Repeated sinus infections and equivalence to chronic. First results only after big fuss.

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My problems have some differences to most of what you can read on here. I have sinuses infection but in plural, post nasal discharge, incredible pain but not really fever or a typical acute infection, symptoms just restart every two or three month slowly no showing any relief with time. But at the same time antibiotics do solve the problem, for the short term only, to see the problem getting back the next cold, no more than three month later. I have been on these problem for more than ten years.

Finally this never-ending cycle was finished by a nurse in May 2013, I moved to Aberdeen in Scotland and it seemed I enrolled in a substandard GP. They sent me to a nurse in the middle of an episode of more than two weeks, she tried to talk me down for abusing of antibiotics, we nearly fought at her surgery but I backed off as you never win against the nhs, but backing off did not mean I allowed it. I came of and ran to my old practice where it was still my register and got the antibiotics and found relief (like usual), dropped that practice immediately before even meeting my doctor. When y knew my new GP I showed the tough face when he offered to provide me antibiotics if needed, He sent me to an ENT after I insisted.

I tried  to complaint  what happened to be useful in other way, the mentioned GP's manager tried to shut me up with a copy of the acute sinus guideline on this web page, I knew since the first glance that the guideline did not fit my case, I could not even bear its patronising style designed to reduce visits to the doctor and not to provide you with answers, although my symptoms matched more with the chronic sinusitis guideline on here, yet again is plenty of information but hardly suggests solutions. Tried more british guidelines, but after checking NICE web page I read that own resolution takes month (meaning do nothing and wait) and I gave up. American and specially Canadian guidelines were much help, to start they consider repeated sinus infections as serious as chronic cases, between all the possible reasons suggested my experience and symptoms pointed that allergies might be the main source or maybe a problem with the shape of my turbinates. 

Then I met my first ENT who I can only refer like total rubbish, tried to get rid of me and said there was no problem, recommending only a Nety pot. Fortunately he ordered an allergy test only because I asked. This came out positive for dust mites, this was extremely important as I made aware my GP that I diagnosed myself on google what really helped me to be taken seriously by my new surgery. Then, I found an  allergy specialist in Dublin that offered me posting to me the allergy vaccines (this treatment is common where I am from). I started a sublingual immunotherapy abroad and Dymista which was new a year ago, the Dymista certainly offer me a slight improvement but again a cold=sinus infection, hence antibiotics. Immunotherapy for dust mites is tricky, results are evaluated up to two years after starting it, hence I don't want to ensure any results from it yet.

 A new ENT was required an ordered a Scan CT. He seemed competent but  had to cancel second appointment, so I just went back 6 month later. By that time I had had three additional acute infection and courses of antibiotics. In the appointment in June there was another young doctor. He started again saying that the scan was pretty clear and trying to dismiss again my case and I literally busted, I used every single piece of information I gathered on Internet for month, said I was not happy, I did not even know was a normal cold is and requested his opinion of the why and the "solution". He checked again my sinuses and realised they were still swelling, he ensured the allergic rhynitis and the tissue swelling made prone to catch colds (viruses) and Sinuses (bacterial) and prescribed Ipratropium (rinatec),  which is very strong,three times a day.

I did not get his prescription like answer enough, I confronted him because of the nurse incident and I made clear such a thing cannot be repeated. I asked why  the lack of information in british guidelines as regard repeated sinuses, he said people like me was the 5% of population with the sickness and I was right in my opinion, it is not properly explained in NHS guidelines, that was enough I said a very personal, how do you think I feel? I asked for a report to avoid any possibility of argument with minor staff for antibiotics.  I told him that I did not believe the NHS opinion on the ct scan and asked for a copy with the statement. Soon after I got the report from my GP,  it does said there was an infection but the radiologist states that all the rest of turbinates and septum were normal.  Right now, it seems no ENT has ever checked the scan, only a radiologist. This only reinforce my idea that the NHS is the problem and not the solution, I requested again a copy of the image to the NHS Information Governance in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary hospital, it costs only £ 10 and it is sent in a DVD rom back to your home. I am still waiting to see results after sending a copy to South America (where I am from) to be checked, I also have and appointment at BMI. 

In despite my poor opinion on the NHS, I am being provided with Dymista and Rinatec by them, these together with the sublingual immunotherapy that I paid myself are providing me relief for first time since the last year. In the gym I can finally run and I so far I only feel a mild blockage under my left cheek just after working out hard, I do not know wether are the sprays alone or those topping the immunotherapy but I wanted to share these first results with you all. I have learned a lot on internet but I hardly see anyone coming back to say if they have finally improved and how.

If anyone think I might be arrogant please try yourself to read NICE guidelines and check yourself that for the NHS we are not relevant. 

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    Hey Dave your commets were too long to read so I wasnt sure what your symptoms were, but I have had inflammed sinuses now since Oct. 1 of last year.SICK !! weak u name it, I hate to jinx this but I persribed myslef Asthma puffers. I feel releif of the pressure in my head,, and I am able to get around and function a bit more. They tried me on everything, antibiotics, predinsone, antihistamines, netty pot, essentiial oils. I also take singulair with the puffers and Losec, as all reflux, Athma and sinisitus go together. Type up sinusitis and asthma......doctors dont care about Chronic sinustits, I have been sad...and dodtoring myself. so good luck and I cross my fingers and knock on wood, this continues to work for me 
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    hi dave, i to have been in and out of nhs with ent all i can say is they are on easy money, when i fiirst went they gave me a mri scan they told me i havent got cancer, then they gave me two hearing aids. well i was shocked. what about all the symtons, 10 years has gone by, trying every sh*t going, i went to homopathic which helped a littel bit but then for months i had all this green stuff coming out of my nose with a hacking cough so i went to the doctors which i hate, 15 days later i had haemophilus influenzae. im not 100% now ,with all the pills they gave me, but the side effect some of these pills are bad. so today 2014 i now wear 1 hearing aid, the amount off pills i took gave me tininus,i now clench my jaw, i go to chiroprator every 2 months which really helps and i take d3 vitamins. i cant go into a air condition room really hurts my sinus and i get blocked nose and start coughing big time. hope this is understandable im just mad at the doctors
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    Maddyjackie, I used to get antibiotics from South America as I freak out just thinking of that pain not being attended. I have news, I have seen the same doctor of my second appointment in the NHS but privately, I took a small laptop with me and shown him the scan, he told me that  most of of my sinuses were normal, yet there is a clear obstruction at the bottom side of my left sinuses, and what is relevant the most; he ensure my turbinates behind my nose should be reduced. I finally have a proper why. He offered me to get back to the NHS surgery queu but I kindly refused, I am going back to my country in order to do it. Anyway I descovered for sure that our scans are not read by any ENT but a radiologist, they seem to be clueless to spot anything apart from the classic chronic blockage, getting this copy is easy (well you might have to threat them with a sewing)  and cheap, be aware in despite checking many internet images I needed a doctor to diagnose me I beg you to insist in further opinion but take your ct scan and request allergy test, try to remember if your symptoms change according the place you are, I have been accepted abroad for surgery conditioned to a full compliance of the NHS medication, so in despite my justify bitterness with the system, still provided me with the medication and images.
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      Well wade a go ! I sure hope this fixes thing for u......I panic and freak out also when I feel the worst coming on, I have lived this way it will be one year in October, it scares me this stuff, its not normal to have your head feeling like its going to explode ! not to mention dizzy every damn day. Ummm where is your Country ? I am in Canada, they know nothing here. I seemy doc. Wed. and I have a list of questions. Please keep me posted on how everything turns out for u. Sending u healthy and lucky waves smile Maddy
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