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Hi all,

My name is Neel. I am 25 years old and I suffer from certain eye issues which are affecting my everyday life. Last year in

February 2018, I started having panic attacks. These attacks lasted four months up until June 2018, during and after which

these eye symptoms started.

The following is what I am feeling right now (although I could describe what I have felt before, the list would be too big so

I am keeping it short):

  1. Left eye is evaporative dry and both eyes have blepharitis as told by the Ophthalmologist I saw earlier: I believe dry eye

    is due to windy weather where I was living when I was having panic attacks, as well as due to panic attacks?

  2. I do not feel anything in my left eye (i.e. when I go to sleep, left eye does not feel tired as the right one, when I wake

    up it feels as such it did not go to sleep at all, same effect throughout the day where I just do not feel my left eye): this

    is quite possibly due to another experience I had back this year in March 2019 where I got rid of the swelling of inferior

    turbinates using a home remedy and I started feeling the symptoms of Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS). This experience had a big impact on my left eye as the swelling only got reduced from my left nose and it happened over night. Does this have to do anything with the dry eye?

  3. Sometimes if I get anxiety attack or panic attack, left eye shrinks and I start getting pain in the back of my head of the

    left eye. Although, this now happens rarely. Ophthalmologists I have seen have not been able to tell the actual

    reason apart from putting it on my anxiety.

  4. When I get bad sleep, I just don't feel my left eye throughout the day.

  5. Left eyeball feels harder than the right eye: even though eye tests have shown normal IOP for both eyes.

  6. Confused with my eye vision after panic attacks as I am marking a lot of things about myself: even though I had many eye

    tests and have met both ophthalmologist and neuro-ophthalmologist: possible one of the reasons being masturbations from the age of 12? Although now I have stopped this habit.

  7. Last week during heatwave, my left eyeball turned red and only after using the eye drops, it got back to normal. However,

    I feel that after this experience, my left eye has become more numb than before. Should I be worried about this? And what can I do about this apart from putting eye drops?

  8. One of the things I constantly notice is that the left eye is slightly yellower than the right: I still have not figured

    out the reason behind this. However, I believe after I started using eye drops, the yellowishness has reduced.

Here are the further possible causes of my above eye issues:

  1. I used to wear tight glasses which caused a dent from head temples which I believe caused my left eye to grew smaller as

    my left side face grew smaller over the years (my right side of face is much bigger than the left)?: Ophthalmologist test

    showed that palpebral fissure measurement of right eye is 11 mm, whereas, for left eye it is 9.5 mm. What I am confused about is how can tight glasses cause this effect? If not tight glasses, then what could be the reason for this difference. I do

    remember once rubbing my eyes when I was 16 years old which I believe had a strange impact on my left eye. Could rubbing

    cause squint and subsequently affecting the growth of the eyes over the years?

  2. Due to Weight loss (I have lost 10-12 kgs in the course of 16 months since I started having panic attacks)? It is now

    difficult to gain weight after March 2019 experience where after again I started losing weight. Does weight loss have an

    impact on the eyes?

  3. Due to Lack of blood circulation to brain because of severe panic attacks?

  4. Due to Vitamin Deficiency?: Although blood tests don't show any.

  5. Due to Viral infection?: I used to get a lot of cold and fever when I was a child.

  6. Due to Weak nerves?: Same reason as 5.

  7. Due to Head injury or Brain trauma?: Panic attack is kind of a brain trauma I believe.

  8. I have swollen inferior turbinates and they also possibly affect my eyes?

  9. Due to low immune system and hemoglobin levels? Same reason as 5.

Even though the Ophthalmologist did carry out different kinds of test including looking at the health of the eye from the

back (optic nerve), it seems that there is more than dry eye and blepharitis, quiet possible due to panic attacks I had last

year. After the panic attacks, the blood test showed lack of VB12 for which I have got injections and the levels are now


My questions are:

  1. Whom should I consult now, if required?

  2. Panic attacks impact have put me in a position where wearing any kind of prescription glasses make me anxious which is

    keep forcing me to think about wearing contact lenses. As a result, is it a good idea to wear contact lenses when I have dry

    eye and blepharitis and other eye symptoms described above?

  3. What is the association between eye and nose?

  4. Any other solutions and suggestions.

Things I am doing on a regular basis to cure some of the above issues:

  1. Eye drops
  2. Warm compresses
  3. Cucumber on eyes
  4. Reminding my self constantly about blinking while working on a computer as I work in the IT field.
  5. 20-20-20 rule

I do understand it is quite a long post, so accept my apologies for it, however I do need assistance in understanding what is

possibly wrong with my left eye and what else I can do about it.

Thank you in advance,


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    Hi Neel

    I think some of your problems are due to anxiety?Your doctor may help ?

    Your local optician could advise you on contact lenses.

    I have problems with my eyes but I am a lot older than you and mine probably due to my age ..I also have dry eye and blepharitis and an epiretinal membrane.

    Sometimes it is better to accept that we aren't perfect and focus on what is working well.

    I doubt any of your problems are due to masturbation which is quite normal for a young male.


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      Hi Jane,

      Thank you for your reply and answering some of my questions.

      Yes, you could be right that some of the problems could be due to anxiety.

      From this forum, what I really would like to know from other users is that what more can I do about solving some of these problems.

      After meeting doctors, the only hope I find is through online forums like this one as others may have felt what I am feeling right now, so they may know something which I do not.

      I hope more people have and are reading my post.

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    I would love to get more replies everyone. I really would like to understand the causes and solutions. To summarise my issues, I have left eye: dry, blepharitis, smaller than right, sometimes looks yellower (mostly after waking up), anxiety causes sharp pain at the back of the head of left eye as well as left eye shrinking, numbness and eyeball hard.

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