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I keep getting chest infections, luckily this year I just had a cough but it is an irritating cough. My doctor said there is nothing I can do and I get an annual flu jab. I am getting fed up that every December I get a chest infection or a very bad cough. There must be something that can be done to stop me being prone to this condition. I eat healthily, take vitamins, exercise and wash my hands.

I REALLY want to STOP getting recurrent chest infections or coughs PLEASE. Can anybody help me please!!!!!!

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    I don't know which country you come form, but I found some antimicrobial supplements to be very helpful in preventing infections. To be more precise, I use propolis and oregano oil. This stuff kills any viruses or bacteria that get into your system fairly quickly. All these natural supplements can't cure you, but they do help.
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      Propolis comes in liquid form/drops where I live, so I usually dissolve about 20 drops in some water three times a day and drink it. I will usually do this for a week or two and then make a break. For prevention purposes, you could take a small amount every day in the morning or before going out. There was a period of time where I took it every morning and evening (had some propolis tablets) and was virus-free for the winter season.

      As for the oregano oil, the pure oil is very harsh, so if you use it in that form, make sure to disslove it in, for example, olive oil well before consuming, otherwise it might burn your mouth or even hurt your stomach. You can also find capsules, which I prefer strongly, as they are much more gentle to your insides. Also, very important to remember: oregano oil prevents iron absorption, so don't take it longer than three weeks! I've had severe anemia because of it.

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    Have you been dx with bronchiectasis, if so I assume if you arei in the UK you will be seeing a respiratory consultant.  I just don't get your doc saying 'there is nothing he can do' - rediculous.  I know docs are, quite rightly, very cautious giving antibiotics but they really should know they are essential in the treatment of bronchiectasis as stated in the guidelines.  He may assume you have a virus, where abs would not be useful.  I know many bronchs, me included who once they have a virus in invariably turns into a secondary infection.

    If you are getting very frequent infections your doc could start you on a prophilactic antibiotic eg. Azithromycin 1 three times a week - they act as an anti-inflammatory and are very useful where gram neg bugs are concerned.  See your consultant as soon as poss.

    Don't forget to clear your lungs every day.

    If your cough is dry and irritating you can do the following - it sounds crazy but it does work - put Vick vapour rub on the soles of your feet and cover with socks before going to bed.  It does work.

    Good luck.  Be proactive and assertive with you medics.  You deserve the best treatment.

    love cx

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      Thanks I will speak to my doctor about other treatments and try the vicks vapour rub too. I just wish there is a cure or I stop getting this cough!!
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    If it's just a cough then generally a cough will go on its own. A few questions:

    Have you sent a sputum sample off recently?

    Has your breathing/lung function deteriorated?

    Are you living/working in damp conditions?

    Do you work with chemical?

    Have you ever had an allergy test.?

    Have you been diagnosed with a lung condition?

    Have you had an x-ray recently?

    Lots of questions but these are the things I'd be asking myself.

    If you have been coughing for more than a month or so you need to find out why.

    Hope this helps


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    Assuming you are UK:-

    Sounds like your GP thinks you only have chronic bronchitis. He may be right but you can insist on an X-Ray if you have been coughing for more than a month. If you have long-lasting sputum post your infection periods (more than a month) then try to get the GP to commission a sputum analysis too. 

    If your X-Ray/sputum shows clear you may have problems persuading the GP to refer you to a specialist. So if you get to that stage then you have the options of switching GPs and trying to get one a bit more sympathetic or paying for a consulation yourself (I'd estimate about 200 to 400 quid for a CT scan and consultation, but get quotes).

    I struggled for years with chronic bronchitis infections once or twice a year with typically a cough/sputum tail of one month plus. I used to read the NHS website guidance, which (dangerously IMO) does not encourage one to bother the GP that much and dissuades on antibiotics. Finally got fed up and asked the doctor for an X-Ray at the end of one of my episodes where I was still struggling with cough and sputum (regular company X-Rays in good days had shown nothing for a couple of decades and an earlier reference under my private med insurance to a specialist had drawn a "nothing untoward - just bronchitis" conclusion). That X-Ray showed some damage after all the years and that triggered proper analysis and treatment by specialists - some bad, some ultimately good (at Papworth).

    Good luck.

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    Hello Garooba

    It must be so annoying to keep getting the infections.  The replies so far have been very helpful, especially as far as GPs are concerned.  I am afraid that the only way to get a review with a consultant is persistence with your GP.

    I wonder whether the GPs are reluctant to refer patients on is because it might affect their budgets 9me being cynical).

    Strict hygiene also helps, especially when you have been shopping or traveling by public transport.  A good handwash goes a long way to keeping bugs at bay.

    Best wishes

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