Rectal Bleeding

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On Monday, I went to have a BM.  After finishing, I noticed a decent amount of blood on the paper.  Alarmed, I went to the ER.  They told me that it's probably a hemorrhoid and sent me home with hydrocortisone cream.  I've been using the cream twice a day with no improvement.

On Thursday, I passed what seemed like congealed blood.  I also noticed that my stools were bloody and there was blood in the toilet.  I went back to the ER.  They did a rectal exam and blood work.  They told me that it's probably an internal hemorrhoid and told me that I would need to see a GI doctor.  Went to see the GI, today (Friday).  They were unhelpful and, instead, referred me to another GI whom I cannot even call to get an appointment with until Monday. 

Thursday evening and Friday morning (this morning), I attempted to have a BM but passed no stool and only bled.  Still passing congealed blood. 

The bleeding is moderate.  It mostly occurs during a BM or an attempt to have a BM.  It's not gushing out, but does drip out.  In between attempts, there may be a little spotting but nothing significant.  The blood is bright red, with the congealed blood being a darker red.  There is no black blood, tarry stools, or passing of "coffee grounds."  Stools, aside from being bloody, are a normal brown.

I'm 24, male, and otherwise healthy.  This has never happened before.

I'm terrified and don't know what to do.

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    You need a colonoscopy or at least a sigmoidoscopy. I'm surprised the GI didn't offer you that. 

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      The GI that I saw today told me that I need a colonoscopy, but told me that I should make an appointment with another GI and get it done through them.  The ER referred me to this GI.  Truthfully, she seemed annoyed by my presence.

      Clearly, I'll need a colonoscopy.  But, as of the moment, I don't know when I'll get one.  And I'm not sure if I should be going back to the ER or what. 

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      I'm sure it will be fine but it need looked at for sure. Can't see why they would be dismissive of you? 

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      I'm not sure..  I looked up reviews for this doctor while I was in the waiting room and everyone seems to have bad experiences with them.  Divisiveness and rudeness were a common complaint.  A few even mentioned that they had been given colonoscopies without sedative.  Which was a serious red flag.

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      Sorry.  Meant to type dismissiveness rather than divisiveness.  Can't see a way to edit my post.

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      You need to find another gastroenterologist. 
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      I'm planning to see my old gastroenterologist, whom I saw for an unrelated issue back in 2015.  Still have to wait until Monday to get an appointment.  And I'm worried because the last time that I saw him, it took a month to get an appointment.  I'm hoping they can squeeze me in for a consultation, next week, to schedule a colonoscopy.

      Btw, thanks for your replies.  This has never happened to me and I'm genuinely afraid.  It's hard to stay calm and act like everything will be alright while waiting for testing.

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      Good luck. You are young I'm sure you will be fine but it needs looked at. 

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    Bright red is better than dark red as it suggests a heameroid rather than anything untiward further up the coilon

    Have they checked to see if the there is an anal fussure.  I had one which hjealed over time .  If you have one they huirt and bleed a lot so you need something like lidocaine or retrogesis so you can pass a stool wihout strainig the  fussure which essentially is a large cut

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    The next doctor you see ask for a cat scan. It should show everything.
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    An update:  So, the earliest that I'm going to get a colonoscopy is probably May 14. 

    Earlier this week, I started noticing that I was passing a small amount of what looks like a thin, whitish yellow mucus.  Yesterday and today, I passed the same thing but noticed that it had turned orange.  I don't know what to attribute that to. 

    For some background info: I have IBS.  So, it's not like I've never passed mucus before.  But not this frequently and never orange.  Not sure if it could be diet related.  I'm also taking Citrucel, which I'm pretty sure contains orange dye, so I'm not sure if that could be contributing.  Although, I've taken Citrucel in the past without this ever happening. 

    Otherwise, blood is still bright red, bleeding occurs any time that I attempt to have a BM, doesn't really occur, otherwise.  Having occasional pain and discomfort, mostly near the anus, but not often or severe enough to be a real issue. 

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