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Hi all

Thought I'd share my story. I'm a 36 yr old mum in the uk sick of this horrid curse of an illness/condition.

I have recurrent infections of tissue/deeper layers in the skin it seems. Drs say it's cellulitis but some say it doesn't look like classic cellulitis.

So what happens since 2011?multiple times including hospital admission and sometimes not in milder bouts

I get a sharp pain in my groin either right or left(turns out my enlarging groin lymph node)

I then become achey and fevery. Temp can peak 39-40 and rise and fall. Tend to have a little lower blood pressure too

A pink blotchy colour develops over my thigh inside/outer and round hip and buttock. It can get a little redder like a warm tender sunburn... or a little spottier but it develops fast like over a few hours. It's hot to touch.

As I've had this so many times maybe 15 in all? I have had many tests, ct,ultrasound,many blood tests,checks on my immune response,my response to vaccine,echocardiogram,hematology,immunology investigations and nothing really found!

Once a blood culture showed a streptococcus b in my blood as the cause of infection

I got several scans to check my spleen as that was enlarged but it did get smaller

I'm told I can have lower blood counts tho in range inc wbc,platelet,lymphocyte but still considered normal and not screaming out any issue there really. But these tests are done when I'm ill so I'm guessing they might look a little crappier? Normally they're not bad

I have had 3 c sections in the past last one being Aug '11 and I fell ill like this Dec '11.

I might have a slight venous deficiency as I have small varicose in my feet/legs but I'm not sure. I don't have lymphoedema.

I'm not overweight, live a healthy lifestyle..

I wonder if the repeated cause/same pattern and regular infected area is down to an internal source rather than external, I don't really get bitten or show any skin breaks. I wonder if it's my immune system but I don't suffer with any other type of infection.

Could I have bad lymphatic function even tho my legs look slim and never puffy. I heard repeated cellulitis just makes you more suspectible? Is that because of damage it leaves behind?

I'm just getting over another bout. This one came about as I forgot to reorder my preventative prophlayxis prescription of low dose pencillin V til a bit late and thought I could survive one weekend without! Obviously I can't.

So now I'm on for 10 days

Fluxocillin 500mg 2tab 3x day

Amoxicillin 500mg 2tab 3x day

They're already churning my stomach 😩

This is after a brief stay over night having two IV shots of fluxocillin and showing good improvement. I don't feel ill now and rash nearly gone bar a pink patch size of an orange.

I'm otherwise healthy and active!!! The last time I got this was 18months ago so thought I was doing ok, I guess I might not forget my low dose Antibiotics again.

I live in uk and wonder who else is like me??? I feel like a mystery and rarity which is quite depressing!!! Thanks for reading me 😊

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    sharon i have recurring cellulitus and been in hospital 3 times with ivs all that i can add to your summary is that i have fluclucillian on standbye i dont use them without good cause so you could ask for them i c you have had bloods done i a on folic acid made feel a lot better but for dont turn your back on this or else its a&e then 10/14 days laid up in hospital all the best with things   keep taking the tablets

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    Sharon, your story might as well be my own (except I'm slightly older and male, which means no C-sections, also no varicose or immune system issues). You can read the details here:

    Like you there is no external cause (lymphodema, insect bites, scratches, etc. which seem to be the most common causes) so I also concluded that it might be some kind of internal source, like an internal abscess bursting. The fact that it was always worse when it kicked in also made me suspect this, I had it previously in my ear from some eczema and it progressed as you'd imagine an infection would, growing worse over a few days - the opposite of how my left buttock infection.

    As I also get sepsis (aches and fevers dialled up to 10) I have been hospitalised and received an intravenous antibiotic drip and that seems to have done the trick. If there was an internal source of infection then that seemed to clear it up. Although your mention of an 18 month gap has me worried -as you say it is a mystery (literally what my GP called it - there is a battery of tests they want to do, but I need to be ill for them) is wearing and depressing, because it is always looming (and the sepsis is potentially lethal). I am not on a preventative dose of antibiotics and probably can't request one at this point, so I'll just cross my fingers and hope. Good luck.

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    One of the best remedies for cellulite called DermalMD Cellulite Cream which, as everybody knows, takes weeks and weeks to work. In the short time I have used it, nothing much has happened. My skin is nice and soft. I have sensitive skin and break out easily but so far, no problem with this cream. The one thing I don't care for is the smell. I read in some reviews that they like the smell and it's not overpowering. It is not and it dries very quickly and is not sticky but it doesn't smell very good when first put on, in my opinion. No idea if it actually works to reduce cellulite.

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    Hello Sharon,

    ?I tried locating a familiar letter from a Rachel from Australia.  Her symptoms sound exactly like yours.  I will share my thoughts, but tell you I am not a doctor. so...

    ?My twin sister who suffers from Auto Immunde Difficiency (Psoriasis, Psoriatic atrhritis; etc.) had similar symptoms.  She called her dermotogogist who told her to get right to the Emergency Room (USA)  The Dr. told her to tell the doctos on staff to treat her for Hidradentiis Suppurative and advised what drug she should be prescribed.  I googled "Hidradentis Suppurative Mayo Clinic" and read a very informative article and saw photos of the disease.  Apparently, from the forum my sister has found on this, she is one of the lucky ones to be diagnosed.  It is often confused for other illness and rarely diagnosed on the first go-around.  And the quicker the diagnosis, the better.  Left untreated, the repeat symptoms get worse.  I am not saying this is what you have, but a change in hormones is one thing that can bring an episode on.  If you can pull up last week's letters, read one from Rachel.. She has it on her groin and it is spreading around to her buttocks as well.  She has been getting it since she was a teenager, the age at which this can start.  Do check out HS, as it is abbreviated.  The photos of the infected do not resemble cellulitis.  The best to you in your recovery.  And congratulations on being a mum (or mom as we say, but mum is cuter.)


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