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Hi there,

 My laparoscopic surgery is booked for the end of October to remove hopefully just my right ovary and the 9 cm cyst. 

 My questions are: 

1)   How was your recovery?

 I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old.. how long until I can lift and take care of them myself?

 2)   How long until I can work out again?  I am a yoga teacher so wondering when I should plan to go back to work

 Looking for answers for both laparoscopic and not… he won’t know until he is in there what he is doing but hoping he just had to cover his bases and say that just incase and I won’t need to be cut open!     smile


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    Definitely ask your dr. I was cleared to do light walking a little bit each day after 2 weeks (could only do 5 mins to start!) and my dr didn't reccomend anything more than light cardio for 12 weeks. I had a laparotomy and large cysts removed from both sides, plus a second op a few days later due to complications. As for lifting, I am Childcare educator and work in a room of 1-2 year olds. I returned to work after 5 weeks and was told not to lift children for at least another 2 weeks. Obviously it's different with your own children, especially the baby! See what the dr thinks, but in the first couple weeks post op you really have to be careful not to lift anything or do anything that puts a strain on your abdomen. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Irene!

    I've just had a laparoscopy three weeks ago, although in the end, the surgeon didn't remove the cyst, so my surgery was not as extensive, as yours will be.

    I am a fitness instructor too and have been teaching my usual spinning, zumba and circuits classes for the last week-so from two weeks after my surgery. I am being careful but it feels ok. Obviously depends on what they do internally but that's just my personal experience.

    Hope it all goes well for you!

    Take care xx

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    I had a 7.5 cm cyst both tubes and ovaries removed last August. The surgery was at like 11 and I was home by one with no pain. I did stay on my pain meds as directed for the first week. The recovery was very easy. By week three you would never know I had surgery, except for the bloated belly that lasted 1 month. I don't think you can lift for the first week but I am sure your dr will give you good instructions after. Don't stress as this was the easiest surgery I have ever had. I waited a month before I worked out but you may be fine working out before then. The three tiny incisions healed very fast. Good luck with your surgery! 

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    Hi! I just had laporoscopic surgery 12 days ago. My doctor ended up taking out my cyst and left Fallopian tube as well as doing a D&C (I think because I have bad cramps and heavy bleeding each month). The surgery was NOT as bad as I expected it to be. In and out in about seven hours! The first three days were the hardest but mainly due to the gas they pump you with during surgery. They can't get all of it out so it gets trapped under the diaphragm and presents as shoulder pain (was only my right shoulder). The incisions themselves weren't very painful! I took the pain meds around the clock for a few days but was off them completely by day five. Now I'm just taking the occasional ibuprofen.

    I did very little for the first nine days and then over did it a bit the first couple days I felt good so now I'm sore again! I will be chilling out tomorrow! I am not lifting anything heavier than a bag of groceries right now as I am still sore. I was told not to lift over 10lbs. I am going to stick with that at least another week or so.

    As for exercising, I am thinking a month. Even though I feel like going back to the gym now, I know I should wait a little longer. The inside takes longer to heal than the outside! I wish you the best of luck! Try not to worry and know that you will eventually feel better when that pesky cyst is gone. Let me know if you have anymore questions!!

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    For me i got up right after they rolled me in my room from surgery, was not recommended but i had to day was walking around on the floor. Lots of nurses couldnt believe it, but everyone is different. For some because after my apendix was removed i couldnt move u dont realize how much u use ur muscles in your stoach u do use to just roll over. My laparoscopy was nothing to me. Now u shouldnt have much of a problem with ur babies i wouldnt lift them, but your job being yoga might not b ok, i would take a short break but keep up them breathing excersises they do help with pain & wat not...good luck & a speedy recover remember its a tiny little cut in ur navel they blow up ur belly with air n put a cam in it. If u are having a removal now that might hurt so it could b different for u i had no removal but as said with my apendix that sh*t hurt to move...

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    Your GYN is real way to tell if he can get the ovary & cyst out with "laparoscopic" vs laparotomy.(cutting open).......just from experience......have had both procedures done within the last 3 yrs......just recently the "laparotomy" for removal of both ovaries and large cysts on both ovaries.......excellent surgeon.....not best on follow up......consider this.......Who is going to take care of your baby and small children?? You should NOT be lifting over 10-15# for at least 8 weeks give your body time to recover..& could be up to 12-18 research, ask questions of the gyn.....and make sure you have plenty of help for the recovery period.......I had 12cm & 9cm cysts removed....along with ovaries.....and after 8 weeks.....still in & stamina very slow to come back......easy to overdo....then this sets you back a few days......of corse.....age and physical condition are definite factors to be PLEASE take care of yorself so you can take care of your children!  (note.....even the laporscopic surgery set me back for 3 months recovery.....& 6 months before I could get my energy back.....hard to do with little ones!)


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      The condition of your current health is a major factor in how quickly you heal too. I.e. if you are otherwise pretty healthy and fit, your recovery post-op should be quicker than someone who's not as healthy and fit. Provided there are no post-op complications, that is. Everyone is different. 

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    I'm sorry you are going through this. I hope your upcoming surgery goes smoothly, and as you can see from here, you have lots of online support.

    I too am worried about a possible upcoming laparoscopic surgery to remove my 8cm x 8cm ovarian cyst

    Since August 1, with the exception of 1 or 2 days, I've had very little to no discomfort. Sometimes, depending on how I move, I can feel pressure on the left side. I've experienced urinary frequency, bloating, constipation, LLQ pains, cloudy urine, etc. I'm not sure if it has grown since August 8th, but my next ultrasound will reveal that next week. *FINGERS CROSSED*

    My concern now is if after 2 menstrual cycles (Sept/Oct) it has NOT shrunk, then I'll need a Laparoscopic Cystectomy (aka keyhole surgery as I've read some folks use). 

    That being said, I'M SCARED! I've never had any kind of surgery in my life and I don't know what to expect. I've been told it's a 45 min. procedure, roughly, and the recovery period is no more than 1 week. 

    Anybody here have this type of surgery? Were there any post-op complications? How was the recovery? Did they cyst come back? 

    Any insight will help. 

    Thanks so much, 

    - Rami 


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      Please do your homework! I did extensive reading about my procedure and asked TONS of questions to the GYN......laproscopic is always a better choice as less tissue is involved in healing process......after 8 weeks, still have little feeling in abdomen area as the tissue is trying to reconnect/muscles rejoin.......age is always a if you are under age 40 & have good health, no underlying issues.......should not be too long of recovery time.....but do ask about hormone treatments, if you might need something, or what the prognosis is for reoccurrance of cysts......I think it is more prevalent with menstrating women, than those, as myself that are several years post-men......surprizing I had severe night sweats for the first 3 weeks after ovaries removed , so used a natural progesterone cream to help and it did the trick! research, ask questions, and keep an open line of is what we as women need to do for each other!!  Good Luck!

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