Recovered hyperthyroidism and intense exercise

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Hi there,  I have finally got all 3 blood results in the normal range after 10 months of being on carbimazole, taking numerous supplements, changing parts of my diet and practising mindfulness.   I'm pleased to say that my consultant has given me the ok to crack on with my training, as I do triathlons and am keen to race this season.  I've, therefore, started some training session swith really short bursts of higher intensity to build it up but I keep getting a cold and feel really tired.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi Sara,

    I have been in Carbimazole only a few weeks and I see little (very little) improvments with my exercising. I run long distances and do crossfit, every day of the week. I haven't stopped exercising since symptoms/diagnosis, althou the achievements are so so little that I may as well stop. I have gone from running half a marathon in 1:50 to not being able to run 10K in less than 1:20, if and when I manage to finish the 10K. It's just so frustrating I cannot even begin to say :-(

    Coming back to your issue: do you check your white blood cells? Are you still taking Carbimazole? How much?

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      Hi Rita,

      ?I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this, but bear with it and it will get better.  I was strongly advised not to exercise at the beginning until it my levels were more under control.  This is due to the high risk of strokes and heart attacks as your body is working overtime and doesn't rest.  I felt I actually got to the stage where I didn't want to exercise as had no energy at all.  I know it's really hard as exercise gives you that amazing release of endorphins that make you feel amazing but it did my body the world of good having a complete rest from exercise and have come back to my training stronger. 

      ?I haven't had my white blood cells checked for a i've just got better and better so I guess they didn't feel the need.  I am currently still on 2.5mg/day (which is a minute amount) and have been on that for 3 months now.  Today is the last day!  I have blood tests today and then 2 months later I will have another set, having been off the medication for 2 months.  I'll keep you updated.     There is a lot of research available for what supplements to take and also a big part of it is getting rid of any stress or at least knowing how to deal with it....I looked into mindfulness and it's really helped.

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      Thank you Sara for the encouragement! I have been told by the endocrinologist to watch my heart rate (I have a heart rate monitor on me the whole time) and to stop exercising if I saw that this was consistently elevated. I had days with resting heart rate over 100 in the worse symptomatic phase of the disease and those days I would not exercise and tried to do as little as possible... however with FTs very high it's really difficult to stop moving altogether. I have never felt tired during this, I can keep going for 18 hours straight and sleep as little as 4 hours, waking up feeling completely rested... it has been "hell of hyperactivity" for a good 3 months like this 😕

      I feel better and better on Carbimazole too, but still my white cells are dropping, so I think it important to measure this while on Carbimazole (so not for you anymore!). A compromised immune system doesn't give any symptoms until the infections start, so it would be better to know before. I suppose the same is valid for the liver functions.

      Good luck with your training and your health in general!

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    Hallo Sara,

    Well done on getting your results in the normal range. You are a motivation to me as I am hoping to go the same route as you, with carbimazole (my intake was halved today!), supplements, careful diet and mindfulness. So your recipe worked for you.

    One comment on the colds. My symptom prior to diagnosis was having a cold for two whole months (Nov and Dec). I have never experienced anything like that in my whole life. Then I started Carbimazole, and got the next cold (start Feb). I have been researching a bit the connection, if any, between thyroid and colds...... what I found is that low Vit D is very prevalent in respiratory tract infections, colds etc.

    I know you said you have been dutiful about taking supplements, but have you ever been tested for Vit D deficiency? I got Vit D, the one a day type, from the chemist just to get started, and when I looked, the daily recommended dose delivered was 200 IU, whereas here on the forum people are taking up to 4000 and 5000 IU per day. Just a thought.

    I do so hope you find your pleasure and performance again. Well done to you so far.

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      Hi Claire,

      ?Lovely to hear from you and that's great re your medication smile 

      ?Yes I also suffered from colds before I was after the other!   I haven't been tested for Vitamin D deficiency but I have been taking a multi-vitamin (that I get from Amercia) which is much higher in values than the ones from here (UK) and also a separate Vitamin D in Vit 3 liquid form which I would have thought would be enough but by the look at your values above i'm not sure it is.   I think I will get tested to check it out.  Thanks for your comments.

      ?Hope you continue to improve smile


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    I am severely deficient in vitamin D since 6 years ago, when I moved to the UK from sunny Italy. I have been researching quite a bit on VitD deficiency since it is connected to flaring of autoimmune diseases, like Graves.

    The actual recommended dose of vitamin D supplement is much much higher than what recommended by GPs normally in the UK... It's kind of known that GPs here are not very familiar with vit D deficiency.

    The proper those in case of even a mild deficiency is 1000iu per 10kg of body weight.

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      Hi Sara, the ranges in UK laboratories go form 75 as the lowest (to I think 500 as the start of toxicity). However 75 is not an acceptable value in reality (and in many other countries in the world). You should really aim at minimum 125 and ideally 250.

      I was at 7 when I tested last in December (being my worst month of the year), this was connected to my highest FTs values too... There are studies connecting VitD deficiency and Graves symptoms.

      I have changed my supplement and its doses completely in January, as the stuff the GP was giving me since years ago was clearly not working since I haven't managed to go over 20 in the past 2 years. I will re-test in April after 3 full months on the new supplements and I am hopeful to see something abobe 50.

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