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I am currently back to work and not doing a lot at work but i keep getting random symptoms everyday. Then i freak out it makes stuff worse i guess anxiety. Yesterday it was dizzy and light headed. Today its being tired freezing now sweating stomach hurting(i have a hiatal herni) headache then it goes and comes was getting a shower amd my feet started tingling weird felt kind of numb i freaked out blood pressure shot up. I dont know what to do i have to work no matter what but something random happens everyday and i can not seem to stay calm about them. It may be at work or at home moving around or just sitting it is so confusing to me. I am 28 i want to be well enough to marry the girl beside me. Her and some friends and family think most of it is anxiety and i can not say it is not but i know what i feel is symptoms. Weird ones often. I just need someway to calm down and get through them. I know nothing can be dome except time and let my body heal and i know the freaking out and panic attacks probably dont help but i myself feel calm but they say i am freaking out from their point of view. It is just being really hard to deal with right now. I was fine working two weeks actually made me feel a little better.

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    Hi JOSH, Hang in there. I'm at my 15 th month now . I am at about 80% better. Actually i feel awesome compared to what i was at 9 months. This has been the most weird virus ever....from athletes feet, teeth pain, neck pain, swollen nodes, all kinds of body aches, low grade temp, throat issues, headaches, itching, sweating.....the list goes on and on! Also, the anxiety and stress is enormous. I think we all think(thought) we have had a life ending sickness at some point during this so anxiety is to be expected. To me your symptoms do sound like anxiety. The symptoms are real and you definitely feel them. During my mono the anxiety has not been too bad. The reason is i have dealt with anxiety for over 20 years and know what it feels like. I'm pretty sure i will always have it, but i just accept it as being part of me. Anxiety and panic attacks feeds on fear and worry. I deal with mine by doing meditation on youtube (20 min sleep hypnosis by thomas hall is awesome), praying, and medication. Anxiety runs in my family and i have tried many medications and the only one that helped me is clonezapam(klonopin). I found this medication to be mild(not making me loopy or numb) and i still take really low doses(.125) every day and it keeps me from panic. I realize some people don't want to take medications and have to rely on them, but it saved my life and helped me conquer my anxiety and live normal again. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for something to help you get through this tough time. It sounds like it would be temporary for you. Try to think positive thoughts and I will add you to my pretty long prayer list . Chris

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      Hey Chris,

      Really good suggestion and wise words to try things like relaxation and meditation. Mindfulness was something I was introduced too lately, it can just be a very simple and relaxing thing, listening to a short video on You Tube or something each day or whenever you need it, it doesn't need to be anything intense or that requires lots of effort and concentration. It can help for sure, especially when applied in a Christian way.

      So sorry to hear you have been dealing with mono and anxiety - want you to know Chris that things do continue to get better - you might be 80% now but in another year you will be more like 100% God willing - that was my experience, it just takes time, your body does gradually rebuild over a period of time. Thinking about you and hang in there and thanks for the wise and positive words of support!


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    Hi Josh,

    I think you've shown real courage to get back to work lately, and just so sorry to hear that you've having these awful symptoms each day. Please know that the physical symptoms of this virus are real Josh, anxiety can heighten things for sure but it is real what you're experiencing and I think people don't always appreciate that and sometimes write too much of the effects of the virus down to stress or anxiety and dismiss the fact that it is a real physical illness this virus and it can affect your body in lots of different ways. Mentally it is so tough too and it is only understandable to cause such stress, worry and anxiety when dealing with such intense and horrible episodes so often.

    It's so hard Josh, keep remembering that you will get better and that this kind of phase that you're going through just now can often happen before you experience full breakthrough and recovery. That breakthrough and victory over this thing will come for you Josh - fear not, it really will come. I know it doesn't make it any easier at the moment and all you can do is just deal with one day at a time and just not put too much pressure on yourself or exert yourself too much at work. If you need to take things slower, work at a slower pace, take more breaks, rest, take days off, or step back altogether for a period even, do it Josh - put your health first at this time. All these symptoms will pass - one thing that helped me during recovery was seeing an occupational therapist, just having someone to talk to about how to manage my activities was helpful and gave me some wisdom and insight into how to just take things more slowly and not overdo it. Seeing a counsellor also has helped me recently too with issues in my life, these things can help Josh, sometimes we just a bit of help to cope and get through things and I know I did for sure when going through this.

    God is the great healer Josh, hang in there and just hoping and praying that things stablise and settle for you very soon. Just breathe and take each day as it comes, don't look far ahead and don't beat yourself up either - remember it's a massive step and achievement you've made going back to work, especially when not feeling great, so just take it at the pace that's right for you just now and remember your body won't always feel like it does just now - your strength and resilience and peace will return again, there is good health after this virus tries to do its worst Josh - please know that and hold onto God He will get you through this man.

    Thinking about you and hoping today can be a settled one for you. Remember to keep rest and time to do something that you enjoy and frees you from stress in your routine and not just work all the time - that's so important Josh, be kind and understanding to yourself - you and your body have been through a rough time but you WILL recover. I truly believe that given my own recovery (thanks to God only) after a dreadful period of months and months with this virus. You will get there Josh. I have faith in God for your recovery.


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    Thank you guys. This past year a lot has changed for me starting about july. I have always been carefree worry free i worked hard had no bills could do whatever i wanted. I had plenty of money to buy and do whatever i wanted. I bought me and my fiancé a house and we moved in together I started working almost every day to have money to pay the house bills along with keep my lifestyle and i know it had to wear me down and stress me out. I got to feeling tired and when i got off work i would drink 1-3 beets maybe 4-5 occasionlly almost everyday then go to sleep and do it again the next day and i take it i was slowly running myself down then my energy was just gone completely then the virus hit and i had also never been actually sick before and it scared me and just added to the anxiety. I feel i may have started health anxiety because i freak out from just minor stuff now instead of just waving it off. I am just not use to stress or know how to cope with it. I wanted a house I want to marry Leah and i want to work hard and make money and it seems like thats what my anxiety is more about that and my health and being well enough to do those things. My body is doing better and is beating the virus at this point i can feel it trying to come back. I just think the anxiety is holding me back some. I am working on it for sure just not in my list of life skills so far.

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