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Recuring Hiatus Hernia

Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm looking for some advice.

Approx 20 years ago I had an operation to correct a hiatus Hernia, the operation went well and for years afterwards I was free from any sort of sickness, indigestion or heart burn.

Approx 2 years ago I had a hip replacement operation and was violently sick afterwards, first time since the hernia operation. Since then I have started suffering acid indigestion, thickly coughs and excessive seliver, similar simptoms to the original hernia, all getting progressively worse. Is it possible the hiatus hernia has returned or is this just a coincidence? Has anyone else had the same happen.

Thanks in advance, Andy.

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  • KazzyP KazzyP andrew34186

    I would say it would definitely be worth pushing for an x-ray.  I had my hernia for years and it was never x-rayed.  I'm sure caught earlier it would never have got as bad as it did. It could put your mind at rest if it's not your hernia retuning - there's nothing better than peace of mind. And nothing worse than not knowing and fearing the worst.  Good luck. 

  • andrew34186 andrew34186

    Hi, as far as I can remember I think I had the laparoscopic keyhole surgery.

    What symptoms did you have after vomiting? Was it straight after, as I was sick 2 years ago.

    I remember my surgeon saying saying after the hernia op that if it did come back I would need open surgery to repair it as the repair procedure is more difficult, is that true.

    • Barretts Barretts andrew34186

      Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication is the usual "gold standard" treatment which I had in 2007. However, in 2013, I contratced norovirus and suffered 5 hours of very violent retching which loosened the wrap.

      Gradually all the symptoms of reflux came back. My worst symptom was always the cough,

      Early 2014 I had a Collis-Nissen revision. It was done laparoscopically.

      The Collis part involves resectioning part of the stomach to effectively extend the oesophagus to provide for a more effective wrap.

      Yes, revision (repair) is more difficult but a good surgeon can do it and we have excellent surgeons at Southampton.


  • lynda62840 lynda62840 andrew34186

    My daughter has had the same thing happen.  She was told that severe vomiting can cause problems with any hernia surgery and unfortunately in her case, she had to have a further correction.  I would think you would need to have further investigations to see if anything post op has caused any problems.

    ​Good Luck - hopefully they will be able to sort everything out for you.

  • andrew34186 andrew34186

    Hi, just to let you know, after 6 months of trying different treatments, my GP has finally agreed to send me back to see the surgeon who performed the original surgery. I am waiting for an appointment. Will keep you updated. 

  • andrew34186 andrew34186

    Hi Guys, sorry it’s been a while. I have finally had an Upper Endoscopy by my surgeon. He has confirmed that the wrap has partially separated causing these new symptoms. This probably due to me being violently sick following me hip operation.

    His report is as follows.

    Apparent mucosal junction at 40cm from the incisors.

    STOMACH. Post-Surgery; a fundoplication - appearances of partial separation of the wrap.

    Oesophagus - Normal

    Stomach - Post-surgical

    Duodenum - Normal

    Continue PPI medication, this may be all that is required to control the symptoms.

    Advice - To contact us if symptoms uncontrollable and wishes to discuss revisional surgery.

    Can anyone tell me exactly what all that means? Has anyone else had this problem and did you go for the revisional surgery?

    The dilemma I have is before the original operation, the symptoms where unbearable, after the op it was heaven, no symptoms at all. What I don't want to do is for it to go back to the way it was.

    Couple more questions, if I don't have the revisional surgery, is the separation of the wrap likely to get worse.

    If I do have the operation, is it the same as the original, ie keyhole and is the recovery the same as the original op.

    What to do???

    Thanks for all your help.


    • Barretts Barretts andrew34186

      My wrap loosened following 5 hours violent retching with norovirus.

      Gradually all my symptoms started returning.

      I had it repaired using Collis-Nissen revision under NHS laparoscopically. The Collis part resections the stomach effectively lengthening the oesophagus by 3 cm permitting a larger, more permanent, Nissen wrap.

      More major surgery but not that much longer under the knife. But with a smaller stomach it's too easy to eat too much rsulting in dumping syndrome where the stomach empties too quickly nto the duodenum.

      Took some getting used to but if I'm careful, I'm near normal now.


  • andrew34186 andrew34186

    Hi all, just to let you know, after 2 years when I originally put this post up I have finally been given a date for the re-do operation for the hiatus hernia. Any further advice on the operation and what to expect during and after would be most appropriated, i.e how it is preformed, how big an operation and recovery times etc.

    Also, I have noticed the last few months when I lift my head in a lying position I get a raised bulge in the centre of my stomach above the belly button, the area around there is also slightly tender. Is this related to the hiatus hernia or something different or nothing at all, should I mention it to the surgeon when I go for my pre-op appointment? Thanks for all your help Andy.

    • andrew34186 andrew34186

      I’ve finally received my date for the redo operation, Tuesday 10th October.

      I’ve been told the plan is to do it by key hole surgery but other than that I don’t know what to expect about and after the operation.

      See you on the other side..

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