Recurring UTI and D-Mannose

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first of all I want to say thank you. I have just discovered this forum after being told to take D-Mannose and have been so re-assured to hear so many voices with the same experiences as me and have found the advise extremely helpful. I have been suffering with recurring UTIs now for 18 months. I had a gap in antibiotics when the urologist diagnosed IC and as a result I ended up in hospital with Sepsis and a temperature of 40.1! This was very frightening. It has happened once since but I acted quickly and with aBs and paracetamol got the temp down. My urologist has not followed up and I have now gone to another urologist for a second opinion. He seems to care and wants to get to the cause of the problem rather than keep treating the symptoms. I cannot live on strong ABs - Co-Amoxiclav 500.

so, I am now on low dose Cefralaxin, d-mannose and cranberry concentrate tablets and washing with olive soap. I could only get the tablets on short notice but will order the powder. Dr said to take 2-3 tablets a day but I have decided to take 1 tablet every 4 hours for a few days. Do you think that's enough?

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    Hi Chris

    my experience is that you need to take D-mannose very regularly for some weeks.

    Tablets - 2or3 every 3 hours AND in the night, personally i found the tablets hard on my digeston.

    The powder - 1 hpd teaspoon - every 3 hours AND in the night - fo at least a week, then slowly increase the hours between each dose.

    I have stayed on DM for 8 weeks. It is Very effective, however i did not take antibiotics, deleiberately.

    Keep your urine alkaline - i use bicarb of soda

    I would urge you to do some research by googling - flouroquinolone anti-biotics

    also Biofilms.

    good luck

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      Thanks Judy. I'll look that up. I was worried about diarrhoea with the DM. I'll start on 1 tab every 3 hours today and then double tomorrow I think.

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      Wow...just read about Fluoroquinolones. Scary...I'm glad to be prewarned about them!

      also whoever recommended, thank you. Brilliant next day delivery for standard cost.

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      LOTS of additives in that d-mannose - beware....

      Pure - nothing added, is preferable for the whole urinary tract

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      not sure i'm allowed to say where to get a product - you can private message me - not sure how you do that though from here, but i believe it is possible

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    Hi Chris,

    I found the pill form doesn't work as well for me.  I'm recovering from one of many chronic uti right now and not taking antibiotics.  The powder is keeping me free of infection.  I started one teaspoon every two hours after finishing the antibiotics  now a week later every five hours.  

    I absolutely didn't want another round of antibiotics because they don't really get rid of all the bacteria. Or why would the condition return?

    A few months ago I was happily on a five month safe from uti but tried dmannose two pills instead of powder and got the uti within the day.

    I have had Uti issues for over 40 years, usually a few a year but the past three years they are chronic.  Dmannose works but in my humble opinion, you have to stay on top of it by taking more than less. It's a hassle to often mix but things could be worse.

    I am sorry to hear your story and hope you can heal from uti.

    It's a battle for many women and has impacted my life so much and not in a good way eithersad

    Best to you.

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      That's fascinating Lina and I'm glad the D-Mannose is working so well for you. The problem with the powder is sourcing it. I could only get the tablets yesterday at the Health Food Store but have ordered the powder online and will switch to that as soon as it arrives.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just to say it's so good to see someone else warning about fluoroquinolone antibiotics (thanks, Judy).  These, especially Cipro, are likely to be prescribed if the Cephlexin doesn't work so be sure to ask your doctor for something other than an FQ.  If they do a proper culture they should be able to see exactly which bug is causing the problem so no need for a broad spectrum FQ.

    If you read about the bio-films you'll have seen that antibiotics don't touch them anyway.  D-mannose is the only stuff that will destroy the bio-film but it takes time - hence the constant high doses for several weeks.  It works out expensive but it must be worth it - certainly better than weeks of an antibiotic that may end up causing you serious health problems!

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      Thanks for seconding that ...

      I feel sad when I read womens sharing that a UTI has 'returned' and take more AB's, the truth is that likely the UTI has never gone, the AB's knock it on the head, but then the biofilms are created and the bacteria survive beneath it.

      Some years back i was put on AB's for 8 months.

      13 yrs ago when i got a bad UTI i had to make the decision to take a leap of faith to not take AB's, i was fortunate to find D-mannose, and had someone explain clearly why it would work, they were so knowledgeable i believed them, their story was also of suffering uti's - hence looking for something that would help them as their body had been seriously wrecked from fluoroquinolones, hence they discovered DM.

      My own GP was so impressed with my recovery, she suggested it to other patients!

      Miriam is accurate - it can take many weeks of DM - but it does go.

      DM is a natural larch sugar, it pulls the bacteria off the lining of the urinary tract, it also braeks down bio-films, but if someone has been on AB's for many months/years - DM will need to be persevered with


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