Recent sharp but short lasting abdominal pain after eating greasy foods, what is wrong?

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So I got on a huge fitness kick this year. I decided to eat only lean meat and vegtables starting January. I also exercised everyday. As a result I lost 60 pounds and have felt great. 

The last two days I had family parties, and I ate grease food. One day pizza and wings; the next day chicken fingers and fries. About 5 minutes after eating I got sharp pain in my upper abdomin and it seemed more on the right side. It last about 30 minutes and then went away completely. I have not have any issues eating any other food both days, so I am convinved its the greasy food that is causing it. What is odd is this isn't acide reflex or indigestion, I have had thsoe and this feels different.

I obviously can avoid eating greasy food and that should stop the problem but I am concerned it could be something more going on. Could this just be simply its been almost a full year since I ate anything greasy and my body is not used to it? Or could it be something more serious like gallstones or an ulcer? 

Concerned and looking for advice

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    I should mention I am 30, not sure if age factors into this.
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    Probbky gallbladder, probably because you haven't eaten in a long time too much grease at once just ask your doctor what he thinks and go from there. I think if it's gallstones or something worse it's going to happen again.
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    Probbky gallbladder, probably because you haven't eaten in a long time too much grease at once just ask your doctor what he thinks and go from there. I think if it's gallstones or something worse it's going to happen again.
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      Thank you, I will continue to monitor, I am still a concerned. Too much at once was a bad idea! It just scared me because this wasnt acide reflex and this wasn't gas. I had never had this sensation before. It was sharp, acute pain right below my ribcage and to the right. Very high up and after about 30 minutes, the shapr pain went away. But happening two days in a row had me concerned
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    Hi chris

    You probably gave your digestive system a shock after being used to non-greasy food for a year. I don't think it anything serious. You should have introduced greasy foods gradually not all in one hit in the space of two days. Be kind to your digestive system and ease it into various foods again.

    Good job losing 60lb👍....if there is something untoward going on you will experience the pain if you are eating sensibly or not...leave the greasy foods don't want to undo all your hard work wishes😊.....

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      Thank you for your reply, I feel much better about this! 

      I haven't had any greasy foods for 10 months and I think you are right, I do not have the pain at all when I eat lean meats, vegetables, fruits and my protein shakes/bars. I don't want to undo any of the work!

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      Hi Chris

      My guess is you gave yourself trapped wind which is transient pain ( lasting only for a short while), that was located at either side of the upper abdomen below the rib cage. Of course you can get trapped wind in the lower abdomen also. Most probably when you were enjoying the pizza, wings, chicken and fries you probably were eating them fast because you had not eaten them in a while and they were delicious and you gulped down air as well as the food....and your digestive system was not used to the fatty foods either.

      Trapped wind pain is very sharp and can last a little while until the wind is untrapped...I have had this when i'm in a hurry and eat fast!' I've learned to eat and slower........bon appetite......

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    It could definitely be symptoms of gallbladder problems, which is usually triggered by eating greasy/fried/fatty food. You would feel the pain in your upper right abdomen. It may be something to keep an eye on, and if it happens again, maybe schedule a doctor's visit.

    Then again, it's more likely that your body just wasn't used to all the greasy food since you've been eating extremely healthy. Our bodies act in mysterious ways and perhaps yours was just trying to tell you to lay off the bad stuff.

    Congrats on the the weight loss! I too am in the process of losing weight and have dropped around 30 lbs in the last 3 months. Having people say "Wow! Have you lost weight?" is always a good feeling. smile


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