Recently diagnosed with panic attacks and agoraphobia

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I've recently been diagnosed as having panic attacks with agoraphobia due to the anxiety I have experienced since May.

I'm glad I've finally got a diagnosis but now I've been labelled as having something wrong I feel more down than usual.

Today especially I'm having a bad day and I'm not sure if it's because I've had a coffee (which I've been told to avoid - sorry if it sounds stupid) or the fact I've read my letter a couple of times from the physcaratrist - which gave my diagnosis along with suggestions of other tests to have done.

As I said today is a bad day - keep feeling shaky, my heart is beating weird - fast, than normal (& possibly slow but that could be my imagination), lack of appetite, hot, breathing not right - not bring able to take deep breaths and exhale fully.

It's really knocked me feeling like this as yesterday I seemed to have an ok day.

I'm just worried that I'll never be normal again and sometimes think that these symptoms are something more serious.

Can anyone offer me some reassurance?

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    Sorry to hear you feel bad. Coffee can definitely increase feelings of anxiety… I hope you feel better after some rest.. be kind to yourself. The bad days will pass. Just curious, were you prescribed any medication by your psychiatrist?

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      Thanks jane for your kind words.

      I was prescribed 3 lots of medication - I'm just reluctant to take them - mainly because I find it hard to take tablets. Also because of the side effects and plus I don't really want to rely on tablets to make me feel better.

      I'm waiting to hear back about CBT therapy as well.

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      What were you given if you dont mind me asking? I also have anxiety and agorophobia so interested to know what they gave to you. I stopped drinking coffee nearly 2 years ago and it does help. I drink cammomile tea instead as that is far more comforting :D
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      I've been prescribed fluoxetine, propananol and promethazine.

      I was researching different teas to give a try -  to be honest I don't drink that much coffee - maybe a cup a day.

      How do you deal with your panic attacks and agoraphobia

      I'm really struggling and I hate being like this.

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      In terms of dealing with it, I don't really have any techniques other than trying to push myself, even a little bit, and breathing deeply and reassuring myself it will be okay, and giving myself something to look forward to (i.e. if you do this you can have a treat/go to bed early/have some nice food).

      I always dread things that should be fun but then end up enjoying them more than I think. It's the anticipation / dread that effects me a lot. I used to hate going out of the house but things have improved - slowly... But things I should look forward to I dread because I am scared of panic attacks, feeling weird or not enjoying myself. Therefore I cant really look forward to much - especially if its far away from home. Do you get this?

      I take propranalol and citalopram, which I am currently withdrawing from and will start sertraline soon which is apparently good for agorophobia. The NHS website says: "An SSRI called sertraline is usually recommended for people with agoraphobia."

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    First of all welcome to the club secondly i hope to the 9 divines that you get better help then me no one should ever have to be a prisoner in their own home because of a desease such has agoraphobia or has i call it a chemical imbalance iin the amagdyla.

    As for good an bad days that will mainly be the anxiety an depression which if you dont suffer from you soon will and all i can say for that is watch as many shows you like an do as many things you can to take your mind of the problem.

    Also dont think about the problem bury that feeling as far into your concsious as you can drelling on the fact that you have agoraphobia will only make things worse.

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      I hate fearing about going outside into the big wide world and it's even more upsetting as before I would go hours on public transport by myself and wouldn't think twice.

      My life is so restricted now and it really frustrates me, especially as I cannot pin point why this has suddenly happened.

      I am scared about depression creeping in but I guess I'll have to face that bridge when I come to it (if I do).

      I find it hard not to worry and have always been a worrier.

      I know being negative and feeling sorry for myself won't help but sometimes I can't seem to do anything else. 

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      Just like you the agoraphobia sneaked up and jumped on my back and wont get off.

      I used to always be outside be it at the park playing football with friends or taking photos and traveling around Kent but now i cant even walk to the bus stop an its only about 50 metres away i cant even go to the drs and thats about 200mteres away an like you i have no idea why im suffering from it now.

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      Sorry I posted before I had finished.

      I'm sorry that things are that bad with you. I now manage to take my little one to nursery which is probably 800 Meters away but a majority of the time I'm on the phone to someone.

      That gives me a little reassurance but I know I can't rely on my friends picking up.

      If I can do that, I have faith you can. Especially as before I wouldn't even go out my front door and less than 10 meters

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