right ear pressure sensation for 2 years

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Hello. 2 years ago I had a shower, when I fiinish and came to my room, suddenly I felt something, like a big water pressure in my right ear. Since then my right ear is blocked. I have a sensation of a pressure. I visited about 10 different doctors, made all tests. Even tomograpfy of a head. Audio, blood and other tests. I have everything perfect. No any doctor could diagnose my problem. Some said I have a eustachian problem and I will have this problem all my life, some said maybe it is a deppresion and it will gone on its own and so on. I have a perfect hearing, no pain, no any other problems. The worst problem is a sensation of non stop pressure in my right ear. It lasts as I said exactly 2 years, after I had a shower on 14 th of January 2015. Please, if you have some answers help me. I looked to a many posts and saw that some people has the same problem. I think maybe it is really a stress? This pressure sensation is very uncomfortable and I don't want to live with this sensation during all my live..

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    Have you seen a dentist about TMJ? Could it be your neck or back? Does tympanometry show normal middle ear pressure? I can't see how on earth depression could cause pressure in one ear???  Does your voice echo in your head when you talk or do you suffer with dizziness? Have any of the doctors arranged for you to have an MRI to see if it could be an acoustic neuroma? It is highly unlikely if you haven't had an increase in symptoms but it is one thing that could be assessed. Does anything relieve the pressure eg popping your ear (can you pop your ear?), moving your jaw in a certain position, putting your head between your knees??

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      Thank you Olizzieo for yor reply. I've neven asked a dentist about my problem. I visited almost every best otolaringologist in my country. I made a tympanometry, audiometry, magniteresonanse tomography 2 times each. The all results are perfect. No any problems are seen in tests.

      I suffer with dizziness for example I slide to pool by round slide or make some round movement. In that case I suffer with dizzines. In any other situation I feel perfect. About acoustic neuroma nobody suggest me to have a MRI. To tell the trueth I even don't know what is MRI. could you please explain me? when I try to pop up my ear. For example when I push the fingers on my nose and blow I hear sound like it must be pop up in both ear but my rigt ear doesn't pop up. It stays and stays as I said 2 years. In this 2 years It didnot pop up even 1 second. When I talk I hear my echo but not loud. It never pops up between my knees This pressure in my ear raises for example I walk more or go to upstairs, when I have an active day the pressure sensation becomes more and more powerfull. at night when I rest it becomes a little bit calm. But in any case it stays non stop pressure. I always think why ithappened when I had a shower. I alwas have a shower with hot water. When I out from my bathroom it happend after 2-3 minutes. It was a big "boom" in my right ear, like a big water pressure flew in my ear. After this it stays blocked. It was exactly 2 years ago. Your recomendation is really important olizzieo. P.S. sorry for my poor englis..

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      An MRI is a head scan that can look at whether there is a beneign growth on your hearing nerve. One of it's main symptoms is pressure in the ear although it is often accompanied by vertigo (spinning), tinnitus in the affected ear or hearing loss in the affected ear. It doesn't sound like you have any of these symptoms but when all else fails, it is one more thing you can look at. What I am surprised at is that you can't pop your ear and your voice echoes in your ear but the tympanogram is showing normal middle ear pressure. This suggests possible patulous eustachian tube. Google this to read up on it. Does your voice still echo when you have your head between your ears or when you lie down? This is also suggestive of patulous eustachian tube, as is worsening of your symptoms when excercising. I would definitely find an ear specialist that specialises in the patulous eustachian tube. It can be very hard to find but phone around and ask until you find one. There is a good chance that it is not this but it is worth ruling it out.

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      Yes olizzieo. I also think that eveything goes to my eustachian tube. It is blocked I think and my problems go from it.

      Now I will make a MRI exactly to this place where it will shown aneustacian tube and middle ear. I hope they will see something..

      Thank you for your kind and important suggestions, you made me happy again and I decided to reinvestigate everything.

      Now I really a good knowlage patient than I was 2 years ago, and will visit doctors with proffesional questions and answers.

      Thank you again.... keep in touch with you..

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    While I started a message, it just disappeared.  So let me try to regather my thoughts and try this again.

    I hate to see someone young have to deal with a devastating burden as you are going through.  Just because some of our symptom appear the same, doesn't mean they are.  While you have seen a number of doctors and they say nothing is wrong.  It could be that they have never seen anything like what you have.  You may have to go to another town, village or larger city to see a doctor to get answers.  I don't know if you are in the U.S. the UK, Canada, Mexico or another country.  Each area has their own ways of dealing with medical issues. 

    While you say you were coming back to your room after taking a shower.  Was this a public shower that a vast number of people use, maybe a showering facility at a beach or lake, where you may have been swimming?  Was the water used for showering a recycled water, or purified water.  I know I am asking a number of personal questions to you,  but I am trying to understand and determine if anything from the water supplied to the soap you used may have had a part to play in this issue that you are living through for the last 2 years.


