Reverse shoulder prosthesis

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My husband had his operation on Thursday,24th March,

the day before Good Friday(we didn't choose the date!).

He had no previous shoulder surgery.He had arthritis in

the shoulder joint, no rotator cuff, severe pain and

limted movement. He is 80, the operation was done

in Portugal.

It is 11days ago. The operation took 3 hours, because his

shoulder joint was almost square, however the operation was

successful. He was in hospital for 2nights. He came

home in a sling. His pain has gone, but he is on painkillers.

after 1week he has reduced the use of the sling to

protect him from being knocked wh out, and for sleeping.

he sleeps well on his back or his other side.

he has te wound checked every 3 days, and a blood

thinning injection each day for 24 days.

He has gentle movements to perform as instructed.

He is regaining some arm movement already.

There are few posts about this surgery, I want

to reassure people to think of it like primary hip 

replacement, which we have both had successfully.

please ask any questions.

It is a positive outcome so far.

Cathie's husband.

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    Hi I am on my 3rd shoulder replacement in the last 2 years the last one done on 08/2015 was a reverse shoulder replacement and I am having a lot of trouble with it mainly pain, I have a lifetime weight restrictions of 20 pounds but when I try lifting more than 10 pounds I have severe pain I can't hardly put my wallet in my back pocket or put my seatbelt on. I hope your husband has better luck with his shoulder then I've had. I just turned 56. Best wishes. Mark from Minnesota
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      Mark, as I understand it, with a reverse replacement, you are never to reach behind you ... not even to tuck in your shirt or to your back pocket. Be careful not to take it out of range.
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      Wow I was never told that ! Thank you I just thought I had to get my shoulder in better shape, yeah it hurts like the devil when I try to pull my wallet out of my right back pants pocket, I've started to place it in my left pocket because of the pain, and yes tucking in my shirt is hard too. Thank you very much for your advice....... Mark
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      The shoulder is two weeks old now. He had over 20

      clamp/ stitches removed. Still on painkillers, anti histamines

      and daily injection of blood thinners. Not much pain till he put

      his hand behind his back..forgot the rule.. We will confirm whether

      this is a 'forever' rule on Friday when he has an X-ray and

      consultation. He still needs help to dress.

      . Physio is still 'gentle' circles, back/

      forward movements, hand movements, relaxing shoulder.

      How is your physio going?


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      We were told that the mechanics of the DePuys replacement

      means the backward movement is forbidden, but we will check

      this info next Friday when we see the consultant.

      were you given exercises to do.. You are an experienced

      shoulder patient, but I think scar tissue causes problems when

      you have to have more surgery, and there is hardly any info

      on reverse shoulder replacements, though France has been

      doing them for 20 years.

      It is my husband's op, though I have two hips, and he has one

      hip already.


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      If those "gentle circles" are what I call pendulum exercises, I still do those as a warm-up to my twice-daily physio routine. I just started to do the "active assisted" part. I'm about 8 weeks post-op. My actual surgery is doing well but my recovery is slow due to damaged nerves. And now they tell me that my hand swelling may be due to damaged lymph nodes under my arm. Who knew there is so much good stuff going in a smelly old arm pit. :-)

      Sounds like your hubby is progressing well. Good to hear.


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    Here's what I've read and my physio gal seems to agree.


    - Extension with an axial load (Example:Pushing out of a chair)

    - IR & adduction with extension (use caution) [back pocket]

    - Lifting maximum of 25 pounds

    - No repetitive overhead reaching. Max of 1 - 3 pounds for overhead reaching.

    - No jarring activities (hammering) or contact sports.


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      Thank you for the exercise information. We go for

      his X-rays tomorrow.. He is worried about his other shoulder,

      he has pain, but full movement, probably needs monitoring.

      There is a big difference of opinion re wearing a sling and driving.

      here it was NO SLING after two weeks, unless you have pain,

      and driving after 6 weeks.

      he is still on painkillers, but can dress, shave, shower by himself.

      like hip recovery we all expect to recover faster.

      do you know how to exercise the new shoulder muscle, the

      deltoid? We will ask the surgeon on Saturday.

      I hope your hand is improving.

      Cathie (for husband)


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            I'm sure your doctor will start you on a physio regiment. If not, then ask about it. Shoulder recovery takes a long time. Be patient. And be sure to do the assigned exercises religiously.

            For the other shoulder, you might consider getting a cortisone shot along with some professional physio-therapy. I also hear of some successes with stem-cell treatment.

      Stay awesome,


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      We saw the consultant, who is delighted with husband's flexibility and

      scar. His ability so far is upwards to shoulder height, hand behind

      head, in front of body and (wow) behind body to tuck shirt in, or

      put his hand in back pocket (this surprised us) apparently with some

      prostheses you can, depends on mechanics of prosthesis.

      he has to get strength in moving the arm outwards, thereby strengthening

      his deltoid muscle, which looked like it went from shoulder inwards.

      The pendulum swing, forwards and back, and the circles in front of the

      body, plus raising the arm forwards, by using the support of the other

      arm, are to be continued, five movements per exercise, 2 or 3 times

      a day.

      Twice weekly physio,till we see him again at the end of May.

      he is still on painkillers, plus mild relaxant to sleep. He is allowed to

      sleep on the operated side if it doesn't hurt, he has NOT to drive

      (although he has tried and is able) in case some sudden action jars

      his shoulder i.e. breaking sharply). His other shoulder is just arthritis,

      the first weeks since surgery could have put a strain on it. He uses

      Flexisec nightly, which works better than diclofenic.

      Re your hand, have you tried the tennis-ball- type exercisers,?

      i think ours was a heart charity just

      squeeze several times a day....

      please keep updating there is a need for more 'shoulder' information.


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      I remembered something else.. If you have a dentist's visit,

      or any minor surgery, you must take antibiotics two days before,

      throughout your life.. This applies to all prostheses, as infections

      go straight to the metal, and stick like glue.


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    Mu husband has had physio 4 sessions, 2 each week.

    he has reduced his painkillers. THIS is WEEK 6.

    the physio has proved challenging, and daily exercises

    need concentration.. He is getting more movement slowly.

    he has some pain, but copes with it,as it is the only way

    to get the deltoid muscle to 'take over' its new role.

    He can't yet sleep on his operated side.

    his recovery continues.


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