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Known as SILENT REFLUX, causing your voice to become deep and sometimes can only speak in a whisper. Common Symptoms are; a lump in the throat; post nasal drip; feeling of choking and sometimes chronic irrtating cough etc.

I have been on SOMAC for 7 years and when in UK this year I expereinced the severe post nasal mucus running down the back of my throat and loss of voice.  Continually spitting and 'snorting' out the clear fluid I sort help with a UK Doctor who told me it was a 'virus' and to let it take it's course. Chemists suggested it was sinus. 

On returning to OZ I sort help from my doctor (Asian) who entered into his computer "Sticky Throat" - and put me on antibotics (worse thing for reflux) after numerous blood tests, xrays, scans, and ENT specialist and an endoscope they now say it is Silent Reflux: Remedy: 40 mg of Somac a day!!! This is what I was already taking!!!

The internet and forums like this have helped me stabilize the condition and I have sort help from a German born Chemist and a Naturopath. The chemist suggested to take a tablet containing Betaine Hydrochloride 650mg and Pepsin (1:10000 Parcine (31.5mg) The prescription medicines have stripped the body of my good enzymes and bacteria causing the food to still be in the gut fter 13 hours of fasting.

I refused the alternat prescription medicine (another ppi) my doctor prescribed and have altered my diet.  The medicines the Naturopath has also help.

I now eat mainly vegetables and fruit - definately nothing fried and no sugar/coffee/tea/milk etc

I'm open to all suggestions of help to keep my voice normal and acid levels down;

Would also like any information regarding if an A Negative blood type does not produce very much HCL; where as a positive blood type produces more???


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    Pam have you tried Buderim Naked Ginger to ease your throat a bit? My wife and I have the same problem. Coconut oil does ease the throat and is antibacterial. Zinc does help a bit with the drip. Please oh please try to shed the Nexium as its death in a bottle! I was on Pariot and Nexium plus ranitidine until my wife got sick of me whinging! Was hoping your post would have led possibly to a fantastic Aussie naturapath Doctor! Cant find such a person in Melbourne! Think most of us here have worked out that you must do your own diagnosis. Very few here seem to have found a 100% cure. We are almost there with DGL, ACV and i- glutamine etc. best of luck as it does tend to wear you down particularly when it kills all sleep.
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      Hi Rex, thank you for commenting on my Reflux Laryn.... post and the advice.  

      Luckily my condition does not give me a sore throat or any loss of sleep.  It is the loss of my voice that is the problem when I've consumed even a breakfast smoothie made on vegs & fruit & diluted coconut water or rice water.  Constantly chewing gum and sucking Fishermens Friend to get the saliva going to wash down the mucus.  Have lost heaps of weight.  The German born chemist advised Sauerkraut to get the good enzimes into the body along with "Life Space" pro biotics (100 billion strength) Miso is also good and I use this as a soup.

      Like you I've come to the conclusion we have to diagnose ourselves and keep asking questions.  

      What is DGL and ACV & i - glutamine you refer to??

       my husband is starting to understand what I'v been going through; he is one of the lucky ones who can eat and drink anything.  I wish this wouldn't effect my vocal chords; it gets embarrassing and Very frustrating!

      I have not come across an Australian Forum like this to help with the medical problems they all seem to be American or UK.

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      DGL is licorice with the BP bit reduced to 5%, ACV is apple cider vinegar, glutamine is an amino acid. Ours comes from the States. Have you given Hamiltons Aquae a bash for your throat? I used to run out of voice at the doctors!! This I think was caused by drug side effects. Are you on anything else from big pharma? It has taken me 12 months to get rid of one prostate drug dide effects. Best of luck!

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    I'm intrigued about the blood group thing as I'm A negative as well, I stick to an

    alkaline diet as much as I can, but the only fruit I eat is watermelon as fruit has 

    a high acid level, staying alkaline is the only thing apart from sugar free chewing gum

    (not mint though) that helps my symptoms. I don't think the 40mgs of Omeprazole

    have made much difference! And the 6 different lots of antibiotics they have given me

    havent helped at all

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    Interesting comment about blood types. I am A neg.

    My reflux problems started 15 months ago following a year when I took antibiotics for about 5 weeks and my symptoms are now much more bearable. I am on rabeprazole 10 mg 2 x day and have just started weaning myself off them which I plan to do very slowly. Other changes were not wearing trousers so nothing tight round my middle and eating food that is low acid (high ph). And of course no tea, coffee or alcohol sad

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    Pam - might have some good news. If you really miss dairy as you are in Oz you can get A2 milk. This seems to sit very well with reflux. You might like to try some in smoothies etc. I am +4 on the intolerance scale for normal milk but A2 causes zero problems. Easy to test. Both my wife and I get instant really bad sinus with ordinary milk. On A2 we also use full cream as the thinking on fat has changed recently!!! You can also get A2 yoghurt with no added sugar and it tastes fantastic. Dont know about you but restricted diets can really get you down. What do you think?
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      Hi Rex, - Will give the A2 milk a try thank you. Really have to keep the alkaline up and the acid levels down and that is a battle with soooo many nice seasonal fruits mangos etc.  We smoke our own fish and while everyone enjoys it I have to give it a wide berth as it repeats on me something terrible. Christmas will be a test for me. The joys of reflux! Hope you can have a relaxed and happy Christmas.

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