Recurring Blepharitis & Infection

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Hi there,

I'm beginning to run out of solutions and general patience regarding this condition so I'm trying my luck online for any remedy I may have missed.

I've been dealing with posterior and anterior blepharitis instigated by demodex for well over a year now. It's been severe at times, moderate at others and sometimes I have relief for several weeks until another flare up occurs.

I've seen multiple optometrists and ophthalmologists, have been prescribed multiple antibiotics. Even had one stye surgically removed. This problem seems to only affect my right eye.

There are several other measures I've attempted in order to manage this condition. Anything from vitamins, to tea tree oil, to changing my bedding every night, to cucumber slices and warm compresses. All of these treatments seem to only bring short term relief.

Is there anything I could still try at this point that might increase my chances of managing this condition more long term? Its honestly mentally exhausting and I am worried for any implications on my overall eyesight.

Thank you,


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    Hi there I'm not sure I can help. I was told I had blepharitis but was then diagnosed with blocked tearducts. I have now had an operation to open both tear ducts. I still have some minor irritation which I am putting down to the fact that I still have tubes in my nose and my eyes are sensitive. So who knows!! Have you had your tear ducts checked? Good luck, Judith

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    I also had a very bad case of Blepharitis a couple of years ago which included eyelid cysts, so you have my sympathy. I never ever want a repeat of that period.

    Eventually i was referred to an opthalmologist who got me back on the road to recovery. He prescribed steriod eyedrops, and clinitas lubricating eyedrops together with a long term course of doxycyline, which i took for about 18 months. These days I religiously use Hilary Jones eyelid wipes and last time i visited the opticians i was told that my eyelids were looking much better and the crusting that is caused by debris on your lids had cleared up amazingly well. so fingers crossed mine stays under control. i definitely recommend the eyelid cleansing but i never fancied using baby shampoo around my eyes, as is recommended by professionals.

    Good luck with your recovery and it would be good to read an updated post from you when you have it under control.


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      Hi denise,

      Thanks for the reply. It helps to know others have experienced this exact problem and that it IS treatable, even if it feels like it's not at times. I'm glad you have regained control over your eye lids!

      I tried oral doxycycline for 4 months. It worked wonders actually and restored proper tear duct function. I find Omega-3 vitamins to be helpful as well. Sadly, one tender small spot remained. I figured it would eventually go away but the slightest change in my regimen got it infected again. So now I have to completely heal the bottom eye lid once again.

      I will try the Wet Ones antibacterial wipes and see how they work. Fingers crossed. Warm compress is a horrible idea. I think professionals only recommend it when a regular stye is present but Blepharitis is much more complex...anyways I will post an update on progress again soon! Cheers,


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    Unfortunately many ophthalmologists struggle with understanding blepharitis & potential complications & thus treatment of it. Treatment can be so individual. MANUKA HONEY applied with a q tip on the eyelids can be helpful you can leave it on for as long as you want. Yes it is sticky but can provide relief & it had valuable properties in it for healing. i sourced the honey via a reputable bee keeper in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA. good luck & hope it helps 😃

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      I will definitely look into this. It sounds promising. How often do you apply it daily? I assume you put it directly onto the infected/inflamed area?

      Thanks for the suggestion!


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      applying daily is recommended. Yes apply on the infected/Inflamed area using a q tip...all around the outer eyelid area close to the eyelashes including bottom if it is affected. Some people find it convenient to apply in the evening but its really up to you when it is convenient. There is no set time to leave it on though leaving it on for 20 minutes or more is no problem. BEST of luck & hope it helps



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    Hey everyone, I started to use Manuka honey and I have no complaints so far! It seems to be just fine and doesn't irritate things more! In fact it actually brought swelling down on my upper eyelid, paired with some ice.

    Did anyone else during their time dealing with blepharitis, find that the swelling is worst in the morning hours? every time I wake up its progressively worse and when I look in the mirror I panic, but as the day goes on the inflammation goes away.

    Will post some more updates soon. I also frequently use cucumber slices.



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    Hi - I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I have been suffering with bleph for roughly 30 years on and off. This condition has waxed and waned for me with seldom a moment when my eyes were 100# great. Doxy and wet ones and just about anything ever suggested has been tried by me - it is a truly frustrating condition. Doxy and/or low dose tetracycline have helped up until til they didn't - same for the Wet Ones. It was always a welcome relief to see improvement but it never seemed to last.

    With all of that being said I have found something as of late that has helped a great deal and I am hoping it last. I was on social media - I belong to several different groups - one being a "Blepharitis group" and it was suggested to join another group that was a rosacea group. The thought/theory being that they share similar challenges. Many sufferers of these conditions have an overpopulation of demodex (face/skin mites - EVERYONE has them just those with these conditions have an over-popuation) that creates the rosacea or bleph result.

    The use of Soolantra which has the active ingredient Ivermectin was the take-away that I received from this research via the FB Rosacea Rescue group. This particular group has members from around the globe and many testimonials that this option was helpful.

    Well I have been using this for four months and my bleph is the least problematic it has been in years. I think it is worth a try for any Rosacea or Bleph sufferer. I recommend doing your own research via the FB group - take in further information and consider your options. Doctors want to help and mean well but this is such a frustrating condition - I find other sufferers have offered me far more helpful options. The internet has been a blessing as it has given me options no doctor was able.

    Best to you! I hope you find relief.

    J Hicks

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    Dear Ruby,

    If you are not allergic to detergents or fabric softeners or aloe or lanolin and are not considered to have sensitive skin you can use what I used to kill Blepharitis. I found it to be a Staph infection and I used the Wet Ones, antibacterial hand wipes, bought in the U S with Benzethonium Chloride in them at .3%.

    The U K wipes use Benzalkonium Chloride but most say it is harsh on their eyes.

    The wipes worked on a friend of mine who had the Demodex too. It seemed to really get them under control and then I just used water to clean her eyes after about 6 months as she was so old. Must have killed a lot of them off. I read that 100% of people over the age of 90 get Demodex.

    If you are in the UK you can order the wipes online. They are in a red box or yellow box has same ingredients. The last ingredient is the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.

    Hope this helps and if any questions let me know.


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      Excellent, thanks a lot! I will look into those wipes.

      I am currently using "Blephadex" twice a day to cleanse my eye regions. As well as Systane lid cleansers (intermittently). Do you know if it'll be safe to use the wipes on top of this?

      Blephadex contains Tea Tree oil and Coconut oil.

      Thanks and regards,


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