Right Sided Bloating 24/7 no pain, no triggers

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I have constant right sided bloating/tightness in my lower right quadrant (feels like a bubble) as well as up my right side (ascending colon) . My bowel movements are good, no pain, no other symptoms. just the most uncomfortable bloating which makes sitting up very uncomfortable, standing up better and when lying on side it doesn't bother me at all. Have had blood work, urine, FIT Fecal Test, Xrays, ultra sound. Doctor thinks IBS , motility, trapped air. Have tried SCD, low fodmap, low histamine diet and nothing seems to change it, in fact fact food doesn't seem to trigger anything, it is there 24/7

7 months ago I made a radical diet change and went to alot of veggies, fruit , fermented foods, probiotics, etc all overnight, 2 weeks later I woke up severely bloated

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    i have gastroparesis and also slow motility through upper and lower bowel. i have similar right sight bloating but i do experience some pain and discomfort. as well as a general feeling of tightness in this area. i frequently have specific swelling of the ilocecral valve (between upper and lower bowel). the valve is located in right side lower quadrant, more or less in front of the appendix. when it swells i can see it come up and it looks similar to a tennis ball sized swelling. it often occurs after eating.i take domperidone and have taken laxitives as i have slow/lazy bowel. however, the one thing that has helped me has been colonic irrigation. i felt like i tried everything including ultrasounds, massages, herbal remedies but nothing helped/showed any problems. so i started to wonder if i had some kind of blockage around the ileocecal valve. so, i tried the irrigation and it has helped loads. i have had a few sessions over a a month or so and i have had no bloating in the area since. so might be worth trying. good luck!!

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      Hi Gillian

      My doctor thinks it could be a motility issue , however i am quite very regular with good transit times.

      Yeah its not really pain for me but definitely discomfort and definitely a very tight feeling. The bloat or bubble as I call it is in the lower right quadrant consistent with the ileum for sure. The tightness seems to go more up my right side which also does look a bit distended, the frustrating thing as I said is there are really no triggers in terms of food, it is there all the time, on occasion I will pass a bunch of wind and it seems to deflate , when this happens rarely I get relief, I dont seem to have gas or pass it.

      When I do the SCD diet and pretty much stick to veggies, fruit and meat I feel wonderful, clear headed, consistent bowel patters, but the bloat and tigtness never goes!

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      interesting....in many ways it sounds similar to my right sided bloating which i can get even when i have had nothing but liquids all day. it seems to be just part of gastroparesis for me - although it is a newer symptom. it basically started after i accidentally ate a bit of cassava about a year ago.

      so, you dont have other problems associated with motility? what happens if you eat a low fibre diet? wondering if you have a slightly slower system and things get hard to process around your IC area which may be weak for some reason. Maybe you could try this GP diet for 1 week or 10 days to see if it makes a difference. On a gp diet you have to have as little fibre as possible because it is hard to digest. https://www.gicare.com/gi-health-resources/gastroparesis-diet/ Don't worry about dietary steps 1 and 2 -those are for when gp is really bad - if you could cope with living on the menu from step 3 for a week or so i think it might help.

      Even if you are regular in terms of bowel movements, you can still have a problem with your IC valve and even a blockage in the large intestine around that area. have you tried massaging that area? there are videos on you tube for self massage. there is a specific syndrome. as i understand it if the valve can stop working properly and raw food, hard to digest food are things that might prevent it from working well. when it isnt working properly it could cause the gas and bloating amongst other things because the valve isnt keeping waste separate between your small and large intestine causing toxins to leak into your system.

      sorry for the long response- i just have all this info in my head and hope it might help you!

      good luck! G

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      Thanx again Gillian

      Dont worry about the long response as it is greatly appreciated! I spoke with my Doctor today and asked for a CT Scan which I really wasn't keen on as I dont want to take the radiation in. I am not sure where you are but here in Alberta they will not do a Colonoscopy unless one test positive on a FIT Fecal Test meaning they found microscopic blood. My test was negative and he is very confident with that in terms of colon cancer not being the issue. He did say to have this type of discomfort and bloating the cancer would have to be quite advanced and I would have not only had microscopic blood in my stool but there would be blood in the toilet/stool, amongst other things, it does make sense, they have also done ultrasound on that right side and xrays and everything clear.

