Reoccurring Gastritis looking for advice to heal

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I think my Gastritis is always there, just gets worse eventually when I get even a tad bit off a plain diet that doesn't irritate Gastritis much. Docs found small stomach erosion in my stomach 6 months ago, we assume its Gastritis/erosive potentially. I tried two months of omeprazole but stopped because issue got worse. I was tested for h pylori thrice, negative. 

Do any of you have any advice to heal Gastritis naturally? Any remedies, or stuff to heal it or am I supposed to give it a year and hope for best? I noticed even little soups and dairy products aggravate my Gastritis, and I feel full very fast because of it. I do get heartburn occasionally, any advice on a pattern that has helped to heal? Thank you very much/

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    Hi Jeff, the stomach lining has the capability to heal on its own if we do the right steps even without taking omeprazole (a drug that inhibits gastric acid secretion). Normally, our stomach lining is impermeable to acidic environment of our stomach. So, I think very cause of your condition is the stomach erosion that resulted your stomach lining to become PERMEABLE to gastric acid present in your stomach and some foods that irritate it. Therefore, the first step to do is to bring back that stomach lining into NORMAL so that it becomes IMPERMEABLE to acidic environment. The good thing is that you can absolutely heal it naturally. 

    First step is to avoid any foods or drugs that may irritate your stomach lining like dairy, caffeine, alcohol, meat, acidic juices or fruits like lemon, hot food like soups and cold drinks, aspirin or any drugs. Try to avoid white bread. Avoid fried foods. 

    Best to do is take sip of water so that it will dilute the acid in your stomach. Eat more alkaline type of fruits or vegetables. Eat fresh raw green leafy vegetables like lettuce. Kale is also good. The greener the better. Make a salad. Also, chew your food properly, it will help digestion. Try to relax when eating. 

    I was also diagnosed with acute gastritis since I was a kid. I was also prescribed with omeprazole and motilium. But as I grow older, I realized the great benefit of eating 80% raw fruits and veggies and 20% cooked food. The healing process would take less than a year. 

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      Yup! I did eat cheese, occasionally some more acidic food, and meat. The problem seems is I was not patient enough, or when symptoms subsided a little, I thought it would be safe to start dairy and meat, I guess I was wrong. It is tough to go on monthly diets that are quite hard core honestly.

      Are your symptoms dull feeling of fullness after only a small plate of food as well? I seem to get that symptom when Gastritis re-flares. I stick to buckwheat now days. Have you tried slippery elm, or marshmallow root? Ginger? Are those of any use? Is kefir alright, and are sugar candies (Ones you dissolve in mouth) good for gastritis, or not?

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      One more thing. Are chicken broths ok for gastritis, considering I wouldn't actually be eating the chicken, just the nutrient liquid. Thanks in regards!

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      I truly agree with you that it is not easy to transform into more vegan diet. In fact, the transformation should be gradual so that the body can adjust to changes. But if you really want to at least take some steps to heal gastritis, I think you can try to cut or minimize consumption red meat like beef, then white meat like chicken, and so on while you're on healing process. 

      Yes, I have symptom of feeling full after a small food as well and I think it's aggravated by taking omeprazole because this drug inhibit gastric acid. If this acid was inhibit, food will not be digested. So you end up feeling full. The food just stays in the stomach and the nutrients are not absorbed in the gut into bloodstream.

      I think slippery elm, marshmallow root and ginger can be beneficial but I don't think kefir is useful. They are from "fermented milk". What I know is that fermented foods are not good. They are processed foods which you are trying to avoid when you have gastritis. 

      I don't think candies are beneficial to this because it would exhaust you digestive organs. I don't even recommend a small frequent feeding. The truth is, your digestive organs need rest to work again. So it is NOT good to drink water WITH meals because water is first absorb then solid food. Try to drink water IN BETWEEN meals. When I finished my meal, I wait 1.5 -  2 hours before I drink water. Stomach emptying took 1.5-2 hours (approx) that's why. Yes buckwheat is great for your protein. 

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      Hmmm, as long as not too much. Consider also the ingredients of the broth. smile
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    I take slippery elm all theday time especially before going to bed to help heal the stomach lining,I cant be without it..

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