Rectocele Post pot surgery 8 months later

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im having deep tissue pain is that the last sign of healing? i do know that it takes 6 to 8 months for the deep stitches to dissolve

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    hiya im only 3 weeks post op. i get the occasionally pain and assume its healing pains. one of the other ladies should be able to help more x

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      Hello hun

      I am 9 mths from.tvh and anterior repair.

      I have noticed small fragments of material which still come awsy from.deep tissues,thats the only thing i can think off.

      Rectocele takes a ling time to heal i believe as there are a lot more stitches inside and out.

      Im.wondering if you have some internal scar tissue?

      My physio told me massaging inside the vagina help with blood flow to healing tissues and smoothing out scar.

      If it continues id go back to consultant.they know whats been done.

      Keep your chin up,i know its mentally draining for us.☺☺

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      thanks. thats what im thinking there are still stitches that are dissolving. i used to have a watery discharge but that is the process of the stitches dissolving. the inside healed good but the deep tiusse is hell but im healing great. i havent had sex still the surgery, I think that I will wait another year.

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      Is sex painful?

      I know i was very very nervous about sex .

      My consultant wad concerned i hadn't tried at 5 mths post op.

      Apparently sex is good for healing beluve it or not lol.

      Pkenty of natural lub and patience.

      Phyl will give yiu lits of good advice as she has had rectocele and it marvellous at helping us ladies.

      I do my best also. Good luck hun and don't rush yourself.x

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    Hi Latisha,

    I am now 2 and half years post op for anterior and posteria repairs and I had same deep tissue pain, was checked out (re-referred) in early months but was told everything fine a little red high up where vault is but to be expected. Consultant blamed back pain and to see a specialist.

    So now still get occasional deep tissue pain when on my feet too long and still have to avoid high impact lifting. I have never had back problems and still dont and physiotherapist said I have great posture . x

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      could this be why I'm experiencing a type of pressure like a tampax coming down feeling.along with discharge that's not offensive.still have a measure of pelvic and back pain.I am 12 weeks post op.from posterior rectocele prolapse SSF. I never got this sort of feeling before the op.

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      Hi Margaret,

      I think once the ligaments weaken due to menopause we all have to be careful and limit anything high impact.

      They can pin up overstretched weak tissue but cant really fix the cause or reason it failed in first place in other words once we have a prolapse of internal walls its because they are weak and will still be weak after repair so always have to be extra careful not to do the same things that were too much for the weakened walls.

      Having had 2 lots of repairs I don't want anymore surgery so I have to be aware all the time what I am doing so as not to put any stress on an already weak pelvic floor and I think that the kind of uncomfortable symptoms you describe is our body warning us we are overdoing it and the internal tissues are being overstretched .

      A bit like our suspension system is overstressed and may fail if we push it too far I suppose we have to accept we are all getting older and have to slow down and take it a little more careful.

      Good luck and take care x

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      I am interested in the fact that you have had two repairs. I had op for rectocele and sacrophineous fixation two years ago and was told at the time that bladder prolapse may need to be done at a later date. I took a long time to feel strong again but recently discovered the same symptoms and the pink bulge appearing again so had an appointment with GP who is referring me to the same surgeon that did my op. Because I know what it was like last time I am very nervous. Was it as bad for you the second time and did they manage to do a better repair? I hope so.

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      Hi Angela,

      Initial prolapse (a bad one , look like a large fleshy tennis ball hanging out) was due to being on my feet carrying heavy trays in tearoom clearing tables on 8 hour shifts. They did a hysterectomy and an extensive front repair, it was very well done and I was swimming and doing short half hour walks by 3 months post op. Felt fully recovered by 6 months post op. Returned to work (new job not so high impact) around 8 months post op.

      I did have some stitching come out on second day when they took the packing out and was heavy bleeding, had some general post op advise but not nearly detailed enough and may have started daily household chores too early. Anyway always felt that I had slightly re-prolapsed in these early weeks but still managed to return to a reasonable quality of life, working extra shifts, swimming and cycling on flat paths. Still had to hold when coughing though.

      New job on checkouts at supermarket, was great for about 2 and a half years till they asked me to cover the self scan areas; within 6 months my repair was starting to fail and taking the bowel wall down this time too (must have been due to being on my feet for too long.

      Second repair (back and front walls) again felt good but very tight, alot of discomfort at back end where stitching ends. found this forum and followed guidelines rested for longer and was very careful to build up slowly to normality. Under pressure to return to work at 3 months post op very little support.

      Up till then recovery went well after return to work and despite stressing the need to limit time on my feet they left me on my feet for full shifts (5hours).

      My repair is holding up, I can cough, be sick and not leak, but I have to limit time on my feet to half hour chunks then rest. Had to fight for seat at checkout and every now and again resubmit doctors line. If I overdo things its agony and the very thin nippy scar tissue is so painful. If I have a heavy day in work can feel bulgy hanging tissue internally (so painful, brings tears to my eyes) have to rest at home for day or two , but it does seem to pull up again. Can still swim but had to stop the cycling this time, and can do short walks or longer ones with lots of long rest stops. Dont do extra shifts as no guarantee I will get a seat.

      Dont feel that I got my life fully back this time, need lots of help around the house or out shopping as cant do anything heavy/ high impact things that use to be light can feel so heavy now.

      I am 58 and post menopause so internal tissue is thining, using Estriol topical cream to help thicken the internal walls, couldnt live without it.

      I had my surgery both times at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, it is a training hospital, First time one of the top male Surgeons, second time a female working under the top Surgeon.

      I feel it was a more difficult recovery second time due to both back and front repairs being done at same time and makes it very tight and therefore has took a long time to loosen off a little. But this repair has lasted longer so far because its tight but can be so painful when starting to sag when pelvic floor under stress.

      Everyone can have such a different experience, different levels of prolapse, different extent of repair, different age, younger pre-menopause may have quicker better recoveries .

      Hope this is helpful, good luck with future surgery and please take care x

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      HI angela,

      I know its a thought having to go through another recovery, but better to get if done sooner than later, the longer you leave the prolapse the worse it gets and the weaker the pelvic floor will be and therefor the more extensive the repair.

      Have you been referred to a physiotherapist specialised in pelvic floor conditions, they are really helpful and will make sure that you are doing your pelvic floor exercises properly and will keep you right on what you can and cant do during recovery. They will also help you to make sure your pelvic floor is as strong as possible before surgery.


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    thank you phil.I have been as careful as I can with maybe the occasional hiccup.I just wish women could be more informed as to what it will intail.I'm sorry to know you have had to go through this twice once is bad enough.I see my consultant next week.hope its not failed.

    these forums are so helpful.I appreciate your advice.thank you.

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