Resigning from Work and claiming benefits?

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I have been diagnosed with OA of my spine, hips and fingers. I have been given an unfir for work note from my GP for 8 weeks. I have been put on temporary Income Support and get paid SSP. I am no better with my illness, somedays even worse, and just don't feel I could ever go back to my work as a Assistant Health Carer, working in a 40 bed nursing/residential home! I am due to see my GP in two weeks to request a new sick note which I know will be issued. My question/problem is: Should I resign? I feel cheeky getting SSP from my employers (a wage) and not working! I am also wanting to move near to where my 4 daughters live, so that I have them close by for any care/shopping etc that they can help me with (300 miles away), and if I do move can't see my employers paying me SSP for the duration of 28 weeks, while I live out of their area! What are the implications of resigning and claiming benefits? I will naturally be prepared for a full medical examination if requested. I have also read somewhere about DLA but don't understand the notes. Should I phone and speak to the Benefits office, explaining I want to resign from work on ill health grounds and also want to move areas? Help!!

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    Hi solidflo I also have oa of the hip neck and spine , am having a hip replacement this Friday after 10 long years coping with pain as a health care worker , I had to leave my job and went on esa and have applied for pip but they take a while to respond , I would phone the esa and put a claim in , the problem with oa is that it gets worse not better and some days are bad when u have trouble getting out of bed . 
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    hi , well if i were you i would not feel guilty for getting ssp , part of which is payed by the goverment ,and you have earnt it , sounds like you need to speak to some one about you health and getting sighned of work on med grounds , your move to be near your daughters sounds perfect to me , i have oa in both my knees ,ive had one done 10 weeks ago but am getting more pain at the mo than i did , will see gp tomorrow , and right now i would just love not to go back to work ,i thought i would have been back after the first knee but cant , coming to the decision that oa is not quite like i thought it would be , follow your heart and enjoy your days


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    hi you need to tread very carefull in the next stage of life my freind.The fact that you have worked honourably paid tax and national insureance all of your life entitles you to nothing at the end of the day in the eyes of the company that the dwp have farmed out the sick benefit to.If you can pick up a pint of milk you can work.Stay at work on your ssp if you can for as long as you can Employment and support allowance is 74 quid or so assesment phase the first 13 weeks but until you have had the dreaded medical you stay on 74 pound if and its a huge if you get 15 points needed off the computer software programme that decides you have a limited work capabillity.The medical will be done by a midwife or optomotrist or a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL AS there called who will more or less disagree with everything your doctor says.Its near impossible to pass for a physical condition straight away you have to appeal etc I could still be doing this email to you in 4 hours time sutch is the system thats in place you need to google................ATOS health care, LIMITED WORK CAPABILLITY ASSESSMENT, ESA, WORK RELATED ACTIVITY GROUP ESA SUPPORT GROUP use you tube for them key words and google especially.....dispatches ch4 athos medicals tv documentery.Ive been at war with them for years i have SACROILLITIS IMFLAMATION OF SPINE arthritic problems and HEMOCHROMOTOSIS G/h IVE HAD 3 MEDICALS NEVER SCORED A POINT .O/A is noting in there eyes its gp treated with ibuprophen and co co domol its ware and tear you should accept it thousands have it they dont go cap in hand scrounging benefit thats how they see it they was called ATHOS.....they have left the h now the health bit because there a it company computers etc it was allabout what you cant do now its what you can do if you can toutch the top of your head with both hands you can work nil points pick up a pint of milk nil points so you basically have to be dead from the neck down im not exadgerateing.Knowledge is power all you need to prepare you for your journey is on the web good luck to you the new system was put in place to stop the lazy and workshy etc but it just discriminates full stop ....A FACTORY OF DISABILLITY DENIAL it was called in usa congress athos or atos as its called now good luck on your journey thats coming and remember they dont play fair its no good sayig stuff like its worse in the morning etc etc YOU ARE ILL FULL STOP ITS A 24 HOUR THING 365 DAYS a year Get some support evidence off your employer because dwp will ask them if your illness stopped you from doing your job if you jack a job in for whatever with out good reason a doctors note isnt enuff youll get nothing for 6 months stay as you are eventually your employer will let you go the word RESIGNING fills me with dreadTo hand your notice in coz your too ill to work and getting a sick note isnt enuff they ask them could they have done light duties do you think theyve jumped the gun you need your employer behind you 100 per cent a letter saying that you was struggleing etc is a must good luck ian 
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    hello there - Sorry to hear your OA has got so bad you are no longer able to work. I had to give up work 4 years ago, partly due to my degenerative OA of the spine. I know exactly what you mean about feeling cheeky getting SSP when its fairly certain you'll be unable to return to work, but I would strongly urge you to check out your benefit options before resigning!

    Firstly, Ask your GP/consultant for a realistic prognosis. If its spine as well as hips I am guessing theres not an awful lot they can do, but you never know! Ask if there's a reason why he only signed you off for 8 weeks - is he expecting medication to substantially help, for example?

    Secondly, if you want to move near your daughters I would say thats probably a good idea if the Doc says your OA is progressive ie will get worse over time. Best do the house move sooner rather than later, as its so stressful and physically hard work. So you would need to sort out benefits first so you know what your finances will look like!

