Restless legs help?

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I have depression and ocd 6 years ago i was on zoloft and magnesium 300 mg... 5 months ago i had restless legs issue which starts as urge to move and continue till now as a kind of pain and restlessnes 24 hrs preventing me from sleep i consult my doctor he told me maybe zoloft causing this i stopped zoloft for 1 month with no relief and depression get back so he put me back on zoloft and sifrol 0.18mg with no releif... i made many analysis all normal.....sleel study showed i have sleep apnea iam now on paroxetine 20....clonazepam 0.5 mg and cpap for apnea with no relief.... plz help

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    I can only comment on your RLS issue

    My RLS started some weeks ago and is now under acceptable control using 2.5mg Ropinirol 1 hr before bed. My GP insists that Ropinirol is the recognised treatment for RLS.

    I suggest you go back to your GP practice and get a second opinion. Failing that ask for referral to a consultant if there is one available in your area

    good luck


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    You are on a lot of medication...but I do understand your discomfort. I have restless leg syndrome, but it is not 25 hours per day. I t sounds like your physician is hearing you and working wirh you.
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    Stop your suffering.  First of all get off of all those drugs, they are nothing but masks and do not treat the cause, only the symptoms.  Get a prescription for Ropinarole which is a dopamine agonist.  Your body produces dopamine, it is a natural chemical in the body which effects the brain.  You do not have enough in your system so the neurons cannot properly fire correctly with the synapsis.

    Take 2mg in the early afternoon, and then 6 or 8 in the evening.  Your mood will improve drastically and your restless legs will callm down.  It might take a couple of days, but it will work.  I am 80 yrs. old.  Have had the problem all my life, most of the time I am trouble free, I hae done years and years of reseach.  Chances are you were a child with ADHD which is a ridiculous expression because all it does is describe the behaviour, but it does nothing to solve the problem.  Try to meditate, take very hot showers on the back of your head and spine,then abruptly switch the water to very cold. Let the water run about 2 minutes each time.  Do this three times.  It will take your breath away but also shock your electrical system which will stop all the twitching, spasms, and restlessness.

    Above all get rid of all those drugs. You are overloading your brain tissue and every organ with poisons.Take the dopamine and you will definitely find relief.  Good luck, and don't give up. 

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    Filling the body with drugs ,specifically for RLS,only masks RLS.They(supposedly)have found the reason for RLS but no cure.RLS causes sleep apnea..disrupts sleep etc  magnifying the RLS condition .A vicious cycle.RLS can affect the legs,arms etc to a severe degree..enough to cause disruption in daily activies & but more obviously occuring when one retires to bed etc..,tries to be in a relaxed state.Leaving the person over tired.The pattern continues causing much distress without much relief.

    Your depression condition is being controlled by medication etc= a seperate issue.If the prescribed anti depressive medication here works for you then continue.

    RLS [I believe can be triggered by Diet.)- a previous correspondence i made with another RLS sufferer...where i decided to abstain from MILK & TEA...resulted in less RLS attacks!

    a) I have suffered with RLS since early childhood.RLS was a nightly issue!

    Wearing bed socks,keeping the lower limbs warm eased RLS.RLS frequency lessened.,but RLS at night,still returned with severity..every few days.I accepted this as the norm!

    b) years later..I decided to try a change.maybe what i ate &/or drank..could stimulate RLS.I wanted to find the "Trigger"

    Throughout all of this i was NOT prescribed,nor under any medication!nor took any (self medication),avoiding sleeping pills etc=My system was as it is.

    I decided to avoid TEA+sugar & Milk.Instead COFFEE MATE +sugar & de caf Coffee.RESULT: after a few days...RLS started to subside.I accordingly slept better.I stuck rigidly with this change 6 mnths.RLS deminished in its severity & frequency.The RLS twinges now lessened enough to now sleep naturally.

    I day i was given TEA+MILK= RLS returned within 24hrs./Enough to disturb as per usual=I then ADHERED to my powdered MILK+Coffee+SUGAR asap= RLS SUBSIDED.99% over the next few days.

    But..i also found/realised..FOOD too can trigger/FEED RLS.

    SPICE(CURRY ingredients) can trigger RLS. So ..

    Find the food (ADDITIVE) that triggers RLS..=Easier to find food that doesn't trigger RLS.

    Keep it simple is the key:

    1) TRY the avoidance of MILK=SUB for powdered milk.If it works then stick rigidly to it.

    2) Sooner or later the food journey will result in a RLS attack.Mild or severe...NOTE what you have eaten & then try the ingredients seperately in different meals.isolate it = you will trace the culprit(s)that trigger a RLS attack = NOW avoid etc.

    Non of the procedures mentioned affect..medication.