    I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional.  If I have offended you with my questions or they are too personal I am very sorry.


    It is hard to help someone over the internet when you cannot see them, or hear them.  Is it an infection, or a bacterial issue?  Did you hit your head or did something prior to the shower cause this.  In some cases hearing issues have been found to be caused by food allergies and in my case my sinuses.

    Yes we can continue to climb the known ladder of causes which could end up involving surgeries to find or not find the problem, but I know for myself when I lost my hearing over a year ago.  I would like to start at the ground floor rather than head for the penthouse office to have what may be a useless surgery to remove or fix something that isn't there or isn't broke.

    While again from what you have said so far, I don't know if there is a bacterial issue, an infections or if it could be something just pressing against your ear drum.  Whatever the case is, I would suggest seeing (if possible) another ENT and when you visit him and if he finds nothing.  See if he could flush the ear canal in his office while you are there.  This way you can and will have rulled out a foreign object or debre that may be pressing against the ear drum which may be causing this issue.  Just a thought and my opinion.

    Hope this helps, and again I am sorry if I was getting too personal or if I offended you, that was not my intention.


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      Thank you gjl3109 for your attention. The shower I had it was in my private home where I usually have a shower. Of course I agree that maybe nobody from these doctors have seen a situation like this, but I visited most popular and proffssional doctors in my country. Even proffessors. I really impressed how they don't know the problems like I have. About flush of my ear, one doctor made this for me in any case, he said you have the clearest ear, but I will flush it in any case. I tried almost all antibiotics, sprays, pills which different kind of doctors reccomendet but the results is zero.

      I did not have any phisical damage of my head or someting like this to think this problem from a physical damage. I even was to nevrologist which had no idea why it happend.

      Anyway I'm looking for a solutions from the people which has or had the same problems. Maybe someone has the same thing, or know what to do. Thats why your recommendations and questions are important for me. I will reply on any private question because I really need to find a way.... thanks again

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      Thank you Kandeli. for the added input. 


      Since more of your explanation gave me added idea of what you have done and gone through, plus knowing a bit about the envirornment that you are in, I can start to re think some of other possible issues and can also remove some ideas as well .  Maybe like Olizzieo had mentioned, it may be time for you to have an MRI / CAT scan done. to see if there may be other physical issues of the ear involved. 

      While seeing a  dentist may be a route for you to see if the  issue to the pressure in your ears are tied to an infection in the jaw or the tissue in or around the eustachian tubes.

      In my case, I know when I started researching my symptoms and the pieces of info I could remember and put together.  It appeared situations like this dated back to 2008, and doctors didn't know why back than (regarding what I could put together as to when this type of issue of loosing hearing after a cold, sinus infection, & ear ache).  It appeared that they were not sure if it was an infection, bacteria, fungle issue, and in the last year some are looking at it being linked to food allergies causing inflamation of the ear canal and estation tubes (pardon my spelling).

      While yours came on sudden, I think for many of us, the situation was within hours of being fine to not being fine.

      I will still ponder on this, and should I find any added info, I will pass it on. Meanwhile it looks like you have others with excellent suggestions as well out there.  I will stay in touch, and homefully we will all find the correct answers

      I am sure with all the individuals that  are on this site.someone will come up with the right direction for you to follow.

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      The one great thing gjl3109 is that I found people like you. No any doctor talked to me so kind and gave me kind recommendation. Thank you for all.

      After your recommendations I decided to explore my problems again. I will gather carefully all suggestions you all made for me and I think finally I will have a result.

      If you have any new ideas or suggestions please write me again, because they are very important for me.

      Thank you again and I m in touch with you..

      I will inform you what I will do.

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      Well Kandeli;


          While we are not doctors, like I have said to many before you.  A doctor sees you 2 to 4 times a year,  You, see yourself 365 days a year.  You know what is going on with your body daily.  If something is wrong or different, you know it.

          Just another note that I found interesting in the last several hours.  It appears that most of our ear issues were treated as BACTERIAL INFECTIONS FIRST.  When the antibiotics don't work they may be treated as FUNGAL INFECTIONS.  Which can come from contaminated water or other contaminated sources. 

          Question?  Do you have ears that ich?  I was looking back through our messages to see if while you are not suffering from any pain if you had muffled sounds and if your hearing has some loss to it.  As I say, this may be a fungle issue affecting your ears and maybe more.

      Just some thoughts.  

      Look forward to better news from you in the future. 

