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Good day to all. I have been reading a lot about healing and the big mind-body connection. Part of what it said was to search for someone that has been healed of your particular ailment so that you know it is indeed possible. So, I was wondering if anyone knows of someone (or more) that has been cured (after antibiotic resistance has become more prevalent) of pseudamonas? I also want to know if any of you can "feel" where your infection/damage is? When I sit up in the morning and start my first few cautious breaths of the day or when I am sitting but leaning forward I am very aware of where my issue is. It feels like something is in my lung (like a fist or golf ball or something). If I am sitting on my couch and leaning forward with my elbows on my thighs I can absolutely feel it. It is a creepy feeling and really unnerving to me but it doesn't go away. I have asthma, bx and pseudamonas. Thank you all! Debi

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    Hi Deb,

    I don't know of any cures, but I have also read a lot about the mind-body connection and I am starting to believe that how I handle this has a great influence on how I feel.

    I'm becoming more accepting of me having bronchiectasis and this in turn is helping me feel more relaxed which again helps me feel better physically.

    Does the feeling of having something in your lungs go away after you have cleared out your lungs?

    Take care,


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    Hi, Debi,

    I think if I had something that felt as you describe I would definitely see my primary doctor and see if he thinks it's something that should be scanned in case it's might be something more serious than bronchiectasis/pseudomonas.  Asthma doesn't cause that.  I'd do that as soon as possible to relieve your mind.  And some people have BX in different areas of their lungs and others have it in just sone area.  I think the lingula is a common place where bacteria for example can reside.  Well I suppose it's possible that pseudomonas could too.  whether or not you'd feel that though as a lump I have no idea.  But I'd sure want to have it check out just in case.

    I have always believed that the body heals itself if you don't bombard yourself with drugs and eat and sleep well and let things happen naturally.  So I do what I can to help like vitamins/supps and natural things and just know my body is going to try to work on it too.  If I didn't do that I'd probably panic, so this keeps me sort of level headed about it.  I have had pleurisy several times in my life and I know instantly when I have that so I treat that accordingly and it goes away. THAT is a real pain in the lungs and I don't have to bend to feel it.  All you have to do is breathe to feel that.    I have only had pain in my lungs otherwise with pneumonia.  I don't think I feel my lungs or any particular place in my lungs at any time.  I read on here recently somebody wrote in and said their lungs felt like plastic.  When I read that I thought that must have been a very strange feeling because I couldn't describe anything I have had that way.   I have felt 'gummy' as in congested very much and it feels like it's in the middle of my chest but to even try to describe where in my lungs I couldn't do that.   I have Asthma and from what I'm learning it's probably 'allergic asthma' and COPD (as in chronic bronchitis) and BX and I don't know for sure about pseudomonas as I haven't done a sputum test in a while but someone here told me I probably have that along with my BX.  I'll mention here also as it might be significant, I also have scoliosis which twists the spine and can put pressure on the lungs.  Many people have that condition and may not think how it might affect their lungs and it depends on which way the curvature goes and where it is and how severe it is.. 

    I had trouble sleeping on my right side as I couldn't breathe well and would cough and my instinct told me that was my spine putting pressure on the lungs. I definitely 'felt' my lung on the right side then.  turning over resolves the situation.

    I've mentioned it to drs. and chiros. and I get vague answers like 'possibly'

    But from what you describe, Debi, none of that sounds like what you are feeling.

    Please just check it out with your primary and see if they can't shed light on that issue.  You don't mention how long you have felt this or if you've mentioned it to a doctor or had a scan etc.

    Let us know what you find out.   We'll be thinking of you and hoping you find an answer.



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      Hello! Thank you for your concern. I actually had another CT scan only this past January. I have had this feeling in my lung that long. I did ask Dr but he didn't know why I could feel it. That is the area where most of my pseudamonas and bronchiectasis is located. Maybe because I am very small it is more noticeable to me. It seems that there is really not much expertise in this specific area. I live in the states. I have learned more on this site than by all the docs I have seen! Take care, Deb
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    "don't bombard yourself with drugs"

    "So I do what I can to help like vitamins/supps and natural things"

    Er .. natural things like proper food you mean? Vitamins and supps are drugs (as in manufactured chemicals*) surely? Not even necessary if you eat the right things.

    Just my take and sorry to introduce a note of contention in a website that is geberally very polite and friendly :-)

    * I'm not against manufactured drugs, but I don't dis anyone who tries to minimise their intake.

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      Hi, Steve,

      Tabatha here - I think u meant to reply to me and not to Debi as I was responding to Debi.  Yes, I didn't mean the vitamins were natural necessarily and I did mean food and sleep and exercise and teas herbal and such (& that new honey I just got).  I do take vitamins and some supplements. You are right in that they are manufactured altho many have organic veggies and fruits or herbs in them but I was meaning that they are perhaps better than medical drugs if those can be avoided.  I've managed to stay away from antibiotics for example and I don't need cholesterol drugs or BP drug or anything other than asthma inhalers (unfortunately!!)  I hate having to have them).  If it wasn't for my lungs I'd be very healthy!  ha ha

      Something I have discovered much to my delight just last week actually:  I ran out of my multi vitamin.  I Have never gone without a multi since I first started on them years ago.  The manufacturer of the one I've been taking is out of stock.  Slowly after a few days I noticed I was just not the same and felt lack of energy or lack of focus or purpose (brain not as perky) and I felt lazy and even have headaches now and don't want to do anything around the house.  I didn't want to pay the high price at the natural store for another brand and they are also out of the vitamin I use.. The mfgr. has it in stock now and will be shipping to the stores so I'll probably have it soon. But I now know what I feel like without a multi (mine was 3 a day).  So I've proved to myself that they do make a difference (to me anyway). I choose a good brand with the right kind of ingredients which are absorbed better etc.

      My diet usually is oatmeal with fruit for late breakfast, and/or a juice that we make ourselves with loads of Kale in it; salad for lunch or soup IF I'm hungry and dinner may be soup and big salad with lettuce and fruit and curried chicken, or meat/fish and steamed veggies.  I've still been taking Vit. C and a couple of other supplements.  I really don't eat enough to give me the vitamins I need so that's why I take a multivitamin.  I do not have a large appetite and when we go out to eat I always bring half or more home with me.  I would love to not take vits/supplements because of the cost and I think of the money I've spend on them in my life. But the other thing is that I don't get sick.  the only thing was pneumonia and it had to have been picked up at a  store I was at in a Xmas rush, and it developed right after that - because I'd stopped taking my protective Vit. C that I'd been on for 2 yrs.  I've never had the flu or a cold in so many years I can't remember.  Over 20 years at least.  But somehow I got these lung problems. I need all the help I can get and diet is just not enough for me and I'd think for a lot of people.

      You are not contentious really, Maybe I'm being contentious!  You are just stating what you believe and you want people to know to just eat properly and don't waste money on the artificial stuff.  It would be nice to have faith that that would be adequate but for good measure I just add the vitamins.  I think a big strong man or a strong woman with a good appetite who eats the right foods very likely can withstand illness and do just fine.  My husband is one of those.  His immune system must be amazing as he's out running errands and talking to people and in crowds etc. and never sick.  He eats the same thing I eat but more of it and he's never been sick and it's amazing for his age. He's 85.  I am much more vulnerable and need to take more care.  And all of us with these lung issues are probably just as vulnerable as I am.     Steve, if you don't take vitamins what do you eat to keep you strong in all areas and energetic etc.?  We can all read about good diet but if you have success with a diet plan and you don't feel you need extra help can you give us an idea of what you eat and when?  (don't mention brand names : )

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