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Hi there,

Ok I spoke with my doctor and I have a consult with her next week to go over options of removing them. The largest is 6cm.

Is surgery the only way she will remove these or are there other ways?

I don't bleed at all, because the birth control pill I am on doesn't give me much of a cycle. I am on this because my cycles were getting worse and heavy I needed to do something. Now I'm wondering if being on this is hindering me by NOT bleeding and if it's contributing to the bloat I have too.

Does anyone else feel full after eating just a few bites or is this just me?

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    Depending on the fibroids, you may be able to have uterine fibroid embolisation. I have fibroids larger than that, and I was told I was a candidate for the procedure, despite their size.

    It turns out that I have to have a hysterectomy because an MRI showed that I have a rapidly growing pedunculated fibroids with possibly cancerous cells, but UFE might be OK for you.

    Another option could be myomectomy.

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      I am sorry to hear about your news. Keep positive. I know these are just words but I'm a glass half full kinda girl. When do you go in for your hysterectomy?

      I will say a prayer for you that all goes well.

      Will you please keep me/us posted. I'd like to know how you're doing.

      Thank you for your suggestions!!

      I will research these.

      And thanks for the smile. I love your name Astropuppy!! smile

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    Mine also started at around that size but grew to 11cm. I was given Esmya as pre op drug and they shrunk back down, then had a myomectomy. 

    I had this full sensation also and was bloated, making me look pregnant. Like you say when eating used to feel SO full.

    Post myomectomy i am still swollen due to the surgery.

    Can i ask what birth control you are on , as i am debating going onto this as the myomectomy did not go well and a fibroid remained which will probably cause me to bleed heavily and would love to live life with no periods

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      I am on LO LOESTRIN FE 1-10. Never get a peiod or only spotting on the rare occasion!!

      I feel bad the myomectomy didn't work. That's terrible, what will they do for you next?

      Whatever the doctor and I discuss, I personally want these gone for good the first time around. Again, I have no idea about any of this but will absolutely know more next week.  I wanted to do some research so I can ask questions as well. 

      What I am scared of most is not being able to have a baby, but that is a totally different story. 


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      Thanks I'll write that one down for when i get to see the consultant. But its a combined pill with estrogen which i thought would not be so good as estrogen feeds the fibroid. 

      I was told would have to go on progesterone only pill, but when i researched the side effects did not sound good so decided agaisnt it. 

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      My doctor mentioned maybe changing mine. I don't have any side effects from it, but everybody is different and I completely understand that. I hope you find the right one. smile
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    Like you I was on the pill due to heavy and prolonged periods. I took the pill for 5 months without a break so I would not have a period. I came off them early october and three days later the heaviest and most painfull period of my life started and did not stop for over twenty day. I wasnt just heavy, its was explosive flooding. I wore the largest tampon and pad together and every 20-30 mins they needed changing. I had to carry spare trousers to work because not a day went by when i was lucky enough to wear just the one. I was crying every single day from my misery. On the ultrasound my fibroid measured 4 cm but was in the worst position possible in my uterus and prevented the walls from contracting so I just kept on bleeding.

    I saw a surgeon specializing in fiberoid removal via laparoscoy (minimal invasive surgery). I wanted to keep my uterus and also try for a baby in the next year. The only solution to my problem was surgery. He said there are pills available that could partially stop the bleeding and sometimes shrink the fibroid but if I wanted to become pregnant in the near future this method would not be a solution. Also there are other non invasive surgical methods to remove the fiberoid but these could damage my uterus permanently.

    I elected fiberoid removal by laparoscopy mid november. I was put on progesterone only pills to stop or lessen the bleeding two weeks prior the surgery. My surgery lasted less than 40 mins, the original fiberoid was in fact 5.5cm and during the surgery they found 5 more fiberoids outside the uterus which were too small for the ultrasound to pick up on and removed those too. The surgey recovery was great, within the hour I managed to use the loo and even eat that same day. I had no affects from the general anesthesia (90% people usually do) and went home after three days. Total recovery time back to normal self was 1 week. I have three 1/2 inch scars, one in my belly button and the other two in my lower bikini area which will probably fade and are not visible when wearing a bikini anyway.

    One my two month post surgery follow up, my gyno discovered a new 1.3cm fibroid growing but said it was in a position that should cause no worry. 6 days later I fell pregnant and now 3 months pregnant. On my last ultrasound they could not locate the fibroid. The dr said usually pregnancy causes fiberoids to shrink or disappear.

    Thats my story. I highly recommend laparoscopic surgey. I will do it again should these nasty creatures ever return.

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      congratulations happy to read u got pregnant after all the stress.

      just completed my 3months dose on esmya 1st of april and waiting to see my doctor on the 28th and fingers crossed cos i want to get pregnant too and hope dey are all shrinked cos i have two fibroids with size 6 and 3. and no periods since feburary till date.

      i also want an happy ending.biggrin

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      Hi. My dr. had mentioned esmya to me and he said it stops the bleeding and could shrink them but to get pregnant i have to stop taking them and the nonstop bleeding would return again so these pills were useless for my needs. Also the dr. said if the fibroid becomes to soft from the pills them then they are harder to remove. Didnt really understand why but as I just wanted them out of my body I elected surgery and was not interested in taking pills as I was worried how they would affect my cycle in the short term future as I wanted to get pregnant within the year. (Im not exactly a spring chicken!!!)

      Btw, even if you shrink them there is also the risk that they will start to grow again between the time you are trying to get pregnant and concieving which means baby and new enlarged fibroid will be in competition for survival and space in the womb. Best speak with your dr and get their opinion. Wish you all the best I am sure you will be ok as fiberoids can be dealt with its just depends on how much time you want to give towards this issue.

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