Recent ablation for svt. (AVNRT).

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      I am a 68 year old male. Between 5 and 10 years ago I was suffering from occasional very brief chest pains lasting a second or less, plus some odd chest discomfort which made me think there was something wrong with my heart.  These continued and I made several visits to my GP and hospital but I was told that my heart was fine in spite of my symptons.  One morning five years ago, I got out of bed and stood up and my heart began racing.  I had no pain, but I was very worried and I drove to my local surgery and asked for an immediate ECG as my heart was still racing.  They then confirmed svt.  The hospital said it was typical AVNRT.  A later echocardiogram confirmed that my heart was strucurally normal.  I was put on 2.5 mg of bisoprolol and 75 mg of aspirin per day.  As my svt persisted in spite of the betablockers and my dislike of them I finally had an ablation on the 23rd December 2014.  I felt no pain during this procedure, and none since.  In fact I feel a new man although it is only 5 days since I was cured.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that no svt, palpitations or pvcs occur in the coming weeks and months.  I recommend the procedure for any persons considering it, and I am very grateful to the brilliant consultant and staff.

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    Hi Geoff,

    I am the same age as you and have been suffering with fast heart beats for over 30 years and was finally diagnosed with AFIB about 5 weeks ago. I am on flecanaide and rivaroxaban a blood thinner. I have an appointment 2 weeks time to see a physiologist at the hospital so hoping I can have the ablation. I don't like taking the meds because of side effects. I have also been getting chest pain which last seconds, but very painful and was told my heart is sound after spending 10 days in hospital. So I am wondering if the pain is caused by the Afib.

    It is nice to hear that you are happy with the results and hope you continue to feel better. I would certainly have the ablation if It is offered to me, if not I will ask. 

    Thank you for telling your story it gives me some hope.


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    Hello Merryl,

         Thank you for your reply, and I am pleased that you have finally been diagnosed with AFIB, as the correct diagnosis is of course very important.  It is also good that you are seeing a physiologist, as they are the experts, and it is unfair to expect our GPs to be expert at everything.  I suppose that is why we have specialists.  I found it useful to do some research on my own condition, so I had a good idea of what to expect.  I found the ablation procedure okay, although there was a lot of lying around, first of all in the laboratory where they conduct the procedure, and after whilst you rest to avoid bleeding from the groin area. 

         I was kept informed of what was happening throughout as I only received the minimum pain killers etc.  Another useful thing about ablation is that they map the area affected and are able to tell you exactly what they need to do.  To summarise: 1. Diagnose the problem.  2.  Get to see a physiologist. 3. Be offered an ablation.  

        The odds on a successful treatment are very high indeed for most conditions, but as is the case with most things, all cases are different, and the ultimate success no doubt depends on several factors, but this is where your expert physiologist will advise you.  Please post your results of happy to do so.

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      Hello Geoff,

      You said in your first post that you had odd sensations in your chest, could you tell me what this felt like? I am getting chest pain which is very painful that last for seconds, but don't know if this is due to AFIB. It seems to subside towards the evening. Do you still get this problem now you have had the ablation? Did your GP refer you to a Physiologist? I did not know that my GP had referred me until I had a letter for an appointment.     

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    Hello Merryl,

         My svt appeared to be responsible for the following chest pains: on infrequent occasions, about once a month, always whilst sitting, two or three very short sharp pains lasting about a second each in the heart area.  This I was told was not the same as typical heart pain.  (I read a report once on a forum of someone with svt who suffered what they described as popcorn going off in their chest). This is quite a good description.  On other infrequent occasions I felt discomfort in my chest again in the heart area.  Again I was told this was not typical heart pain, and it always disappeared after a few seconds.

         After my intitial diagnosis of svt I was put on betablocker and aspirin, but because I kept getting svt I asked my doctor to refer me to a specialist.  It has taken a long time, but my eventual procedure was one I elected to undergo, and I am now pleased I did so.  I hope this is of some use.

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    Hi there Geoff, I know your message was awhile ago, but was just wondering how you are doing. I have just been diagnosed with AVNRT. I had 2 episodes about a month ago for the first time.   Very frightening. The cardiologist referred me for an ablation. I went for the consol and am now trying to decide if it is a go. I am a 60 year old female. It really freaks me out. I am on 2.5 bisoprolol. Though my heart rate is low now, I have been having flutters through the day. Side affects of the medication are  not great. I just can not understand why all of a sudden this would start to happen.

    Thought you might be able to give me some insight. Hope you are doing well.

    Appreciate your thoughts 

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