Recurring eye inflammation for 8 months. Please help, no one can tell me what's wrong!

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Hi there. I'm really needing yor help as im becoming desperate! I'm 21 years old, female in Australia. Around 8 months ago I had a case of conjuctivitis (or what I think may have been conjunctivitis). The white of my eye was all red, swollen, very sore, and there was a tiny little bit of yellow pus in the corner of my eye, after I removed the pus I did not get anymore. My eye just remained red and very sore. I was given chlorsig drops by my gp and symptoms went away (stayed on drops for 5 days). Anyway to make a long story short, it has come back 16 times in the same eye over the last 8 months. I have tried chlorsig drops, chlorsig ointment, tobrex drops and ointment, patanol (as opthamologist thought it may be allergies), acular, and have also tried eye lubricating drops. The infection only comes back in the left eye and has only moved to the right eye once throughout the 8 months. I was referred to an opthamologist at around the 4 month mark and have had two blood tests and urine tests. Everything came back normal and chlamydia and aids came back negative. I should mention, when I do get an attack there's only the slightest bit of pus in the corner of my left eye and my lashes are not stuck together. When I do have an attack my eye is red all over, it's very hard to see out of and I have noticed that the vision in my right eye has deteriorated hugely. I've been to an optometrist at the start and I could read to the 4th line of the eye test and now I can only get to the second. I'm really looking for some help as im getting very worried. I've been to over 20 doctor visits and 3 opthamologist appointments and they just keep telling me to wash my hands and to not touch my face. Ps: I have chucked my makeup and have not worn it in 3 months and I am very hygienic. I always ensure my hands are washed and bring disinfectant hand gel with me everywhere.

Im beginning to think if this is even conjunctivitis? I know I shouldn't trust google but I can't find anything that says that conjunctivitis leaves you with deteriorating vision. I had perfect vision out of both eyes and now if I close my right eye and look out my left, everything is a blur (this is when I do not have any of the symptoms). At the moment I'm just playing a waiting game and sitting here waiting for it to come back again.

I should also mention that I have had multiple eye tests and my optometrist said there were some small dots in the back of my eyes but he said not to worry about them? I don't know if this could have anything to do with my symptoms? And I have had multiple eye swabs with the swab coming back negative for any bugs.

I would just really like some help, as even my opthamologist has said 'I have no idea what it is' - his words precisely.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon! Olivia.

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    Hi Olivia, I am just wondering if you could have a form of Blepharitis that is causing these flare ups from time to time? Did you ask your opthalmologist to check the eyelid margins at the time? Do the margins appear read and if so can you see tiny white lumps at the end as if so, this does sound like Blepharitis. I am suffering this big time and no doctor seems to have the answer apart from warm compresses 10mins a day and a daily eyelid clean with baby shampoo which does nothing for me. 

    I do feel for you and hope someone else on the forum may have an answer for you.

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      Hi Clinton, thanks for your reply! My opthamologist told me that my eye margins looked fine, I've never had any flaking on my eyelashes either. But I have had one or two little blisters on my waterline once or twice over the last 8 months near my eyelashes. I don't know if that could be a symptom of blepharitis?

      I'm going to get a second opinion and hopefully get another referral to a more senior opthamologist. Thank you for your help!

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    Hi Olivia,  have you seen an Ophthalmologist, as well as the Optometrist?

    Your symptoms sound similar to mine when I get a flare up of uveitis.  The black spots/dots are probably floaters, which is just debris or dead cells.

    The pus suggests an infection of some kind.  I don't know what the system is in Australia but in the UK, Optometrists are not medically qualified, so they would refer someone to an Ophthalmologist, who is medically qualified and that is the person you need to see.  You mention seeing and Ophthalmologist already and if he had no idea what the problem is, then you probably need to see a different one, perhaps a more senior doctor.

    My Ophthalmologist told me not to use any sort of cream near my eye because it would block my meibomian glands.  It is a good thing you have stopped using make-up.

    Try asking whether you have a form of uveitis, plus an infection of some sort.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks so much for your reply. I have seen both an optometrist (who are not medically qualified in aus) but I've also seen my opthamologist 3 times so I'm now going to get another referral!

      It's seriously just taking a toll now. How do you manage with it? I know it's only a little bit of pus that I get but have you ever had pus when you have a flare up of uveitis? Can you do anything to prevent the flare ups? Or do they just happen without notice? Because I do notice that my eyes become quite sore the day before and then I usually wake up with a really red eye. Ugh I'm at the stage where I just want to cut my left eye out haha. Thanks so much for your help!

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    There are eyelid specialists. I have seen one here in the uk at the southampton eye unit. Ask to see one. or look them up from you eye unit site and ask to be referred to one of your choice. Also have you tried the Canestan tablet which so many people are referring to on this site. A thrush infection can occur in the lid area and so many people have had success with it. You can buy it here over the counter,

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      Will definitely buy some canesten tomorrow! We sell them over the counter here too! thanks so much for the tip will definitely try and let you know how I go!

      This all just came out of the blue one day! I wish it would go away that easily too! Thank you all for all your support and answers!

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