Recent Binge drinking has me worried for brain damage... Any Advice?

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since this has started so any comments would help to Start off, I have been a heavy drinker for the past 18-20 years, for the most part, I would typically have a 12 pack (bud light) every other day, always lasting around 4-5 hours and never going past. Most years recently I would do a 30 day cleanse and not drink, never experiencing anything more than increased anxiety, of which i do suffer from. I recently separated from my Fiancee of 15 years this past spring. Since then, my drinking has increased to closer to probably about 2 out of 3 days, and as of just the last month or 2, it increased from 12 to 15-18 beers per setting. I started realizing that it was time to quit, it has cost me a lot already, so I began cutting back in early october. To get to the question, I did not drink on the 10th of October, but I was so bloated that I took magnesium citrate oral drink, which COMPLETELY clears out your digestive track. The following day I felt good, though tired because I was "empty". I skipped breakfast and lunch that day to finish up work and was able to be done with work around 1pm. I decided to meet up with a friend to have a few drinks...that turned into 15 light beers over the course of about 5 hours (typical for my drinking days...), but as I was leaving a crowd showed up and asked me to join them out for a few more drinks, they were driving so i didnt see much wrong with it ( i dont get bad hangovers, but was off work the following day as it was anyway). Well, I still had not eaten, we went to 4 different bars and my guess is that I probably had 2 beers at each place (puts me around 23-24..a lot for me), I say "guess" because i don't even recall being at some of the bars, which NEVER has happened to me, I have always been the type that can recall every word of every conversation that takes place on a night of drinking, which can be frustrating because nobody else ever can and they always want to contradict you, lol. ...Well. after the "blackout" at the bars, we all returned to my house to listen to some music and enjoy a few more drinks, they started after I as 15-16 in so it was not the same level of intoxication. We ended up staying up til past 5AM drinking. Now my drinking rate slowed mightily throughout the night obviously, but my guess is that i had around 28 beers or so, finally going to bed without eating or drinking any fluids. The following day I could not get out of bed, which can be expected. However, the hangover kept going...and going. Day 4 I still felt 6-7 same, then I decided to have 6-8 beers out back over a fire to see if I could clear it up and just relax. That was 5 days ago...Since I have had the worst headache and obsessive thoughts that i may have damaged my brain the week prior by drinking so much on an empty stomach and not eating or drinking any water afterwards. Since i overindulged so greatly, can this be alcohol withdrawal or could it be more serious? Could it be a nutrition/chemical issue due to lack of nutrients/fluids to my organs during my drink-a-thon? Or could it be worse, could it be a type of brain damage from such over indulgence that occurred after years of regular alcohol intake? I apologize for the lengthy story, but have been obsessed with it in my head (and my memory has been shot the past few weeks) and wanted to speak my mind to anyone that would listen and may have answers. I know I should see my Dr, and i do have scheduled bloodwork later this week with him for my Hypothyroidism (which was greatly e;elevated a few weeks back), but I have a difficult time speaking with him over this particular issue bc I am an insurance underwriter and I know exactly what those notes would mean for any future policies for life/DI/long-term care. I have been full of regret and despair. As I noted I have long been an anxiety sufferer (with panic attacks), and have felt so much stress since that long night, could it be the stress playing such a large role. Thanks again everyone, I have been a long time reader on this site, but just officially registered this morning looking for help.

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    to note, before I had those 6-8 out back, my mind was much clearer and i felt sharp, just had lingering symptoms, since however it has all been a nightmare. Could it be starting and stopping multiple times can increase the intensity of withdrawal?

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      That is indeed a problem. I'd suggest you go to a doctor asap and discuss the problem with them. Thiamine (vitamin B1) can be helpful for drinkers, but they're always wasting what they get from their diet due to the drinking, so it become impossible to "catch up" . You're courting a very dangerous condition here, Ike.

      Are you in the US?

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      I am in the U.S, it's been 5 days since I've had a drink and the headache remains, plus I wake up unrested. I feel a bit better than I did a few days ago but still not functioning well. as I said, none if these symptoms appeared until a few weeks ago after a major binge (most I've ever done). and I stop drinking all the time let my body heal and have never felt like this. I am very stressed out about the situation as well as with work and finances, so I am wondering if the stress itself is adding to the feeling? you said very dangerous condition, were you referring to the life style in general or to the specific symptoms? Thanks for all the comments and advice

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      I'm sure the added stress isn't helping things and might well be adding to the symptoms, but I'm not a doctor and can't say specifically what it is. I've seen posts by people deciding to dry out after a big binge and they have similar complaints from binge drinking and withdrawal. They also complain that there seems to be a "kindling" effect that brings on problems sooner and sooner with each new bout of drinking.

      Some vitamin B1 might well be helpful, but you really need a doctor to look you over.

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      thank you for your replies, I feel a bit better today, and I am meeting with my dr tomorrow. I'm guessing stress, plus a huge binge plus withdrawal has created a perfect storm, or so I hope! thank you everyone

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      Glad to hear it, Ike!

      You might consider using TSM if you feel you're on the verge of starting to drink again. It will likely keep you from going so deep into it and many binge drinkers say that it helps them avoid blackout drinking.

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    Ike you might look up kindling effect. Alcohol also creates all kinds of problems for the gastrointestinal system and the mag citrate might have caused you to flush some critical nutrients like electrolytes, from what I understand.

    You might want to have a look at The Sinclair Method to help you with ramping down your drinking, back towards sane levels. Many binge drinkers drink to blackout and it seems TSM also helps curb that. I wasn't a binge drinker, but drank daily for over 30 years and TSM helped me throttle that back to less than 5% of what I was drinking before. That's held for over 2 years now. I really do enjoy having a beer or two without having to worry about overdrinking anymore. I'd suggest you look up a doctor that's well versed in it and tell them your story/symptoms, etc. Doctors that know TSM won't look down their nose at you.

    There's a link to some info on it here:

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    Are you in the USA. Massive amounts of beers without food and for day and night is quite shocking to read. More than i ever had. Google The C3 Foundation. Amazing. ADEfree is great and a big success story on this forum. The Sinclair Method is the most successful medication by far. Time to stop i think. I wish best of luck. Robin

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      certainly time to stop, no denying that, i just fear that my last night of drinking has caused some damage that may be long lasting. thanks for the support

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