    But RLS will not subside over night= You must persevere with the trace & desist attitude.,Only then..will the body adapt accordingly.if you don't..RLS WILL rapidly RETURN within hrs.. with a vengance.

    Now i have abstained from cows Milk & TEA(tea is TANNIN!)  etc for a long time= MUCH LESS RLS.IMPROVED SLEEP etc..RLS nearly..eradicated.90% !  

    I hope..someone reading & rigidly applying  this..gains some relief from RLS.

    the affect of abstination should be felt within 14-21 days. Try NOT to succumb to RLS medication!...cleanse the system,grit your teeth.. then continue etc the abstaining etc.

    as said-I was under no medication 100% system was clean.

    ALCOHOL- i don't drink..but in the past when i did..RLS was allways my shadow.Abstaining from Alcohol made no differance.

    SALT- I lessened my intake.Sugar- resisted the extra spoonfull. 

    fruit-apples,pears,mango etc..seem ok to consume.

    tomato,corn,peas,beans,vegitables in general..all seem ok too.

    meat- chicken,bacon, is ok...but i avoid any roasted redmeat.(personal dislike to the taste there!

    fish is ok.TURKEY- is OK.

    All this helped to eleviate my severe RLS..without medicinal intervention.

    I admit..if it had not...then i would without hesitation have allowed medication to now be my only option.

    I like Curry etc. CHINESE is fine but ASIAN curry- GREEN/RED peppers..can trigger RLS.(Trial & ERROR here)=other spices MAY be the trigger here!TRACE IT.


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      I added an electric mattress pad on top of my mattress, next a 3 inch memorary foam topper, all topped off by a high quality bamboo mattress pad...I keep it turned to 1 or 2 in the summertime, higher other times of legs are always warm,no more slide my poor legs between cold sheets...and my legs are so much quieter! I also gave up coffee on a regulat basis...also helped.

      And lastly, compression stockings to the knee...put them on before your swing your legs over the side of the bed in the morning...last thing to come off after you are in bed at night.

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      Yes- Improving the circulation..keeping the legs & especially the feet warm certainly can certainly ease RLS attacks.I suggested wearing socks in/out of bed etc..summer/Winter=KEEP warm.

      RLS creeps...attacks the feet then crawls upward.a familiar sensation we all can understand here. Cold feet...EXPECT RLS to follow as soon as you can twitch.The familiar sensation..indescribable...pins & needles..a tingling,like a cold wave of air slowly enveloping the legs through the veins...The insatiable urge to unvoluntary move to ease the painless discomfort that magnifies in intensity until you just cannot ignore anymore..After moving,reacting like kermit the frog in a hot pan.. it subsides suddenly as it started,only to restart and intensify once again as you try fruitlessly to regain your sleeping comfort.

      be carefull. Sleeping on an electric blanket is not recommended because of the obvious ELECTROCUTION./ Fire hazard etc.

      might be wise to pre heat the bed as before..then turn it off before sleep etc.You could allways add a Double Sleeping bag to lie upon the memory foam.It will still keep you warm etc & save on electricity/avoid any hazard.etc.

      why not purchase Long Johns..GUARANTEED to keep you warm.Expensive but worth it.Highly recommended!

      Add those to your bed room enviorement and will be permanently warm & safe too..

      As for abstaining from stimulants Tea,coffee etc AGREED. for some..this maybe give much relief from RLS severity!

      I do not think medical intervention helps long term. From resaearch i have done.its short term...the body builds natural resistence to the accumaltive medication=it all eventually has no affect !Now the system is left in overload!of superfluous pill ingredients.

      Boiled water(has no impurities) add a Flavour(pure lemon/orange etc)

      this too can help ease the severity of RLS.

      nicotene(tobacco) a stimulent etc but many non smokers suffer from RLS.too.

      every RLS sufferer is unique=So will what eases rls be too that suits. solution that 

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    My rls prevent me from sleeping at day and night i am taking clonazepam 0.5mg at night its not helping just at night to sleep the next day the symptoms return......
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    Could rls be 24 hrs of pain and unrestless feeling or its a fake feeling because i have depressiona and ocd?
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      24 hrs of a restless feeling...maybe the memory of rls...its symptoms  remain.a constant reminder.

      There is no cure for RLS but you may find others who have contributed with positive results. Avoidence of Tea,coffee,milk etc. can help=Only you can find what works for "YOU"

      Bed socks..keeping the feet etc warm does have positive results for improving the circulation etc. but medication..over time the body will resist it eventually.One RLS suffer suggested Ropinale,prescibed by a doctor.

      depression+ocd...does not cause RLS.But if under medication for them assists in their controlled relief then continue.

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