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      gjl3109 thank you again for your perfect suggestion. this is what is maybe i have in my ear. you informed me about FUNGAL INFECTION. after your letter i looked in many websites to see what it means.

      yestarday my wife remembered the exact situation when my ear was blocked and it is interestind detail i think.

      when i came back to my room, from a batroom (after 2 minutes i finnished to have a shower) i satdown to my sofa and started to clean my ears with cotton sticks (sorry please about i'm telling not so comfortable words but it is important)

      when i put a stick in the ear, the big blockage started directly at that time. it was very big blockage sense, i even thout that cotton was dropped in my ear. then i asked to my wife to look inside but she did not see anything inside. i was sure that some peace of cotton was dropped from cotton stick. another day i visited a doctor because of this reazon, but of course there was not cotton and any other things in my ear. after that i visited many, many doctors and made all explorations but no result tilll today.

      above Olizzieo asked me about MRI, for my poor english i did not understand what it was, then you asked me as well. I made of course MRI - i still keep the results in my home. it was perfect result of MRI. no any problems detected in the head or somwere near the ear. but ollizzeio asked about find out Accoustic Neuroma. i looked to many videos after that., this is some kind of smallest thing which can be grow very slowly next to the middle ear. ( maybe in that time it was not shown on the results on MRI i made) to tell the truth i really don't need to have an accoustic neuroma, because this is some big problem as i saw information of this smile but this is also one interesting idea.

      what about pain in my ear. i have a pain but it happnes rarely, not often. maybe 2 or 3 times a month. it usualy last some minutes and that's all. somtimes i also have a sound (it is also rarely) maybe one time in a month, it likes when we have a high pressure and it makes th continuos bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i have this some minutes and that's all. sometimes for example when i again have a shower i have a small pains when i push a hand to my ear..

      after your letter about FUNGAL INFECTION i think this is really close to my problem. it is written this interesting thing:

      Recognize ear pain (otalgia). You’ll almost always experience ear pain in one ear — not both, because the fungal infection is local. Sometimes, sufferers describe this as “pressure” or “fullness.” The pain can be mild or severe. Pain usually intensifies the more you touch your ear.

      my sense exactly the pressure or fullnes. like i have somthing inside my ear. no any problems of hearing and so on. the every tests "tympanometry, Audiometry" shows that i have a perfect hearing like in my left ear.

      this is only terrible sense of fullness or pressure during 2 years. it last exactly 2 years whithout changing situation. like it started it continues like this, no any more pressure, or less pressure, it stands like it was 2 years ago.

      lets see, as i said i decided to reexplore my ear agin. i think i will make the MRI again (second time) maybe after 2 years it can show something if it grew. i will use all methods like it is described about Fungla infection"

      i careffuly read all details you all wrote me and gathering information

      thank you again for your support. i'm really happy that we still have a good people in the world...


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      Dear gjl3109

      one letter i sent is uder moderation, because i inserted a link of another website  ( i didnot know about this, in this forum) they will send my letter in today or tommorow. in the meantime i have one idea as well, why maybe my ear was blocked

      i talk with my cellphone so many time (because of my work) even nobody can't imagine how long does it take?

      it is maybe in total 6-7 hours per day even more. i always talk holding my cell phone on the right ear. i had this idea as well.

      there are many tests that shows that cell phones are bad for our hearings

      i think one reazon maybe is that. this is very occasion situation and maybe no any doctors can expore this problem.?


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      I wish you well my friend with this journey of yours.  I am also glad I along with others could be a part of it with you.


      Yes, I believe you are doing the right thing with reinvestigating this again.  Every year, Processes and Proceedures change in the medical community.  Maybe some new test or even newer equipment may see what some other piece of equipment may have missed.


      While I like technology in the medical field, I also like and trust some of the older technology as well.  That is why I liked the ENT that I found over a year ago.  After I was told by my primary doctor that I would never hear again and I would have to live with being deaf.  This doctor pulled from his bag of tricks (that is what I call his medical bag) 2 tuning forks.  In 2 to 5 minutes he showed me and told me that he knew what he was doing, and that my situation was some what temporary and I would hear again. 

      I hope you get the answers to your questions, and that this time, the answer and the cure are quick and simple.  May 2017 lift all your burdens and return you back to full health.

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      Thank you again for your support gjl3109 after all this discussion I will do my best to have my ear like it was 2 years agosmile.

      Tomorrow I will do some tests again and follow the needed steps. Now I have a more knowladge about ear problems. I did not know anything 2 years ago.

      Thank you and I will inform definitelly a good info very soon , I hope smile

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    They haven't even tried Flonase, steroids out Astelin? Those are usually first line approaches.

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      Dear erica thanks for your reply. I tried everything. Of course every doctors reccomended those standard solutions...

      One of them said that maybe I had eustachian tube blockage and I have to live with this blockage the rest of my life. But this diagnose he told me after only looking by otoscope in my ear. He could not see in otoscope my eustachian tube. Just thout that this is a reason I think..

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