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I’ve been able to reverse Lichen Sclerosis by going on a Low Oxalates diet. What are oxalates? Oxalates occurs in low to high amounts in a wide range of plant foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, spices, herbs, and almost all nuts and seeds. Meat, dairy, and eggs contain negligible amounts of oxalate. All of these foods are either low, medium or high in oxalates.

How does eating a low oxalates diet solve Lichen Sclerosis? For me I have a leaky gut. Why or how did I get a leaky gut? I have celiac disease.. For some people there are other reasons why oxalates may be a problem for you. But if you have Lichen Sclerosis there is some reason why your immune system has been comprised and you will have to figure that out (but that should not stop you from trying a low oxalates diet).

Many people are able to process oxalates in their body without any problem whatsoever, but others absorb too many oxalates which can then link to calcium and form into sharp crystals that lodge in almost any tissue in the body causing or contributing to pain, inflammation, and other conditions (like Lichen Sclerosis).

Steroid creams do not work. After being on a low oxalates diet within a month my LS has reversed by 50%.. and still healing everyday! I wrote up a page about the resources and my experiences with battling Lichen Sclerosis – you can check it out by going to lichensclerosis (dot) wordpress (dot) com. I hope this others – I never thought in a million years I could reverse LS but it’s possible. You can also find further resources by googling VP (Vulvar Pain) Foundation.

Good luck!

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    Thank you for sharing that, Healthy Girl. As you say there has to be some reason for our immune systems going haywire, and even though it is not the same one for everybody, that is very valid.

    To see a change within a month is very encouraging and worth investigating.

    Thank you.

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    Hello, i know that this post is a little bit old now but healthygirl110 could you give us just one or two examples of a day type menu ? i heard that it was better to avoid oxalates and sometimes gluten as well but couldn't recognize them yet easily, i'm still chocked by the announce of being affected by "a lichen sclerosis" yesterday. :,(

    thank you

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    Hi healthy girl, I was very reassured to hear that it is possible to control lichen sclerosis, which I have only very recently discovered is my condition. I am desperate to find measures to stop the itching; the steroid cream doesn't seem to be working so well and I cannot sleep at night! I have discovered that I must no longer eat oranges (I used to have at least 2 a day), just one glass of wine aggravates LS for me plus nuts, which I love to snack on. It seems all the things I love are now a definite no-no. You mentioned fruit and vegetables; could you let me know which ones are not good for LS, as I especially love my vegetables. Is dairy food bad? Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for all the information!
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    Low oxalate diets work for some, not others. Healthygirl says it helps, not cures. for many it doesn't help as we are each different.

    The only real successful treatments i have heard of so far , and even then, they require constant maintenance- are by using steroid ointments to stop the itching ( imperative as scratching etc will make it worse! ), oils to lubricate the skin, and a combination of testosterone and oestrogen, roughly 1 to 3 ratio. Also use barrier creams or vaseline to protect skin from urine irritation/pain when sore. soothe using sitz baths or whole baths. Cider vinegar in the water helps some, not me. I use E45 bath oil in mine. soak in warm not hot water.

    To say steroids don't work is misleading. They don't cure but they are most effective thing available to stop the itching. Scratching can cause further damage, with all the risks that entails, e.g cancer.

    A very few people will not benefit from using dermovate/ steroid and their doctors/physicians can recommend alternatives.

    Strong Steroid creams/ointments must be used sparingly, no more than a pea size at a time, but depending on how far you spread it. It should be very gently rubbed in, for 10 to 15 seconds. Overdoing the steroid crm/ointmt can cause skin thinning and lessen its effects, Underdoing it can cause rebound effects. That is why you should gradually, i repeat "gradually" reduce the amount and/or frequency of use till you reach what is right for you. Twice a week is successful for many people. some once a week or three times. some lucky people get away with as and when needed. I'm not one of these , alas.

    Another successful treatment for lichen sclerosus is stem cell treatment, very expensive, and not guaranteed but has a good success rate, so say those who have benefited anyway.

    If you have stopped using it and are back in trouble start over again from scratch ( excuse the pun) use once a day and gradually increase.

    Triamcinolone is one alternative to dermovate but has vascular constrictor actions. I have angina so would not use it.

    Dieting has not been proven to cure LS. Sometimes though it helps in other ways and there is always the satisfaction of knowing that at least you are doing something, no matter how much a long shot. If we can feel better by altering our diet then it helps us overall and leaves us better able to cope with the other stresses in life, including managing our LS.

    sometimes yeast infections are also present, so if the steroids don't seem to work, consider that.

    Whatever regime you settle for, remember don't get complacent, keep it up.

    for newcomers to LS, please don't despair. It is unjust, diabolical and unbelievable, yes....but manageable in time.

    This is my contribution to this topic , based on what I have learned. and I hope it helps somebody in some way.


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    Hi Joodie,, I agree with all that you say, especially that we are all different. I was told this morning that I have lichen sclerosis and lichen planus, but it seems as though there are others who have them both. My

    scalp is very itchy and I don't really like putting the sticky steroid drops on as my hair starts going in all directions!! I have ordered the low oxalate cookbook and will see, trial and error, if it makes a difference. I have asked to change my steroid cream, as it wasn't strong enough.

    Thank you, Joodie, for being so positive. It is all a bit of a shock to start with! Your message was very

    helpful and cheered me up.

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    Thanks, Horses. I started out with lichen planus too. It travelled all over my body then as it ran out of steam I got the LS.

    Yes, LS and LP can both be present in the vulval region simultaneously, often are.. Biopsies show different cell structures but treatment is the same.

    Hey, glad to have made you feel a bit more cheerful.

    Take care.

    Joodie x

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