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Dear all

I’m a 23 year old guy who has some sort of eye decease or eye problem.

It all started about 2½ year ago I was starting to get itchy, irritated and red eyes. I am not sure how it started exactly or how bad it was in the beginning, however I visited an eye doctor to get any kind of help and advice, now I’m here 21 year later and still with the same issue.

The problem:

Every morning I wake up with terribly red eyes and my eyes feel all sore and tired. Not that I have pus in my eyes at all, atleast not more than normal people do.

I get better during the day, but my eyes are really red all day and it looks like im ill or have just cried or something. Its really annoying and impossible to look people in the eyes, as you may understand.

My eyes are really itchy during the morning and night (often at 20-21 o clock) even though I have slept 7-10 eyes a night – the symptoms stays the same. The itchy part in my eyes is mostly in my inner eyes (closest to nose) and outer eye (closest to ear).

My eyes feel very irritated for light and wind, I’m not sure if its “normal” as it feel like ages since I had my “normal” eyes.

Normally when I drink alcohol you get red eyes, I understand that, however when I just drink 1 or 2 beers I get incredible red eyes, as in really red and no “white” in my eyes is to spot at all. Not sure why this happens, but might be a clue to the problem.

Maybe important to inform you, that this is in both of my eyes. Also when looking into my eyes it seems that its only in vertical to iris and under iris which is red, above iris it seems to be all normal and white.

Need to tell also, when I am on vacation in other countries for 2 or 3 weeks, it’s the same issue. I haven’t had 1 single day where I wake up and my eyes seems fine.

What I have done / medicines:

I have seen several eye doctors during the past 2½ years and tried lots of different eye drops. Every doctor seems to believe its some kind of allergic reaction, however what I have learnt, is if it’s a allergic reaction I will not be same symptoms and issues every single day, so I start to believe it must be something else.

I started trying Opatanol, which is some kind of allergic eye drops, combined with some “dry eyes” eye drops, I believe it was Visine or something. These dry eyes, eyes drops helped moisturing my eyes, however doesn’t seem to have any effect at all.

Then I have tried Vexol and Spersadex, which a some eye drops with binyrebarkhormon, which helps a lot on the itching in my eyes and also seems to ease the redness in my eyes, at least for a day or so, however whenever I stop with this it all return again. Actually whenever I wake up from sleep it all seems to be “back to square one”.

After a couple of sessions two different eye doctors simply didn’t knew what to do, after trying more kind of eye drops including Zaditen, eye gel for the night and viscotears during the day.

Anyways I went to a doctor to check if I was allergic to something and it turns our im allergic cat, dogs, pollen and dust mites. As desperate as I am ive got to get rid of the pollen and dust mites allergic, so I went to weekly injections of same and sooner or later I would be “immune” to pollen and mites allergic. However this seems to not have any effect at all either.

I moved to Norway for 7 months ago and bought new apartment. I need to mention I have bought several of new pillows, bed and sheets. No help there.

I saw an eye doctor in Norway and told them about the issue I have and suggested of course same allergic medicins as I have tried already. However I read an article about Ocular Rosacea (, which might cause eye issues as well as skin issues. I have for 2 weeks been on a Tetracyclin which might cause this issue, but didn’t seem to have any effect either. I have not been on any eye drops for the past couple of weeks and my eyes a killing me. I know this is a bad thing, but I really need either Vexol or Spersadex to keep me going, even though its really bad to use on long-term basis.

Anyways, desperate as I am, I am now looking for help online or other people who might have experienced same issues as I have. I really desperate to solve this issue I have, which affects me daily and really don’t stop thinking about what it could be that causes this problem.

P.s. I apologize for the bad English, if anything above isn’t explained properly, please just let me know.



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    During June-July this year i started to develope these same issues.It got to the point where my eyes had had become Blood shot ,as you can imagine it did'nt look good.I visited my GP and was given some antibiotic drops which seemed to help.As time went on a pattern started to develope and it was happening quite regular.When flairing up i would first feel irritation,then i would start rubbing until they became realy inflamed.I made a visit to the Liverpool Eye Hospital and of course had some checks carried out.I was sent home and asked to return to see a Specialist the next morning.I had a series of tests performed and it was then identified that i had Dry Eye.On asking questions i am now able to control the serverity once it flairs up.I'm not saying this could be the cause but you should maybe go along and follow what i did.I am currently using Eye Drops that act as (false tears),this i believe keeps the eye and lids lubricacted.When sleeping your eyes ares still flickering throuhout and again this will be adding to the problem.What i have found very helpful is to get some cotton wool wipes,soak in a bowel of quite warm water and gently wipe the outside of the eye lids starting fistly from Nose towards Temple area.If doing the opposite way you will just push any more Gunk further into the eye lid.Do both eyes a couple of times and lightly pat dry,this can be done a couple of times a day but would reccomend a visit to get Medical advice.Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the answer.

