Recurring issues after ankle injury

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I found several people posting similar issues but am unable to get back after registering so hope you guys can reply on this feed. Little history, I am a nurse and have had repeated injury to my left ankle in last few years. I have had several sprains on the job, and usually I rest, ice and elevate and am fine. In May I once again sprained my ankle, it was pretty nasty. I was bruised for 4-6 weeks, swelling and was in aircast boot and not really weight bearing for quite some time. They did two sets of xrays to rule out fracture due to the swelling and bruising. My pain was not unbearable but not really manageable in my line of work. I am on my feet 10 plus hours a day just at work during 12h shift. So, I have had recurrent swelling since injury and pain is daily. I do not take any pain meds other than motrin. I try to elevate as much as possible when I am home but have had to go to sleep with heating pad on my foot due to pain. Almost two weeks ago, again at work, I hurt my ankle. Not as bad, but my workers comp doctor states my previous injury has not healed and though xray have not shown fracture he is concerned. My workers comp makes the dr go through all sorts of crap to get anything done, which is problem because each week I see a different doctor at this facility. One doctor will say I can return to work with less restrictions, then the next week the doctor will put me back on crazy restrictions and tell me not to wrap. So at this point I am so mad and frustrated. I feel like I am never going to get answers. I called ortho and they wont even see me because it is workers comp. I previously have been because of my foot but it was a while after initial injuries and I thought unrelated. I have had nerve test done, which came back good. Now I am just at point where I feel I can't continue to work my job with this foot pain and I feel my quality of life has really gone down. I can't enjoy things I used to enjoy. I had to sell my car, unable to drive the manual transmission. I am unable to exercise, or walk and enjoy things I used to enjoy without swelling and pain. Please help any insight.

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    Hi Roderick. I empathize with what you have and are going through. I broke my ankle in 2 places and have had my cast on for weeks. I was supposed to have it removed yesterday, but the healing is incomplete. So, after several X-rays, I need to have another one. It seems like this experience is never ending. I used to go for long walks every day and miss them so much. I am stuck in the house most of the time and feel like I am under house arrest. I try to sort things in my mind and do what I have some control over(paying bills, somehow getting to Doctor's Appointments etc...). In another part of my mind, I try to come to terms with my life the way it is now and accept it, which is very hard to do. I also need to stop doing research on-line about different outcomes of broken ankles. Anyhow, I just wanted to reply to your comment. I hope things look better for you very soon.

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      Oh you poor thing! Seems like you've had a rough time with your ankle! 

      I broke mine 6 months ago (left tibia as well as tibia/fibula ligament tear and a few more injuries to both legs). My recovery has been rather lengthy as I was in a wheelchair for three months. 

      I'm 30 and have been told my recovery would be speedy. This is quite the opposite. I'm still not walking properly and have pain in the ankle where the ligament damage is (a screw was placed between the two bones and was removed 4 days ago so I am hoping that the pain will lessen now). 

      I went to physio every week. It was incredible to watch myself grow stronger every week and be able to do more exercises or movements every week. It felt like I was a passenger in my own body with my body taking over and learning to walk again. In saying that i stopped improving a month or so ago, so I can relate to you when you talk about quality of life (hence why you would be doing your research, it's why I do it). 

      From being in a wheelchair and being completely dependent on my partner and even my mum, I am incredibly grateful that I can walk again. That's the positive I have taken. In saying that, I feel as if I will never get better and could in fact break my leg again and tear the ligament. It's a scary thought and it stops me from doing a lot now. I guess it does affect your quality of life. 

      I'm hoping that time will heal all wounds (I just wished time would speed up a little for me lol). Try to stay positive. We have our legs (even though they are far from perfect) after all. I hope that things start to improve for you. I know how frustrating it is. Keep your chin up smile 

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      Hi Ashlee87! I wish time would speed up with my healing too! I am trying to stay positive and avoid negative "what ifs". I kind of go back and forth from thinking positively to a more negative stance. I am grateful for my daughter's help who has such a busy life already. As well, I do have a friend who has been driving me to and from appointments. I am trying very hard not to project how my next X-ray will turn out or how my next doctor's appointment will be. I want my healing to happen instantly. I know that even when the cast is off, my foot will still need time to rehabilitate. I don't know how long that will take. You and I are both fortunate that we have family and friends to help us in our time of need! I hope that your recovery goes well and speeds up! 

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    Hi Roderick and Ann, broke my ankle back in May, also fractured under my knee! In full leg nwb cast for about 7 weeks, now been out of plaster for11weeks and only just feeling anywhere near normal, its only the last week or so that the ankle swelling has reduced, down to one walking stick now, able to drive a manual there is light at the end of the tunnel! I'm coming up 65 so age also has been against me, have been so determined not to let this horrible experience get the better of me, not long retired and have so many plans, nothing is going to make me step into old age before I'm ready, hang in there, it will get better eventually, take care folks. X

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      Hi Sarne! Your comments are very inspiring to me. I am 63 and do not want my horrible experience to get the best of me either. My healing is taking longer than expected, but am practicing patience. I try not to think of worse case scenarios, one step being not to go online searching for them! Another step is to live each day as it comes. I get another X-ray on Wednesday, so here's hoping for some good news and getting my cast off soon. I hope you carry on getting better every day!

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    Hi roderick

    I can sympathise with ou and how you are feeling.  I sprained my left ankle about 15 years ago whist out walking.  It has never been right since, it has always been weak and if I'm on it too long it swells.

    I had a left hip replacement January 2016 and since then my ankle and foot have been unbearable.  I have had a nerve conduction test and when they have told me I have got damaged nerves but there is nothing that can be done.  I keep searching on line for any ideas to ease the feeling and have tried various things without success.

    I am retired so fortunately I don't have to worry about going to work.  It is affecting my lifestyle and the things I enjoy doing dancing, walking and gardening.  I have had to change my car to an automatic to make driving easier.

    I can understand your frustration and I hope you can get some satisfaction.  Please keep me informed of any progress.

    All the best Brenda

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