Right side abdominal pain

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Hi everyone,

and happy new year,

I am new to this forum,as like everybody else ,I would like to share my symptons,that could help someone else ,

I have been in constant right sided abdominal pain,initially only intermittent ,now daily ,I have kept a diary

I am also experiencing sharp right side back stabbing pains,

But for 6 weeks now I have been getting constant right side abdominal lower pain every day, I have been to my surgery 8 times asking for a scan,with no joy, I have been to a&e 2 times,only to be told to take paracetamols,and it could be ibs,

I have phoned the out of hours doctors 3 times,no one will refer me to a specialist or an appropriate person, I know that there are people worse off than my self,but I have a very young family that I need to support and it really upsets me that it's not available, My Bowels are out of control, I know my body is not functioning correctly,I fear the worst is not getting any better, So I am pleading for any professional or experience based opinions, please help me,

, I have previously had a flexinsigmoidscopy ,where a benign polyp was removed,

this was due to passing a lot of blood regularly,

irronically the abdominal pain has been apparent the day after this procedure,

they only scoped the left side, so the scope did not go into the area of discomfort,

Unfortunately they did not investigate further into my bowel ,where the pain is, My next outpatient appointment is august 2017, I feel like I am being fobbed off,at a time when I really need the help of the nhs, I have been employed for 20 years,and I have never taken any unemployment ever,always contributing to our economy 

can anyone recommend an affordable solution,

Many thanks 


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    I forgot to add to my brief description that I am losing on average 1 stone a month,

    which is also quite worrying

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      It may be that the sigmoidoscopy irritated your colon.  However, you should push for a colonoscopy where the whole bowel is examined.  They should have been examining the part of your bowel where the pain is.

      I would stress the fact that you have had a polyp and bleeding and that you are very anxious about your symptoms. Explain the weight loss. I would also insist that your appointment is put forward because of your symptoms.

      I had eight visits to my doctors before I was disgnosed with IBS. Seven had no idea what was wrong.  An eighth doctor recognised my symptoms.

      The only affordable option is the NHS.  A private appointment would be better but would cost so you would need to have funds put aside for this.

      If your bleeding has stopped and the polyp has been removed, maybe it is down to IBS.  Does your pain move about your stomach?   

      However, if your pain is purely right sided, perhaps insist on an ultrasound of your gallbladder, liver and appendix. Also insist on a HIDA scan of your gallbladder.

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      Hi pippa.

      I'm glad to hear that you have finally got a doctor to listen to you.

      I know it must drive people crazy.

      I know you must of went through a lot of frustration.

      And I do thank you for replying to my post.

      I tried to hide my symptoms for a long time as I was very embarrassed with talking about it

      So the pain is almost constant in the adominal.if not then it's dull like a bruise.

      The back pains do not go together. It's when I don't feel my adominal pain.the sharp stabbing back pains take over.

      Both are uncomfortable and wake me up in the night.

      I have asked my gp for a scan.he is actually really nice and genuinely interested in what I have to say.he has told me that there is no way they could possibly pay for me to have a scan.I think the surgery is already over budget .I don't know how this works.

      The surgical team or reception do not answering phonecards.

      So he wrote me a letter to the surgical team that performed the sigmoidoscopy.

      As he worried if they could of missed something.

      I waited 5 hours with the letter at a&e.they asked if I had been sick.or had a fever.which I don't.

      So they have said they will book a ultrasound for August 2017 to investigate further.

      They spent about 5 minutes with me.

      I asked them if they could do anything any sooner .

      The surgeon sort of smiled and said that's not how we do things there's procedures.

      So I've cut out all dairy sugar.

      And eating a very bland diet. As I'm trying my hardest to try anything.

      The paracetamols don't seem to ease the pain.

      I will go back to my doctors. But I don't feel that they are too interested.

      It's nice to talk to you

      And sharing unfortunate circumstances.

      Wishing all a very happy new year

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      Paracetemol aren't strong enough for me either.  I take Nurofen and Buscopan which reduces pain.  I was told I could have my NHS ultrasound put forward if the pain got worse.  At the time, my pain remained stable but my panic got worse so I got a private scan which showed nothing.

      For me in the end it was down to a very skilled GP and a lot of prayer.

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    Dear Robert,

                         You wrote ;  I have never taken any unemployment ever, always contributing to our economy.

    The social fund , call it what you will, also pays M.P. wages and expences! So do you need it less than they do ? So please put that into the equation and make a change in your thinking if necessary. Everyone may at some time in their lives need help, perhaps this is a time for you ? I do not judge anyone . 

    As for your medical needs. Could you stay with a relative in another part of the country and attend A&E in a different hospital ? Or possibly sign on as a temp' patient in a different surgery ? Or just be upfront about the pain and symptoms and then ask for another doctor. Good luck it's a new year.      Regards, E

    Male suicide rates are 10 times that of females.

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      Hi Eric,

      many thanks,

      your information regarding trying another surgery has not crossed my mind

      tbh I've never had to use the doctors so am not familiar with how it all works.

      i do feel that my surgery must be overstretched

      As you mentioned about trying another doctors I have parents in Yorkshire so I could possibly stay with them,

      when I mentioned that I had always worked ,I was making a statement to my surgery that was overstretched on budgets ,and to the indication that I might have to go privately and take there credit facility option,that will get me into debt,

      which is possibly one of my only options,apart from which you kindly have informed me of

      it is quite worrying when all you can do is ask strangers information,

      and there kindness of helping you to get some kind of help,

      many thanks for for your input,

      I am just worried in case I am in a sort of queuing system to be seen,and could start the same qua somewhere else,


      it's been 6 weeks constant complaint to them,and I feel like a nuisance,

      I'm sure I'm not alone,and realise there are other people worse off than me

      but I know my body,and it's definitely not functioning properly

      many thanks again


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      Hi everyone.

      Just an update.

      I have managed to finally get my doctor to authorise a ultra sound and a ct scan.which I am now waiting for.on the nhs.

      I have booked an appointment next week with Dr A.V Emanuel at King Edward VII's Hospital .to ask his opinion

      I have now managed to feel 2 lumps in my lower abdoman right side. Which is very painful.

      So hopefully now they can finally help me.it's been 5 months.

      If I had not been told on this forum to nag my doctor

      Which I was giving up on.it would not of got the authorisation for the scans.

      So now eagarly awaiting .

      Thanks to all them great people that quoted.

      You know who you are. X

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      Well done Robert , Hope you find a solution soon. It's the crying baby that gets the milk.

      This is going to sound really odd but sometimes the painful conditions, frightening as they may be, are often not too life threatening.

               Regards, E

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