    I just want to know if you have tried any eye drops with binyrebarkhormon, and did it help on you conditions?

    Even though i have tried these false tears some time ago, i will try it again and see if I can control same way as you can. Do you find any brand of these false tears better than others?

    Appreciate more advices or comments on this, since I dont believe this would help, as I have tried it.

    And do any of you have any experiences with "computer glasses", as i work a lot front of computer - this might also be a cause of this?!

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    The eye drops are Optive plus0.5 6times daily. 5g ofLacri-Lube which is applied to both eyes once a night.I get these off my GP.
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    Hi. have the same problem as you. Just would like to know whether you were able to overcome it or not? And if yes, how? Thank you very much.
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    Hi.. craig64384, thank you very much for your answer.

    Actually one of my relative also has the same eye problem.

    Yair Yahav

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    Hello friend. (Sorry for my english)

    I have exactly the same thing, reading this I felt like hearing myself. I have also tried many drops and visited to different doctors, but after trying some antiallergic drops they say to me MAYBE ITS THE WAY YOUR EYES ARE (its natural). But i know its not because its not only the view, i also feel bad, itchy. Some say it maybe is dry eyes syndrom, but i don't think so because i have also too much tearing while being outside, becouse of the sun or wind ( before 4 years i didn't have any of this).

    Do u also have too much tearing from the sun or wind??

    And me also, cant see people at eyes, because i got tearing to fast if its Day.

    A doctor said me i might be allergic to dust, but i live in 2 different cities (home & college), at home it is the most clean city and weather, the is no f'cking dust, i don't accept this.

    Please reply if u find any solution to this, I will also do the same if I'll find something.

    We must solve this smile

    Agron Murtishi

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    I have the same problem and no doctor can tell me what is wrong! I am looking here for someone to help me out, if they have the same problem! It gets to me as my eyes always are red and sore looking. I always look sick!
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    Hi Mads

    My son has suffered similar eye problems. After various eye specialist etc, I ended up at an allergist/immunologist.  Everything seemed to irrate his eyes, grass wind, sun, glare. He also suffered dry eyes.  What I didn't expect to find out from the allergist was the fact he was allergic to his latex pillow and mattress and also he had become allergic to the preservatives in his eye drops. I have since replaced all of his bedding with organic cotton and wool products including his mattress.  After blood test we also discovered his thyroid was not in the normal range.  I am not sure if this is a direct result of the chemical allergies, this is still ongoing.  My doctor has suggested he increase iodine rich foods into his diet.  By the way his eyes are clearing up and he seems so much healthier, he is not catching everything that is going around.   I hope you have found the cause of your eye issues. If not, please don't give up hope.


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    I have the same issue for last 6 months started after drove long.I have done all the eye test,result says nothing.So the doctor suspects the reasons are allergic or dryness.


    Now i am taking the dry eye drop-systane ultra.Also i feel my skin gets dry becuase i am living in Norway,very cold.Every day i use the drops before goig to bed and after wake up,Also using the moisorizing cream to the whole body every day after bathing.Now i could control the seviority of red eye.But i feel my eyes gets tired as before and some blood shots in the eye vains still since i am working with computers whle day.I was perfectly alright before this problem started,but now i not.So that i am researching my self what causes this problem


    Eventhough i could improve the eye redness using the systane ultra i need the permanent cure.Next thing i am going to test allergic and also going to use allergic drops.May be this will give 100% cure smile InshaAllah.

    Note: I went to india 2 month ago and stayed there 1 month i dont gets that proble at all.So that i suspect the climate in norway or food i am taking in norway which will be allergic to me.I suspect so

    Please any one give the advice on this to me.Thanks in

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    I have the same problem! I have rheumatoid arthritis. when I'm experiencing a flare up, my eyes become very dry, red, and it's painful.

    I also have a slight allergy to mold, and this time of year my eyes become itchy and I sneeze. as the snow is melted and there's "snow mold" on the ground.

    This combination makes my eyes crusty in the morning and it hurts to open them!

    I sleep with a humidifier, I drink Gatorade, I used my arthritis medicine (Celebrex, an anti inflammatory) and I take a anti histamine if they are really itchy. I also use drops called teargel, it's thicker than the visible drops but not like an ointment.

    I went online to see if anyone else had any other treatments than what I was doing.

    I see I've still got to keep this up.

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    I too have dry scratchy itchy red eyes, hard to open early morning but not gooey or gunky. It started a couple of years ago and comes and goes. I think it may be related to my hashimotos hypothyroidism, I am on thyroxine.

    Sorry but I have no answers for you all, but I work in a public health laborarory that makes artificial tears from your own blood, autologous serum eye drops.

    We help a huge number of patients that have lived many years in distress due to eye problems. I am not sure if they are available in your countries (I am in Australia) but it is worth asking your healthcare provider or specialist.


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