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Recently started on alanzapine

Hi all. I've been on olanzapine 3 days now, it seems to have helped with intrusive thoughts I was getting. I was just wondering how long people was on these before the med settled properly and you felt normal again? Thanks. Leanne

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  • leanne96735

    I am on this stuff Olanzapine 15mg per day and I completely loathe it.

    i was diagnosed as late onset Bi Polar. The tablet keeps me down, my spirits low.

    i believe in having a good life, not necessarily a long life.

    i would pay the earth to come off it and not be under the mental health auspices.

    olanzapine is a horrid drug. Best wishes, Mel

    • melvin11

      Hello Melvin  I agree that this drug Olanzapine is terrible .I have sever loss of balance  and I also have to cathetize as I have urine retention which I believe is the side effects from Olanzapine I have a new doctor and he does not believe in this drug.  I have been taking this medication for several years and have read the reports from different people which are horrendous. I am trying to get off this medication  with help from my doctor . kind regards from Margaret

    • margaret69208

      Hi Margaret

      you have my every sympathy. I have read reams of stuff, virtually unanimous in the despair that Olanzapine brings.

      Unfortunately for me Quetiapine was even worse: after one pill I thought I was dying and spent a night of hell. My feet and ankles, also my hands went totally numb.

      My body felt in shock as it trembled violently. 

      The psychiatrist wanted me to go onto Lithium, but once I read the advisory sheet that was not an option.

      Having come off Olanzapine twice I know I can easily do that. If I were to though I am pretty sure I would get sectioned (assuming my mood were to rise). Freedom is the thing I treasure above all so I am trapped in misery, losing my personality and joy of living.

      What worries me most is that this drug seems to be given out as a chemical cosh for a great number of ailments. " it keeps them quiet" I reckon.

      Good luck, I wish my doctor was as supportive as yours!  Best wishes, Mel

    • DrNoIdea007

      Hi Dr Noldea

      I was put on 15 mg and gradually cut down to 2.5. 

      I have twice done this with no apparent problems.

      Unfortunately I am back on this drug as there appears no suitable alternative. ( I tried Quetiapine and refused Lithium).

      Cheers, Mel

    • melvin11

      My son's first med was Seroquel and he could not tolerate it at all - also made him psycho, they all did.  Our tapering down also went really well - he was pretty much himself at even 2mg - but I know it's doing irreversible damage to a still growing brain - hence why I wanted him off it.  I wish the Pharma companies who invent such meds could invent one to help the withdrawal process!  Oh hang on, that would mean loss of revenue - so many trapped people with no hope of escaping the merry-go-round keeps them happy!

  • leanne96735

    Hi Leanne I agree with Mel, it's a terrible drug. I was on it for nearly 20 years for a psychotic illness. I recovered from the illness after a few years but couldn't get off the meds f9r another 15 years. While I was on it I felt like my personality was being eroded away and I was becoming less sociable turning into a zombie. Also I put on loads of weight. Coming off it was the hardest thing ive ever done but now it's been a year and im back to my old self again.obviously the longer you're on it the harder it is to get off it.

    • jeremy16659

      Hi Jeremy

      I have to say how heartened I was to see that you CAN come off this chemical cosh.

      It's only 4 years for me but I am very aware of the same symptoms that you suffered.

      Twice I have tried to come off Olanzapine and experienced mildly high moods. They tried me on Quetiapine which was even worse! and offered Lithium which I side stepped by agreeing to go back onto Olanzapine. My worry is that I will never be off this stuff.

      As I approach 69 years there is no rush to reduce the 15mg per day; sigh. 

      As I inferred, your comment gave me just a glimmer of hope; thanks!

  • leanne96735

    Leanne, PLEASE look for an alternative.  Were you on any other meds or drugs before the intrusive thoughts came?  They could have been a side effect of that?

    • DrNoIdea007

      Hi Drnoidea... I am now off all medication and the intrusive thoughts have stopped. I get the odd one now but I think that's my mind "testing" my Anxiety got worse through having medication and my confidence has been destroyedesigned. I'm working with my councillor for these issues now as my experience on medication has not been one I'd ever like to repeat. I expected a magic pill, I was so naive as their is no such thing. Thankyou for you replys x

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