Really trying to stay possitive......HELP!!!!!

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Well were do I start......I had to fight for these tablets and now the doctor wants to take me off them......I feel sooooo down tonight i could sit and cry!!!!!! sad

I have been on the tablets for just under 4 weeks.........When I first started on them i had to go for a weigh in after only 4 days id lost 2lb........then 7 days later i had to go and get weighed again i had to see a different a different room.....with a different set of scales and id only lost 1lb.........she could see i was upset then so said she would skip a week and let me get weighed in 2 weeks........iv been tonight and seen another nurse in another room on a different set of scales and iv stayed the same.........she refused to give me a repeat perscription untill she had spoken to the doctor.

She has phoned and left a message saying the doctor will let me have another week but i must have lost some more weight or she wont let me have any more!!!!! I can understand all this but on my scales I have lost 6 1/2 lb which although is slow its a loss..............

Iv never really been told what I can and cant eat......although I have read posts on here............I was just wondering if anyone can shead any light on my diet and tell me where Im going sooooooooo wrong????? A typical days food intake would be............

Breakfast.........fruit and fiber OR weeterbix

Lunch...........Chicken salad Sandwhich(no butter/marg) low fat crisps, rice and veg

i dont snack in between meals...............and drinks are tea or water

I havent been doing much excersise in all fairness but im in a very physical job.....loads of walking....and climbing stairs and i try and walk where I can.......I also try and go swimming when I can but this has been hit and miss just lately......but had got up to 60 lengths.........Im really dessparate and any help would be much appreciated............. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Awwww chick

    Dont be so upset.....from what you say you are eating, it looks as though you aren't eating enough!! If you do a search on here, you will see a sample day someone posted a few days ago and it has sooo much more on it. If we dont eat enough, our body goes into starvation mode and holds on for as long as possible to anything we eat!!

    Dont give up, see the doc and explain how miserable you are, ask to be weighed on the same scales everytime and sign up with Roche (you will find the number on the info sheet) they will send you out a food diary with examples of what you can have. If that fails, tell him the 'girls' are coming round to kick his head in :wink:

    Keep your chin up

    Kirsty smile

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    Oh love,

    I agree with skye's Sister, it doesn't sound as if you are eating enough.

    Also you might want to ask your doctor for a referal to a dietitian. I asked for the referral myself as I didn't feel my GP was helping me. ( still isn't) But he wouldn't put me on the tabs without a letter from the dietitian. (?) My dietitian talked me through the tablets what to eat portion size what to avoid/limit. She also gave me a points system food plan (similar to weight watchers but a lot easier). 1 point is worth 100 calories. you get 15 points per day, an dI tend to spread tem out like this over th course of a day

    [b:14b521ee87]Breakfast 3 points

    lunch 4 points

    Dinner 6 points

    Snacks/dessert 2 points [/b:14b521ee87]

    so my calarific intake each day is 1500, or there abouts.

    Nothing is banned I even get to have chocolate!

    I don't go to my sugery to be weighed (1st weigh sept). I see my dietitain and I see my GP for my tabs.

    If you would like to pm me, I can always send you a copy of the points system.

    I'm surprised that you are being weighed so often, once a month should be enough. As long as you loose between 5% - 10% of your weight in 12 weeks they say that it is doing well.

    Oh 1 last thing, as funny as it sounds you need to[color=indigo:14b521ee87][b:14b521ee87] eat fat to loose fat[/b:14b521ee87][/color:14b521ee87] :!: :D

    Keep the faith :rainbow:

    kind regards



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    Try to stay positive. In my first two weeks I didn't seem to lose anything and I was trying to keep the fat content too low in case of the side effects. As soon as I increased to approx 15 grams of fat per meal I started to lose weight and have lost over a stone in two months.

    Maybe you are not eating enough fat to lose the weight. Try increasing to between 12 and 15 grams per meal and see what happens. You've got nothing to lose but the weight.

    I've tried to lose weight for so long, including very low fat diets and achieved nothing. With this I am eating virtually normally, just watching the fat content of every meal and no side effects.

    Hang on in there.


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    i agree with what the gals are saying..

    Try and keep ur chin up chick...hard though it is..

    Big hug for u ..x

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    Thank you for all your replies........after spending the weekend upset and feeling down iv now picked myself up...... gave my self a sturn talking too and Im going to take on board all the advice you have given me and try my hardest to prove my doctor wrong...........Im sick of her telling me im the size i am due to genetics and to just except it.

    good luck to all of you out there trying to lose WILL be worth it in the long run.......I cant wait to go shopping for a size smaller jeans..............Wish me luck for this week, Ill let you know how I get on. :wink:

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    Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better chick.......keep at it, i've struggled this weekend but have managed to hang on by the skin of my teeth :lol:

    Back to work tomorrow after being off for 7 weeks so am needing to dig deep to find my willpower to keep me away from the lunches, biscuits, cakes &

    [b:31c03d62cd]chips[/b:31c03d62cd] on a Friday!!

    Kirsty :D

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    What do you guys eat for breakfast thats got 15g of fat in it and lunch come to think of it :?: :?:

    Li'l jan

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    Great question l'il jan

    I must say that I have cerial (all bran, dorest muesli or porridge) with semi skimmed milk and a glass of juice.

