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I have recently been told by my GP that I am near menopause, I had a high FSH reading and haven't been feeling right for a year or more.  I haven't had typical signs that I read about, change in time between periods or hot flushes.

I went to the GP because I had spotting for days after my period and a few periods had been different, bright red and heavier for me, almost like faster flow, less thick.

They didn't explain if this was normal or not and just said the FSH was high, I am having a second test for this tomorrow.  I was led to believe FSH was high due to not ovulating anymore and think this is why the bleeding is different - can anyone explain?

I thought that if I was near menopause I would stop bleeding, low estrogen would mean a lining wouldn't build as no egg was released.  I am aware of anovulatory cycles where no egg is released and bleeding still happens.

Do you think this is what is happening and is it OK?  I am not flooding, or soaking through pads, but I feel the need to go to the toilet frequently and it there is more blood flowing than usual (sorry for TMI).

This happened a couple of years ago and then stopped - happened in January when I had the FSH test and then I stopped periods until yesterday.  Have had a lot of bleeding today and feel confused and worried.

This is all new to me and wonder if heavy periods are a usual change in menopause?  My GP is not very helpful and just references the FSH test and doesn't explain what is 'normal' or something to worry about.  I don't want to ask the GP

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    Absolutely 100% yes! my understanding is that periods usually become heavier in early perimenopuase as progesterone is the first hormone to dip, I was caught out by this too lol.  They then become lighter and/or further apart.  Enjoy!
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    Yes it sounds all normal to me too smile I had exactly the same thing happen to me, had a very high FSH too (110- which is postmenopausal) combined with heavy bleeding. I must say though that I had contacted a Gyno in that time as my GP was all too easy, and the Gyno said to get a Pelvis Ultrascan done and it turned out I had a uterine Polyp. - So maybe ask you GP just in case smile

    The way I understand is that the Progesterone goes down first, hence what they call Estrogen Dominance. The Uterine lining is not protected and can build up too much hence the heavier bleeding when you get a bleed or the "danger" of developing uterine Polyps or Fibroids.

    So even if you don't ovaluate your Brain tells your Ovaries to release an egg, the ovaries produce Estrogen- not enough Estrogen for the Brain hence the FSH is high as that is used to stimulate the Ovaries to hurry up so to speak. So that Estrogen that gets released builds up the Uterus, if you don't have enough Progesterone you won't get a bleed until its enough Progesterone so the Uterus is building up and up and eventually a heavier bleed follows.

    Eventually the Estrogen thats released from the Ovaries becomes less and less hence the Uterus has less lining and the bleeds become lighter until they eventually cease. smile - Well thats how I understand it all anyway.

    My FSH is high since 2 years, yet I still get bleeds. Thats because my Ovaries still produce enough estrogen to line up the Uterus. My bleeds have become very light since a few months though, and skip again also. Sometimes I just have one day "bleed", I don't even call it bleed as its just a bit red and thats it. Which leads me to hope that I'm actually getting close.

    If I was you I just would ask for a Pelvis Ultrascan just to make sure that there is all ok in there smile If you like to have lighter bleeds Progesterone Cream does help or Progesterone Tabletts can be used to induce a bleed also which means if you do that every month the build up is not that much.

    All the best smile

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      Great post Manuela!!

      I found this really helpful so I'm sure Beetle will too!

      What is it with these "Robotic' doctors'? I think Beetle's reluctance to ask hers a few questions makes me think I'm right in my belief they are just as in the dark as we.......were!

      When I go back to mine, I'll take a list of my questions and if I get blanked, I'll ask to be referred to someone who can! What are the odds then that the referral will be to 'Dr Google'?:-) !!!!

      Keep em comin' Manuela !


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      Thank you, your post is helpful.  So this is bleeding without ovulating?  I think that is what is happening.  The FSH is trying to get the ovaries to release an egg.  So it looks like I have some hormones but no eggs! 

      I have had another FSH blood test today, to confirm if it's still high and I will mention a scan when I see the doctor in a couple of weeks.

