have been experiencing a similar of late.

      Fingers locking, especially through the mght and after a time of inactivity. Have been seeing a chirproctor to have neck adjustments, but after about ten sessions there has been little to no change.

      What has been your outcome may I ask?

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      My hands and knees are very sore and stiff and wake me up at night but they are not swollen or misshapen. My GP thought it was just a flare up of arthritis but the moment I move around all the pain and stiffness disappears.
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    Thank you both for your has prompted me to try and get to the bottom of it rather than guessing all the time as it has got even worse since my last post and effecting toes and ankles now. I managed to get an appointment and they are carrying out all the arthritis tests they can through the various blood tests. Thank you again. New Bod
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    Hello Newbod,

    I am really pleased that you have decided to go to the gp and you are going to be tested for arthrits. Thanks for letting me know, you have taken the first step to helping yourself to move on.

    Good luck.

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    Hi, i don't want to scare you but regular pain in joints and stiffness in morning; all those kind of symptoms are of Arthritis. Visit to a good rheumatologist. All the best.


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    Hi, my middle finger was sore for about 3 weeks and then it went away. now i have sore finger joints in different fingers. i also have pain and stiffness in my back. it wakes me up in the morning hours and i struggle to get out of bed. when i do get out of bed and start to move around it goes away. i know its not from any injury.

    what can this be? i went to the doctor and they did some x-rays on my back but found nothing. any advise?

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    This very same thing happened to me last July (2013). I awoke one morning to stiffness and it got progressively worse. I went to the doctor - was sent for an x-ray which showed nothing. Had blood work done - nothing. Sent for an MRI - nothing. The doctor from the MRI put 'trigger finger' as a diagnosis - I researched trigger finger and had none of those symptoms. She wanted to sent me to a specialist but I quit. After $4,000+ in doctor bills with no answers I decided I would search on my own. I have found that a hot steam treatment works best and actually alleviated most of the symptoms in two weeks. All these months later it is still stiff in the morning as well as other fingers now so it is possibly some sort of arthritis that was previously ruled out. Learning to live with it...
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    Hi I'm Paulette.  I have trying to search for answers myself on this as they too ar emy symptoms.  The stiffness in the fingers and joints.  I am so hoping it is not arthritis.  I do see an chiropractor and have been regularly for almost a year now.  She does adjust my neck regularly.  Beofre the stiffness in my hands I was experiencing numbness.  I figured it was the way I was sleeping...........that went on for about 6 months.  Then it was the numbness and then the stiffness in my left hand.  Then it was both.  Then the trigger finger started; usally in my pinky fingers; but lately, it's been other fingers.  One of my friends who is a raw veganist, thinks it is from gluten.  She told me she was experiencing this too until she got off all gluten.   I ama vegan myself about 80% of the time, when I cheat is is usally to have a starbucks once in a while or something that has dairy product in it.   I also have Hasimoto's disease.  And, reading stuff on the internet looks like becus it is an auto immune disease, other symptoms can be triggered llke arthritis.  I really want to go raw more often maybe 50% of the time.  I know that our foods are so contaiminated with pesticides and such toxins I try my hardest to eat organic 95% of the time.  I really dont like this stiffness and trigger finger stuff that i've been experiencing these few months.............I dont take fish oil but i do use organic avocado oil from costco that I buy when cooking.  I also eat a lot of avocados weekly for my oils needed.  I am totally against taking presciption drugs as I was pharmacy tech but quit cus I just didn't  feel right knowing how bad drugs are for people and the side effects and the interactions with other medications.......I really ty and live a clear healthy life and I am so frustrated that this has happened to me.  
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    If you have been diagnosted Rheumatic Arthritis, do your self a big favor, STOP EATING ANY TYPE OF WHEAT, whole, spelt, kamut, white, etc.  I have had RA for over 30 years.  Fish oil helps a bit as well as some vitamins but the number one relief will come if you stop eating wheat. You don't have to be gluten-free but if you tell people you are, you won't get any wheat.  Most beer is OK if it doesn't have wheat.

      It is a big commitment but is pays off.  My RA has not disappeared but I should be a cripple by now according to some doctors.  I know other people young and old who also have come to this conclusion long before I mentioned it to them.  I believe there was a study done a couple of years back that found a protein in wheat that affects people with Rheumatic disorders.

    You have to find substitutes for the common things you eat.  Try it for 3 months.

    Then tell your friends who have RA.  It's not a fad, it's fact.

    Good Luck.

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    Similar problem
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      Hi there just new to this site and you describe almost same problems as myself except my middle finger on left hand started to 'lock itself' and now some of my other fingers are doing the same, I just wonder where this problem is arthritis or whatever, blood tests showed no problem when I went to see doctor about some of my toes feeling numb, hope someone has an answer. Thank you


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      i forgot to mention that my big toe on my left foot has felt numb on the under side for months before this started in my hands.
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    I have the same symptoms but now the tendon from my middle finger in my Palm is becoming very pronounced as well. The joint pain is always there but my trigger? Finger happens when happens when I lie down and it's getting worse don't quite know who to see to find out what to do about it
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      I have the tendon thing in my's called depyutrines contracture 


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      Are you receiving any treatment? If so, by what type Doctor? And are yo get in better?

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