    None of these has the required ammount of fat so I tend not to take a tab.

    Would be interested to here what the rest of you eat and if you take the tabs anyway.

    Its really hard to eat more and breakfast needs to be quick and easy so I don't have to get up extra early!

    Anyway looking forward to reading replies

    Happy days


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    Hi all

    I tend to have juice, fruit and toast with marmalade AND I take the tablet. MY doc told me to do so as there still will be a bit of fat in there. I am taking her advice. In fact apart from evening meal I couldn't eat 12 -15g fat and I don't always do so in the evening. But I am feeling better and have lost a bit. This is only day 6


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    Hi Everyone,

    I eat the same most days for breakfast - that is porridge with fruit made with skim milk(I hate milk and only can take the skimmed variety) and I always take a tablet.

    I drink at least 2 litres of water a day!

    Lunch is mostly salad with ham or tuna sometimes I have cheese - I tend to get bad indigestion if I have bread, so I might have a low fat packet of crisps ie walkers baked variety or ww or if I know I'm not going to eat much when I get home I'll have a jacket potato. I have a low fat activia yoghurt daily to counteract the bloatedness - they really work. :lol:

    Evening meal is either fish or chicken with veg or salad and either jacket pots or new potatoes - I might have a little portion of ice cream or a biscuit afterwards depends on how much I've eaten during the day. :roll:

    I have found a great little sweet with has NO FAT and only 56kcal per small packet but it helps with the sweet tooth aspect - they are Chewits Truly Juicy - I found them in Morrisons and they weren't too expensive. :D

    I have at leasy 4 portions of fruit a day and sometimes more as i love fruit. :D

    That's a good day, but recently I have had bad days and everyine knows about those days :roll: Yesterday we invested in a treadmill and a cross trainer to help our son train for the Army and so I can step up my exercise which will be good smile

    Sorry this is a long post but it's good to talk to other that are like minded



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    I usually have cereal or granola with muller yogurt and breakfast cocktail I make- red and yelllow grapefruit, oranges and pineapple-but did find that the granola was 11g of fat, this is higher than my self imposed limit of 5g per 100g. I've done this cos I'm a lazy so and so and have found that doing it this way works for me. :zzz:

    I take my tablet regardless of what I have and sometimes find that even though I eaten low fat I still can have a few spots of o/oil :oops: ....never had anything more than this though smile

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    HI, my day tends to go like this:

    [u:e01ecaaecc]BREAKFAST[/u:e01ecaaecc]: 2 weetabix with 1/3 pint of skimmed milk, a portion of fruit (fresh, dried or tinned in juice) and a low fat yoghurt.

    [u:e01ecaaecc]LUNCH[/u:e01ecaaecc]: normally is a sandwich made with 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 1 tbsp of pickle or chutney instead of marg some lean ham or tuna or low fat cheese then stuffed to the brim with salad, 1 packet of skips and a portion of fruit.

    [u:e01ecaaecc]DINNER[/u:e01ecaaecc]: this varies from day to day, shepherds pie, spag bol, chicken curry, stews, soups, casseroles, pasta bakes, chicken kebabs, everything is cooked from scratch but what ever I'm havung I always add extra veg or a side salad to my plate.

    [u:e01ecaaecc]SNACKS:[/u:e01ecaaecc] I tend to have skips, fruit, yoghurts or 1oz plain or milk chocolate, 2 rich tea biscuits or gingernuts, 2 jaffa cakes.

    At the moment it seems to be working as I've lost 3.8kg (8.3lbs) :D :D since starting tabs - 2 weeks. But this is according to my scales! Have to wait and see if they are correct when I get weighed in September. neutral

    Some days are good some are bad, but that's just life! :lol:

    I'm eating more now than ever before!

    Sorry for the long post.

    Keep the faith :rainbow:

    kind regards



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    Brekkie - either weetabix, semi skimmed milk and fruit or 2 slices of brown bread with reduced fat peanut butter and fruit juice

    Lunch I struggle with so its either left over tea, salad with cheese or pitta bread and home made soup (just easier due to work)

    Munch on fruit or celery/carrot sticks during the day and limit myself to one coffee but have lots of water

    Hope this helps


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    Hey my day goes something like this

    Breakkie - Bowl of Cornflakes with Skimmed Milk or Weetabix, a muller light and an apple

    Snacks - Apples and grapes

    Lunch - Some variation on a salad with a little bit of pasta salad as ive been told off by the dietician for not eating enough carbs, or a ham/prawn/egg salad sarnie on wholemeal bread, plus a yogurt and some fruit

    Dinner - Stir Fry, Chicken and Veg, Fish and new potatoes, quorn sausages and mash tatty :lol:

    Plus i drink 8-9 glasses of water a day plus the same amount of tea!!

    I used to exercise a little, now i go to the gym every morning mon-frid, pole dancing on a monday night, swim on a tuesday night, salsa on a wednesday and just go for a walk on a thursday night

    Im away most weekends so cant reach the gym, but what ive put my inability to lose weight down to is my drinking.

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