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i suffered from reflux for four months on and off. I tried Omeprazole. Rabeprazole and Ranitidine but none really worked. Then the dreadful burning just seemed to go. I've been fine for two months, watching what I eat but on Thursday it came back , after eating some meat at a friends house. It's worse than ever! I can't sleep, have tried all the old medication, plus Gaviscon but nothing works. What can I do to help myself now? I can't cope with pain and feel so depressed. Life isn't worth living any more.

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    Hilary, do you still have your gallbladder? I wish I could help you. I don't deal with pain very well either.  Please do not give up.  I know how difficult dealing with the burning is, but please, pray to God for help when you are feeling especially down.  It does help.  I will pray for your healing.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you are still suffering from this problem.  But, I can definitly say that it can be conquered.   When I was at my worst, I was suffering from acid reflux, gastritis, small bowel obstructions (felt like stomach flu), and constipation.  I can tell you that at times I wondered if life was worth living that way.  But after being very vigilant and focusing on my health, I am down to just one issue, slight gastritis.  That I can handle, and I'm confident it is getting better.

    Think of it this way.  A small valve (the lower esphageal sphincter) is messing up your life.  If that is fixed then you will feel almost 100% better.  And it is possible.  If you feel that you can't deal with this any longer, then you must speak to your doctor and arrange for a fundoplication surgery.  It is pretty simple and can even be done with an endoscope.  At this point I believe it to be in your best interest. 

    Regards, Jonathan

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    I am in a similar situation to you at the moment with horrendous acid and unbearable pain. Mine started in April this year a few days after having my gallbladder removed and landed me in hospital 2 weeks later. I was diagnosed via an endoscope with gastritis and the tummy bug H pylori. I was put on a massive dose of Omeprazole 80mg a day and Ranitidine as well as a course of antibiotics for the bug. Gradually everything started to settle down but 2 weeks ago I suffered a relapse which is very difficult to bear and I am back on the high doses of drugs once again, losing weight as I cant eat for the pain.

    You don't say whether you have had any tests such as an endoscopy to determine what is causing your problem - if you get a diagnosis, then there should be some treatment although when the stomach is as bad as you say then it may be slow going with some hiccups on the way, but please don't give in. There are other things you can try too, certain supplements and diets for this kind of problem. Google gastritis and see what comes up. You could keep a food diary to try and identify any foods that may trigger symptoms. Common culprits are sugar, spices, gluten and milk.

    You don't say whether you have seen a gastroenterologist, if you haven't please ask your gp to refer you so that you can get the necessary tests done.

    Believe me I know the misery that this can cause but I'm sure that there will be a solution and that you can beat this, please don't give up - put up a fight.

    Best wishes

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    I did have an endoscopy  at the beginning of May and it showed stage one oesophagitis. I called my medical insurance helpline  a few hours ago and the doctor said I shouldn't have stopped the medication even though I felt well. He told me to go to the out of hours doctor for new PPIs. I have just returned and that doctor told me to stop the Ranitidine ( that the consultant prescribed) and continue with Rabepresole even though the consultant said they only work for 60 per cent of the population! So I am now thoroughly confused! He didn't subscribe to the theory of too little stomach acid, unsurprisingly! I have a little relief from taking Slippery elm, liquorice tablets, aloe Vera and chewing gum. 
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      I do agree with your doctor about stopping the medication abruptly.  That usually causes acid revenge.  The stomach makes way too much acid and can nullify any progress that had been acheived.  I am okay with the Rabepresole.  I would recommend taking it after dinner, so that there is food in your stomach that will buffer the pills.  Some people get sores in their stomach where the pills disolve.  That can lead to more symptoms.  You absolutely must prevent the stomach contents from sloshing up the esophagus, even though there is no acid.  So, you must always sleep or nap on a wedge or incline.  Keep us updated.  Hang in there, you can beat this.
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    I have had the exact same symptoms as yourself for the past 3 years. Had a stool test that came back as Helicobacter pylori positive.

    Like you, it used to come and go  but some nights i really though i was dying. I had bad burning / chest pains / fast heattbeat  etc....

    Just like you i was getting depressed and also developed back pain.  The reason i mention back pain is because i went to a great physio and he mentioned that back pain can be related to stomach problems. 

    My Dr just kept prescribing Omeprazole over and over saying it was stress from work, even although im not stressed. Dont think he believed me either when i said ive never drank or smoked !

    In  the end i demanded a scope. I was reffered to a specialist and  Just over a week ago i had an endoscope and colonoscope. Just before that though i had an ultrasound on my gallbladder which was fine.

    I dont know the results yet but the Dr doing the colonoscope mentioned that i had inflammation of the duodenum. 

    I feel your pain and its horrible but life is so worth living.  I hope you do get some investigations soon.

    Will keep an eye on your posts.


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