Reflux and Sciatica on and off for a week

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I suffer from Gastric reflux and I’ve been getting pains in the middle of my back up near my shoulder blades which has been moving to my lower back along with hot flushes. I’m also getting back pains in my sides in the kidney area but these pains randomly come and go for no reason whatsoever.  My Doctor suggested it could be referred nerve pain due to reflux and changed me from Omeprazole 20mgs daily to Pantoprazole 40mgs Daily. However, I’m now getting sciatic pains in my left buttock and I’m getting more and more worried about what the hell is going on with me. 

Ideally I’d like to have a total body MRI scan to rule out any underlying cause. Has anyone been allowed to have this done and are my symptoms fairly minor for me to be wanting to request this? I originally thought the pain in my side was muscular in origin but I’ve stopped lifting things and I’m still getting the pain. I know it’s nothing to do with my kidneys because I recently had an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder which was OK. 

Any advise from anyone please? 

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    Hi, I’m curious if you keep a diet? And how much exercise you make weekly, to have a idea what’s happening with your body. Many thanks Daniel
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    I walk regularly, some days more than others ( a 7.5 and a 10 mile walk this week) 

    I try to keep to a very sensible diet but I don’t feel as if there’s any correlation between what I eat and how much pain I have.

    I’m trying to be very logical but every now and then the pain causes me to Te- think and start worrying again. 

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      Worrying is not goin to help us we must an try and nt to overeact . Its easy to say i knw i hav been there. Try d vinegar an see wat happens
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    Hi jane i hav had acid for an entire mth straight. It is a horrible feeling . I took meds which did nt help so i started d apple cider vinegar an honey which worked out perfect u can try
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      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply to me. 

      Are you taking the cider vinegar and honey as an alternative to conventional medicines  like PPI’s ? 

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    Gastritis can cause back and shoulder blade pain.  It can also cause stomach pain and heartburn.  However, gallbladder problems can also cause back pain, shoulder blade pain and heartburn.  Ask for a HIDA scan to check gallbladder function and a full body MRI.
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      Hi Pippa, thank you for your helpful advice. I’ve never heard of a HIDA scan but I’ll look it up.

      However, as much as I would like an MRI scan and the HIDA scan you mentioned, I’m rather reluctant to come straight out and ask my GP.  Am I alone in feeling this reluctance? 

      Thank you


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      I had to ask one of my doctors for tests too.  In my case it was a celiac test.  No one could diagnose my abdominal pain so I had to look up things to give them something to work on.  No one had even thought of testting fpr celiac.  In the end I was diagnosed with IBS after all the tests were clear.

      Don’t be reluctant to ask for tests.  You are more likely to get answers by requesting scans.  I was so desperate for help that I put all reluctance aside and simply asked.  Panic, terror, anxiety and despair drove me to keep pushing my doctor for answers.

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      Hi Pippa, 

      Yes I know exactly what you mean. I’m feeling very anxious and worried and 

      I think I’m quite a level headed person but I just cannot escape the symptoms that I’m feeling. 

      Obviously I want to be completely healthy but I’m finding myself just wishing I had something that was easy for the Doctors to diagnose. 

      I’m also feeling rather disappointed that the Doctors don’t appear to care but even though I dread going to see them I’m fully prepared to make a nuisance of myself until I do get some answers. 

      Good luck to everyone in the same boat as me. 

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      I hoped and prayed for three and a half long months for a simple and non threatening diagnosis which I I got in the end. However, getting that diagnosis was not easy and ever day was a contstant battle with anxiety, despair and panic.

      You can always see a different doctor if you don’t get help.  I saw several doctors before I got help.

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      Thanks again Pippa,

      Yes, I’ve thought about seeing another Doctor as they would see everything fresh and perhaps may even have a different opinion, but the thought of repeating my whole history again puts me off a bit. 

      Thanks again Jane 

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      I had to repeat my symptoms eight times to different doctors.  I felt like a broken record and very worn out by it all. However, had I given up, I would not have got a diagnosis.  The key is to be persistent and to put all your reservations aside and just keep going back to your doctor no matter what.  My panic and anxiety about my health was much stronger than my usual dislike of seeing my doctor and I wanted so much to be free of the constant strain, so I was prepared to put up with anything in order to feel calm again.
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      Yes I know exactly what you mean.

      The constant worry and anxiety thinking that one has an undetected serious illness is extremely draining. 

      I’m writing this now but truthfully I haven’t spoken about this to anybody. 

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      It is important to speak to your doctor about your anxieties to get reassurannce and diagnosis.  Mention all your worries one by one and see of your doctor can rule them out.   I made lists every week for my doctor to rule in or rule out.  I didn’t mention my worries at first because I didn’t think it relevant.  I told my dad eventually that I was consumed with anxiety and he told me to tell this to my doctor in the hope that it would help to get answers and it did.  Maybe take someone along to the doctor with you for support.

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