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The surgeon I have seen told me that he wanted to treat my rectocele with mesh because the weakened wall has buldged out into my vaginal wall. and then suspend the bladder. I have read a lot of the forum posts.. My question is are there different kinds if mesh? Is there an alternative surgery to the mesh? I'm afraid of a reaction to the mesh. What should I expect as far as pain after surgery and what can I buy to prepare for after care of the surgery? Recovery time I know depends on the person. What has been your experience thus far. I encourage all to respond. Thank you 

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    Hi Gypsy,

    We are all so different but we share a problem.  I had both a bladder and uterine prolapse.  Six weeks, 4 days ago, I had a hysterectomy with antierior and posterior repair.  Where are you from?  That matters because in Europe, you have Movicol available whereas we don't in North America. Today is my 71st birthday so age is not always an issue - medical conditions are.  If you are being offered the surgery, I would say go for it while you can.  I have had to take medication for years to allow my bladder to empty and on Friday, my urologist said there is no more problem.  And not dealing with the prolapses is a blessing.  Lynn has a device which is helpful but having the surgery and getting rid of the problem in the end is so much easier. 

    There is no question that the first week is the week from hell.  But each day after that is better and better.  The common problems I have seen on all the forums has been constipation (use Movicol if it is available to you); fatigue - it's major surgery.  Urine leakage - it goes away with time (none for me for the last 3 days) and swelling - that can last a coupld of months.  They don't tell you of any of these things because not everyone gets them.  I have a friend who had the surgery 10 years ago and had no post-op problems at all.  Some have had more than I have.  You did say you know recovery depends on he person. Absolutely true.  In my case, once I dealt with the constipation, I was fine in just over two weeks and have been declared totally fit to do anything I want last Friday (6 weeks exactly) by my uro-gynocological surgeon - say that fast 3 times!

    Whatever you decide, most here are happy to help in any way we can.  I do know I would have gone totally mad without this forum in the first two weeks post surgery not knowing what was going (remember my friend with no issues!).

    Good luck and God bless.  Let us know how you are faring out.


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      I live in Weatherford Texas and just had rectocele repair Dec. 1st. After extensive research and 3 doctor's opinions, I chose to not use mesh at all. It is generally not advised for posterior repair and can have negative outcomes according to 3 urogynocologists' in my area who specialize in pelvic organ prolapse repairs. My surgery went great with 1 night hospital stay and very little pain. Main thing is to take stool softeners for a few days to stay regular. I have some swelling now from over doing it during the holidays and will get checked out tomorrow. I agonized over the right doctor and a procedure I felt comfortable with for a year before deciding. Messagee if you have questions. Best of luck with your decisions!
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      If you didn't use mesh... what was the alternative? Can they just stitch with out the mesh. does the stitching hold? I'm. Due for surgery in 2 weeks and haven't found an alternative to the stitching. Any help would be appreciated


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      The alternatives I have heard of are

      (1) native tissue repair

      (2) biological mesh 

      (3) various kinds of synthetic mesh

      i had wanted a native tissue repair but I think the tear was too big and my urogyn did end up using the biological mesh (with my permission)  It does absorb in about 12 weeks and my pelvic floor PT said it just felt like normal tissue in there now.

      One piece of advice I was given is that it is good to use a doctor who frequently does the kind of surgery you want.  If your doc only does mesh repairs, they probably won't do the best job with a native tissue repair.  That sort of thing.  If you really want something your doctor doesn't do, you may need to shop around.

      it May be possible to take tissue from another's part of the body but I don't know if that is done (or if it is a good idea).

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      Oh, I had a rectocele repair.  No cystocele.
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    Hello. There has been some controversy about the mesh but if you live in the UK the use of the mesh is very closely monitored and is only used by Urogynaecologists who have undergone specialist  training so it can't be used by just any surgeon. The research into it's use is still ongoing and not every woman is a suitable patient. But rest assured your consultant will put your needs first. As far as pain is concerned everyone is different. I know of ladies who haven't needed any pain relief, others that have needed it for a few months. The important thing is to ensure you have your bowels opened regularly and you'll be given medication to help. You've put up with this prolapse for a long time, if it's concerning you perhaps the time is right for surgery.
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    i am scheduled for cystocele surgery in October and my urogyn will be using what is called A Cell for my bladder prolapse repair.  This is tissue from a cadaver, human or animal.  I understand this is the strong and after about three months it dissolves and blends with your own tissue for bonding.  I am in the US and don't know if this is available where you are.  

    Thank you and the best to you.  

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      Hello Matron,

      Can I ask who did your surgery.

      I have been offered surgery for the anal end Ventral Rectopexy with mesh non biological.

      I am assuming yours was a uterine suspension surgery.

      I have had some conflicting gynaecological and colorectal advice, however I do not think any prolapse is that straight forward.

      If I have a hysterectomy and anterior repair this may not help the sliding of my bowel.

      I have anal discomfort on waking and sitting.

      This now has led to weak anal sphincter muscles.

      And some faecal accidents.

      So I am getting worse.

      So very hard to do anal sphincter exercises when you have a feeling on an object in you bottom.

      I am assuming your surgery was mesh with uterine surgery to suspend the womb and bladder.

      All the best.


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      Hello sandra. I had an anterior and posterior prolapse (bowel and bladder). I had a hysterectomy in 1990. I had my prolapse surgery 5 years ago and porcine membrane was used, not the mesh that is used now. I had trouble having my bowels opened due to the position of the prolapse. When I was referred I insisted I was seen by a Urogynaecologist as apposed to a gynaecologist. This was because for a surgeon to be called a Urogynaecologist he/she must have undergone considerably longer training at a specialist gynaecology department. Hope that helps.

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