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Hi I’m new to this so hope not to bore anyone but can anyone help me. I hav restless legs is there anything I can take doctors say there’s noting please help there driving me crazy 

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     Hi Rosie

    I totally understand, RLS is the worst feeling in the world. 

    You could try magnesium spray and tablets, tonic water before bed, massage the legs before bed, hot baths, BUT there is medication and lots of it because I’m on it so I would go back to the doctor and asked to be referred to a neurologist. 

    Good luck x

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    Hi, There is defo medication for it. I suffered for a long is awful. I don’t know if I am allowed to say what medication I on but for reference when you go back to your doctor it is a very mild dose of one used for Parkinsons. It has transformed my life.

    If any one can tell me if I am allowed to name the medication or not.....if I can then I’ll give you its name......anyone??

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    Sorry you have RLS Rosie. GP’s generally know little about RLS and some Neurologists aren’t much better but there is a lot of info about and you need to become your own expert. You will be able to lead your GP and as he gains your trust will give you the necessary. 

    First of all you will need your Ferritin level measuring and as a sufferer you will need around 100 (as low as 20 can be “normal” but we need more.) If you are lucky just iron or magnesium supplements would sort you out. What medication are you on? Amitriptelene, antidepressants, cold remedies all can trigger RLS. A list of no-no’s are on RLS-uk site - worth showing your GP.  If you have to take RLS medication Dopamine Agonists (Ropinorole, Neupro patch etc.) may work but risk Augmention (google it). Gabapentin or Pregablin (Parkinson drugs) can work but usually in conjunction with another drug such as Tramadol (an opiate which some GP’s avoid but the most effective drug for RLS.  I suggest you read up (RLS book by Hening etc) and join forums like this and Health Unlocked. I joined RLS uk also.  A lot of work but the goal is to be RLS free and there are hundred of us with help and support. Good luck,


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    There are numerous meds that can be taken for RLS.  Don't let your doctor brush you off.  He/she doesn't know what they are talking about.  I've had RLS for 50+ years and it does get progressively worse as time progresses.  I find taking Robaxin, a muscle relaxant, Requip (ropiniorole (sp) and Norco, a pain med often does the trick.  You may have to have your dr try different meds to see what works best for you.  Requip does augment which is so frustrating.  Gabapentin is often prescribed but as my  dosage rose I had severe mental side affects.  I also find at times about an hour or so after meds if they are still not working I take a super hot shower with water directed to my feet and legs as long as I can tolerate it.  Seems to get the meds into my system and can help bring relief.  Don't know if you are in UK or states.  But I belong to the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation here in the US.  $35 a year.  They have a quarterly news magazine that is GREAT.  All kinds of info on new treatments to try, research being done on RLS,  seminars being held, support groups, RLS specific treatment  centers, Q and A from others with tips on what has and has not worked for them.  Just got a new one recently and it's loaded with good info.  Best $35 I spend as each booklet seems to have info that's new to me.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone with RLS.  Good luck and search until you find a doctor who doesn't just brush you off.  Many will as even the neurologist I went to knew very little about the disease.  Actually, WE have to educate them. 

    Be aware, certain over the counter meds, Tylenol PM, some antihistamines, etc., can send your RLS into a crazy fit.  I took a Tylenol PM to help with sleep and had AWFUL "jumpies" that nothing could help.  I also use Ben Gay type heating creams - as hot as possible - the heat seems to help quiet the problem.  But honestly, I'm very lucky as my RLS has progressed to being very painful and luckily my doctor prescribes Norco an opiod pain med that really helps when combined with muscle relaxants, etc.  Opiod meds are more and more being recognized as treatment for RLS - a somewhat new mind set but for me it sure helps.  Good luck.  I know this is long but do google for much info.  The Magazine is called 'Nighwalkers".

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    There are several meds for rls Rosie. I had side effects and had to search for another remedy. For years I have gotten in shower and with handheld shower used cold water on my calves. It worked 80% Of the time. I found that on a forum. My son in law also has rls and told me he used midol caffeine free. I don't know why it works but it does 90% of the time. You might try it until a doctor prescribes a med for you to try. It is awful. I'm sorry you have it.

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    Hi Rosie,

      3 non-medications methods that have helped me:

    1) soaking in a hot bath

    2) folding my arms, criss-cross, under my hind end with my fists on each calf and sitting on my fists for a few minutes.  The pressure can really help stop the sensation.

    3) I made a pad that I heat in the microwave for 4-5 minutes (shaking half way through) then put behind knees and squeeze ( works best with my hind end up in air).  The pad is about 12 X 5 inches, filled with wheat berries. These stay warm for about 30 minutes and often allows me to drift off to sleep. I suggest to make it out of flannel and cover it with a washable soft fabric to keep it clean.

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