      The heavy bleeding has stopped today?  This is what happened back in January - I had a day or two of heavy bleeding and then it stopped and only spotting, then a bit more, then spotting. 

      I am not liking the fact my body is not working properly ha - I am only 45 and this was a surprise to me. I am almost hoping I continue with periods of a kind, because I don't have many menopause symptoms at the moment and don't want to take HRT.

      Thank you for writing

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      On occasion your ovaries might still release a follicle or a crooked one but not fully mature one and then your estrogen goes up again and your FSH can come down, happened to me in December and January when my FSH went down to 55 and 11 from 110/125...- I am only 41 btw sad
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      It's horrible to feel this is all way too early isn't it?   I am getting worried that I have plenty of estrogen, no eggs and no progesterone and am reading all about that being no good over time, because the lining of the womb thickens!   I am having no usual symptoms of estrogen deficiency, no hot flashes etc  Anyway, i have to trust the doctor would say something - the trouble is I don't!

      It's a all a bit scary to me - thanks for writing back - are you in the UK?

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      It is indeed horrible to be like this so early....I mean who thinks about Menopause at that age? I thought with 50 or so but not with 41 (or 39 as my FSH was then already postmenopausal...). - Hence I started low dose HRT, planning if all goes well to stay at least 5 years on it until I reach a more "normal" age to put up with all the menopause....

      Ususally doctors suggest something like the Mirena Coil (Progesterone) or Provera (Prog Tablets) if you are having troubles with heavy bleeding, you could ask them. Some GP's are quite casual and don't think much...

      When I went to the GP End of 2012 because I once again did not get a period for 4 months he did a preg test which was of course negative and left it at that. - I then contacted a Gyno on my own accord via email and asked if he is willing to see me if I pay him the fee's out of my pocket (no insurance) and he then suggested to go back to my GP and to ask him to do a pelvic ultrasound and to have the FSH/ Oestrogen/ Progesterone tested. - So I made a new Appt. with my GP and told him I want all these things done. (which was all through Medicare). When the results came back it turned out I had a polyp so I go referred to the Public Hospital. Mind you re hormones, my GP just said "all normal", but I got a copy of it so Dr. Google told me that an FSH of 110 is NOT normal.

      Needless to say I changed GP after that. - If I wasnt acting on my own accord I still be in the unkown with a polyp in my uterus which was actually pretty big I had a D & C within 3 weeks of referral.

      No I am not in the UK, I am a Swiss living in Australia smile

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      I just got the results of my retest for FSH it is now 5.7! (taken on 3rd day of a period)  and was 83 in January (taken around 25th day of cycle which turned out to be a missed period)>

      I sure don't know what is going on, but I am not taking the reading as meaning anything other than my hormones and ovaries are doing there own thing.

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    Hi and yes its true, one of the first things before i hit the menapause was heavy long periods, went on sometimes for 10 days, stopped and started again a fortnight later, then had none for a few months then had one again only lighter, adventually it got lighter and more spaced out then one month when i was 57 nothing, you have to be period free for a year i believe to say your officially in the menapause, i had more hot sweats during the peri stage than now which i hardly get at all, i just have other problems that many of us are experiencing now such as atrophic vaginitis and bladder problems, all part of it and treatable. Its when you have been period free for over a year then start bleeding again you need to be concerned and checked out, at least your doctor did test your FSH levels, mine never did. You should be able to ask your doctor but depends on how relaxed you feel with them i know.
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      Thank you - I am just 45 and the doctor scared me a bit saying I was post menopausal when the FSH came back, I think that is why the bleeding panicked me a bit.  Things seem to have gone 'wrong' quite quickly, although maybe I just didn't notice.

      I had some hot nights with waking, but nothing now, my skin and hair have changed and the pattern of my periods.  I now realise I have to have 12 months of no periods to really have gone through menopause.  At the moment it looks like my hormones are trying to keep going.

      I am not happy with my doctor, but have had another FSH blood test today on his request to double check his assumption that this is what is going on - he never advised what was normal or not re the bleeding - I'll see if I feel comfortable to ask him - he is quite dismissive really.

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