    I would ask the GP about a referal to an Occupational Therapist, in my case I got an appointment within 4 weeks, because the Occupational therapist Depts can help you make life easier in general anyway, but with regards to benefits, they can allocate you a Support Worker who will know all the benefit rules like the back of their hand, can fill in all the forms for you, liaise with all the different official people and give you the best chance of actually being awarded DLA, ESA etc. 

    I applied for DLA twice on my own and got precisely nowhere - even though I hav worked in office jobs all my life and worked at the tax office for 12 years so forms are second nature to me! But when I got a support worker from a local housing association (she was assigned to me by my mental health team, but occupational therapy teams can do exactly the same type of referral) - she filled in the forms using the right wording, and more details (like embarrassing details I wouldnt have put down!) - and I now get over £100 a week DLA, and about the same again in ESA under the 'support group - ie, I dont have to sign on and go to the jobcentre for employment counselling etc - ie they accept theres no way I can work again.

    Many local Councils also have support workers - look under titles like 'Benefit Options Team' or 'Benefits/financial support service'. 

    Hope this helps, and best of luck! Remember - dont be shy to claim, you have worked and paid into the system - we're the very people the system was set up for in the first place. ITs not our fault other people take advantage and play the system. If you're too poorly to work you are entitled to the help. (Thats easy for me to say now - I lived on my savings for 2 years, too ashamed/embarrassed to claim benefits! Again, the Support worker really helped me to understand theres no shame in claiming.)


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    Thank you all for your replies, kind words and information. Reading all your different experiences has helped. I forgot to add regarding the move, which is a must, as my husband is disabled, suffering with heart failure, and having had a kidney transplant (the only working kidney he has) and as his carer, I am struggling with that too, so the move to be nearer our daughters has got to take place! The delemma with that is finding an estate agent/landlord that will accept housing benefit occupants! Most seem to not want to talk to you, as probably had problems with previous occupants not paying the we suffer! So much to sort, and I just don't have the energy! :-(
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      Hello - its sounds terrible to say so, but your husbands severe disabilities actually make your situation 'easier' when it comes to benefits etc...

      I am really surprised you dont already have a social worker or support worker, actually. I wouldnt even bother talking to agents and landlords yourself. I would talk to your GP about getting a hospital social worker, if you currently rent from the council or a housing association, they can assign you a support worker. Because - a support worker can handle the whole relocation thing for you as well. A lot of councils have 'swap' lists - at the very least a support worker would help you with all the form filling, can find out charities etc that can help with funding and support - theres all sorts of things they can help 'take the pressure off you'. 

      If you are a carer, you MUST carefully check out your benefit options with someone like a social or support worker because its very complicated - but, will definitely go in your favour with stuff like benefits. It sounds to me like you have a lot on your plate and need help pretty urgently. If you like, please feel free to message me privately (click on the little grey envelope to the left!) and if you tell me which town or area you are in I would be very happy to do a bit of research to find out all the phone numbers etc for you to try and get that help? 

      All the best and do let us know how you get on x

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      if your hubby gets

      1..............attendance allowence

      2....constant attendance allowence

      3...pip daily living component

      4....dla middle or top rate

      5.....AFIP armed forces payment..............source GOV.UK

      Before you can even think about carers allowence your hubby must be on one of them hell be assessed if he claims 1 of them again a points score?.Please getsome advice from DIAL CAB dont do it anymore coz they cant cope with the avalanch of cases.For the benefits your husband has to claim theres questions like can you button your shirt up can you take your penis out can you wipe can you wash shave make a cup of tea if he cant he needs a carer ie you who has left there job with a chronic health problem o/a in your hands how will you button his shirt How would you get to him upstairs quickly if he needed you with oa in your hips.If you have been the breadwinner in your house grafted and looked after your hubby as well you want a medal and the maximum support availible up to 4 years ago what your doctor said was enougth end of but not now youll have to fight and battle.The best way forward is for your hubby to get one of the above benefits then leave work to care for him 0808 800 33 33 dial number take care 


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    Hi again - I have sent a private message with some local advice centres.

    The reason I am stressing contacting these agencies so strongly is because what Ian92798 is quite correct. It is very much more difficult nowadays to get disability-related benefits, because of the all the people over the years blagging and trying it on have spoiled it for those of us in real need.

    You sound like a very independent, hard-working lady - please, please, dont make the mistake (that I made for a long, long time) of thinking you need to be strong and handle things yourself.

    To get all the benefits to which you are clearly entitled, you need the help of an expert who is on your side and knows how to negociate the system.

    One false move filling in a form, and you can find yourself in a nightmare situation with benefits - i am not trying to scare you, just stress how important it is to get help in your complex and vulnerable situation.

    All the very best with everything. x

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    Just an update for you......I am still off work with OA, in my spine and hips. My SSP ends on 11th August, and tomorrow will collect a letter from my GP confirming my illness of spinal OA as well as I have now been diagnosed with vasculitis.....after blood tests, and awaiting an x rayand an appointment with a rhumatologist. I have not been at all well, what with my OA, and with suffering the pain and feeling flu like ill from the vasculitis. The good news is we move next week up north, and my daughter will be moving in with us. I now receive carers allowance for my husband, and I have applied for DLA/PIP, the forms arrived today in the post. Its not the benefits I want, its the financial assistance to now pay someone to do what I can't do anymore.....hoovering, ironing, mowing the lawn etc. I am devastated by how my life has changed and gone down hill in such a short time. I hope you all are well......


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