      Having a clogged nose now and bronchitis which is finally getting better for the last 5 weeks let me to believe this was a histamine problem, tried the low histamine diet for 3 days and no change, i know one needs to stay with the diet for 3-4 weeks to obtain healing yet my understanding is if you are on the road with the right one you should see improvements within a day or two, haven't found that yet, as the bloating is there all the time. I did fail to mention I have also had some pelvic issues in terms of my pelvis being twisted, tight glutes pulling on my hips, etc. Osteopath thinks this would/could be leading into my side, although I do have some distension on that right side which leads me to believe it is air/gas.

      Anyways, feel free to comment, I have printed off the diet and may give phase 3 a shot, What can you use to cook eggs, etc, is butter, dairy free butter, olive oil or coconut ok? Can one make a spaghetti sauce say with just crushed tomatoes and olive oil, maybe some himalayan sea salt and put it on white rice pasta? The portion samples look very very small!

      Thanx Again


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      Haha, yes the portions are small! I guess if you don't have GP you could have bigger portions or you could have two portions but have them an hour or so apart to give your stomach time to rest. The other thing is that with a slower system i generally give my body time to rest - this means i don't eat for a minimum of 12 hours per day to let my body have time to process. I generally find that my right side bloating goes down a bit in that time. it's like it is just giving it some time to focus on resetting itself!! might be something to consider.

      I learned this after having numerous endoscopies. every time they went in to my stomach there was still food in there - even after hours of fasting. Eventually 16 hours of fasting and it was empty. So just cook your whatever veggies you want and are allowed on the list and put them into a blender and add to tomato sauce base. I normally just use a tiny bit of olive oil for cooking. just for this trial just go for really soft and quite bland food. drink soothing ginger tea or some liquorice tea and massage your tummy, even a hot water bottle might help. I don't know if you are in lockdown but if so it is a good time to take of yourself and give lots of attention to your tummy. It is such a drag having that tight bloated feeling all the time - I hate it - not to mention the worry that comes with hoping that you don't have something serious going on.

      I'm fortunate that i live in New Zealand so I am able to pretty easily. I recently had an ultrasound and ct scan- luckily they came pack negative - which means nothing major going on. My osteo had been massaging and manipulating the area for a while and was saying how tight and hard the whole area was. I thought then i might as well try this colon cleanse as nothing else was helping. And it has made a difference - although - i've been in lockdown now for 5 weeks and can't get back!

      Anyway things you could look up that might also be causing your bloating:

      SIBO - bowel bacterial overgrowth

      Damaged Vagus Nerve - If you read about if and it makes any sense you could always ask your osteo to do a bit of manipulation of your vagus nerve.

      Enjoy your bland food!! 😃

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      Hi Gillian

      How are you making out? Any new discoveries, etc.

      I have completed a full abdominal and chest CT Scan which everything came back normal. My right side tightness still there with what I call the tight lower quadrant bubble(just inside my hip). 3 months ago I began to cough up Phlegm in the morning, sore throat, clogged nose and pain with deep inhale, thus the CT Scan. Doctor diagnosed reactive airway disease, which is like Bronchospasm which interestingly enough is linked to high histamine. My symtoms also match LPR also known as Silent Reflux. I do believe there is a connection between the gut and my throat/lungs

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    Hi darren48

    I think you probably answered your own question:-image

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      Hi Mary

      Fortunately I havent had fermented foods in 7 months now so dont think that is the problem, thanx though!

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    i have IBS and experience similar sensations sometimes.

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