Reflux for months then fine for months. Maybe someone else has experienced the same?

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Hi - thought i would share my story to see if anyone could maybe help.

I am currenlty 36, male, 5ft 11in, 13st 7lbs. I exercise regulary and have an ok diet.

About the age of 17 i went to the doctors with heartburn and was put on PPIs (Pantroprazole) 40mg. For years i took these on and off when symtoms showed up and to be honest they were like a miracle pill.

About 6 years ago out of the blue i started having really bad reflux and nothing would take it away. I had an endoscopy that returned nothing abnormal and the consultant simply said to double the dose of PPI which i ignored. Then like magic the symptoms went away.

Since this event i have religiously taken my PPI every night before bed. Some days i could leave it for 2 days. I could eat whatever i wanted and no issues.

Then a few years later the same thing happens and i start to get really bad burning in my throat. I had another endoscopy in London which again found nothing. It tested for EoE (eosinophilic esophagitis) which was negative. The scope showed normal esophagus and stomach. I found this surprising as it literally felt like my throat was on fire. The consultant did mention that there might be a small hiatal hernia but that he wouldn't expect any issues with it. Funny thing that during the test i had no symptoms (possibly due to nerves). The main burning sensation i have is just below my Adams apple. I dont have any regurgitation. I also have reflux first thing when i wake up in the that water would even trigger. This was on the 5th May 2015

Just a few weeks back i have started to get the same symptoms again. One thing i can trigger to these events is that i was lifting weights (not heavy though) before this starts. However times i lift weights and no issues.

My main symptoms are:


-clearing throat in the morning.

-burning sensation in throat.

-Dull Ache when breathing upper left chest

-Hard to get a full breath without rasiing my shoulders.

-Reflux and burping after 20 mins from waking.

Not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar or can offer any advise. I have currently doubled my PPI before breakfast and dinner and to be honest it doesnt seem to be making any difference.

Look forward to hearing from you.

All the best


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    Reflux can come and go as you describe; I have this and my endoscopy showed nothing either. It was thought I had a weak oesophageal sphincter. Standard antacids and milk help me. Most of your symptoms sound like mine except for the burping and difficulty getting a full breath.Not getting a full breath sounds like a gastritis symptom or anxiety. Was gastritis mentioned? Try eating little but often, chew your food well and avoid anything rich fatty, or spicy. Don't eat late at night. Do a food diary.

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    I did not have the throat issue.

    But suffered other issues. Especially the one you are talking about which says "stomach problem occurs just after waking" .

    I had got hpylori.

    Did you check for that?

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    I have the same symptoms. I burp a lot and have pain on left side under my ribs that radiate to the back. I experience bloating a lot as well. but all these symptoms come and go. I could be very fine today and eat whatever I want for a month and the next day all the symptoms flare up . I have acid reflux and small hiatal hernia ( found via endoscopy early last year).

    I m on ezomeprazole on and off depending on the severity of the symptoms.its very stressful living with this condition.

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    Over the years I had all the symptoms and various tests showed a small hiatus hernia, gastritis (twice) and Helicobacter pylori (HBP). I had 3 courses of PPI and the triple whammy antibiotics for the HBP. However I was told to wean myself off the PPI due to the long term side effects. I manage now with antacids and the occasional PPI. But I also watch my diet very carefully and don't have the foods I know cause me problems.

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    thanks everyone for the comments. i have started to use some new digestive enzymes from Design for health which seem to be helping.

    i have just ordered another full GI map stool test and a SIBO test.

    until then i am managing the symptoms during this flare up.

    i will keep you updated on my progress

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