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Hi guys, 

I am 26 years old and had a completely unexpected surgery a week ago to remove my right ovary. I have known for a while that I have polycystic ovaries but in my last ultrasound I was told that I was in the clear, that my small cysts had all gone and I have to admit, I kinda let my guard down ...

A week ago, I was on the last day of my period and started feeling weird cramps. I didn't think anything of it but the cramps continued for two more days. Last Tuesday around midnight the cramps got insanely painful and I had to rush the A&E. In the next day I was told I had a large cyst (8 cm) in my right ovary that was causing my ovary to twist around itself. I had surgery in the next hour. They removed my right ovary completely. It was shocking and terrifying for me. It is the first time in my life that I have surgery and it has always been one of my biggest fears. Surgery went well but a day later I was found to have some internal bleeding and was sent back to surgery. That was truly demoralising. I came out of it drained of blood and of life. I was very depressed the two days after the second surgery, going through huge amounts of pain - the removal of my drain was a particular highlight. 

It has now been a week since that second surgery. I'm out of the hospital recovering at relatives (thank goodness for them) as I otherwise live with flatmates who work all day. I have a confortable bed, and three healthy meals a day, which I thank my lucky stars for (and my mum's cousin and his wife). I have had problems with anxiety for three years and the past week didn't ease them AT ALL. I was not allowed to take anything for my anxiety and went through some terrifying moment. 

At the moment, I am trying to keep myself as calm and positive as possible. Alternating between bed rest and small walks around the house and yard. The house is full of stairs so I've been taking it easy of them but using them quite a lot. I can't say I feel great but my pain is manageable, my appetite is back, I am able to eat good amounts of food. I am of course worried about every little thing that happens in my body - very aware of it. 

Now to the grizzly part. My bowels took a while to open in hospital. I had to have an enema (ugh) and then got one huge, hard, exhausting poo out. After that, my stool seemed to have normalised until today. I have had intense diarrhea all day. I am trying not to worry myself and just wait for a bit. I also have an itchy vagina. Nothing like a real infection (I had thrush a few months ago and I know what that's like). 

Around 8pm for the past two nights, I've had sudden surges in temperature, controlled by paracetamol. I think they might be hot flashes but I'm not sure. This hasn't helped with my anxiety at all.  

Anyway guys, just wanted to share my experience with you. Would love to answer any questions and hear from any of you with similar experiences or otherwise. Sending positive vibes all over.


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    Oh no, a second surgery is just what one needs, but good that this part is all over now.

    Now one thing comes immediatly into my mind:

    (due to itchy vagina - dryness? hot flashes - not fever)

    You got one ovary removed,

    but the remaining one can do the job of both ovaries,

    yet I think (and would make sense) it takes a bit adjustment time.

    Till then the estrogen level might be a low and you getting symptoms of menopause.? Apparently this adjustment can take 2-6 months

    if you have another healthy ovary to adjust to work for both.

    Please ask the doc, but it sounds normal. 

    All the best and good healing!!!

    Hope you can walk and exercise soon more, that helps the intestine and mood.

    Diarrhea does not fit in it, but maybe it's a short upset stomach and gone within a day or two.


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      Dear Sanya,

      Thank you for your reply; it means a lot to me. The diarrhea has actually gotten better since I wrote that post. I am very much relieved. 

      I am seeing my doctor next Tuesday and have compiled a huge list of questions. She wants to put me on the pill but I am a bit sceptical.

      Anyway, thanks again for your kind words. With my best and warmest wishes!

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    Dear, i feel your pain and anxiety what more with going through an emergency situation not knowing what to expect. Know that you are very brave and strong to have gone through this and be thankful that the surgery went well. I don't know how anxiety attacks are like but i hope you will at least try to meditate and put your trust in God. Do not dwell on the unpleasant things and just focus on healing. Glad to know you have family around to support you. I had all the post op experience you are going through except for the vaginal itch which i think maybe its best you check with the dr as the last thing you will need now is another infection. Take care and hugs.

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    There's nothing more upsetting than thinking everything is under control and then Bam! Good that you were treated immediately and hopefully the rest of your recovery is uneventful.

    It will take a bit for your body to adjust to the hormone changes. I always had constipation until 2 days before my period and then 2 days before heavenly relief. Now post surgery very normal, yay. Depending on your body those issues will settle down.

    Post surgery I thought I was getting a fever and paniced. Yep, hot flashes. Ick. Since you had the internal bleeding that takes a while for your body to build itself back up. Be patient, I know that's hard but this is a temporary set back and you will look back and realize how lucky you were.

    I too have suffered from anxiety, runs in the family. First attack I had I thought I was having a heart attack. Grateful to learn only anxiety. I have since learned meditation, huge help. I also learned to look back at things I fretted about and saw I made them way bigger than they were. I also learned I am stronger and more able than I thought, a survivor! It took time but I use the nervous energy I get to tackle projects I've put off. This keeps my mind busy so I can focus on resolving a problem instead of blowing it out of proportion. It doesn't always work but more often than not.

    We are all a work in process and you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

    Keep a list of your issues, even if they resolve, and review with your Dr. at your follow up visit.

    Stay strong, keep up the good care and attention you are to your healing.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and future health!

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      Dear BeenthereSr,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You're absolutely right. I have to learn that I am stronger than what I think. I begged the doctors to give something for my anxiety when I was at the hospital but they wouldn't. Yet, I survived. I'm still here, still me. 

      Thank you for sharing your own experience. I am trying to be patient and give my body time to adjust. At the same time, I am working on my thoughts and giving my body thanks and positive energy. 

      I'm crazy how the body and the mind are connected. I hope this experience will help me get over some anxieties I had.

      Thanks again and wishing you health and happiness!

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      Nan, one more point, in reading your other reply about birth control. BC is often used as a temporary treatment to help reset your hormones and cycle.

      Talk to your Dr. about your concerns. BC is much better than it used to be and tailored for you. Don't be shy, be open with your Dr. With only one ovary your body will go through changes to adjust and BC can help regulate you. Make sure your Dr. explains why a treatment is prescribed.

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