Right Upper Quadrant Pain

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I'm a 27 year old male in generally good health. For the past year or so I've been dealing with right upper quadrant discomfort that comes and goes primarily when I lean forward for an extended period of time (such as when I'm working on homework at school). When this happens, the pain radiates around the area right at the bottom of my rib cage on the right side, feels like underneath it, but sometimes causes my ribs to be tender to the touch. Since my initial symptoms it's remained pretty much consistent, having good days and bad days mostly depending on my degree of physical activity..(whether I spend time in a hunched over position or not) Anyways I've had abdominal US done, multiple physical examinations, and blood tests which have all come back inconclusive save for slightly elevated liver enzymes that were attributed to most likely a "fatty liver". My GP has ordered an abdominal CT scan, however I"m weary about going through with it and exposing myself to possibly unneeded radiation.

From what I've read I'm thinking it may be a hiatial hernia, and I'm wondering if I should try and opt for an endoscopy and/or MRI before going through with the CT in order to minimize my radiation exposure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Quite a few of us on this group have had smilar symptoms that have not been accounted for. Do you suffer from heartburn or reflux normally associated with hiatal hernia? I have a Hiatal Hernia and as well as acid reflux it is mostly chest pain that I get at its worst it feels like a heart attack which I now ignore.

    Modern X-Rays and scans give out a lot less radiation than the old ones. When I was seven I had a dislocated hip and later Perthes DIsease of the hip. Over a two year period I had several X-Rays about every six weeks and then a few a year until I was 16. Probably about 200 in all.

    In later years I have had many more X-Rays and scans and I'm not emitting radiation at 79:-)


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I've never considered myself to suffer from any type of abnormal amount of acid reflux/heartburn aside from the normal bouts that occur after eating certain types of food but typically go away with the use of OTC antacids like Tums..

      How were you ultimately diagnosed with your HH?  Specifically, what diagnostic tools were used?

      I must say if you've made it to 79 you must be doing something right! lol lol


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    Hi Chris, I would suggest you go with what ever makes you happy.....I myself last week had a endoscopy and i must say it wasnt a very nice experience. I have also had a few CT scans now and was immediately diagnosed with a perorated duedenul ulcer....if i hadn't of had it...I wouldn't be here responding to your post.

    Whatever you decide...good luck and let us know how you get on.

     Kind regards

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Alot of other discussions that I've read have said similar things, so I understand the reward could greatly outweigh the risk if there was some other life-threatening issue going on.  But, I will definetely let you know how this turns out in hopes that if someone else ends up in this situation they'll have something to go on! 


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    Hi Chris. I have a HH but usually get pain on the le, though sometimes it's on the right . The rest of your symptoms sound very similar though. I know that they usually suspect gall bladder problems with upper right quadrant pain, though if your ultrasound has come back ok, it's not likely. 

    As for the CT scan, the radiation is not too bad and is the equivalent of 3 years radiation in the atmosphere. I know that a CT picks up different things than an MRI, so if you a CT has been mentioned it must be for a reason. However, you must do what you feel comfortable with. An endoscopy will definitely diagnose a HH as that's how mine was diagnosed. Good luck with what you decide and keep us informed . 

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      Thanks for your reply.  

      The first time I was seen for this issue, the gallbladder was their initial suspicion.  However, after the ultrasound and blood work that notion kind of went away, although I did have one GP that wanted me to do a HIDA scan, but I never followed through with it.  From what I read if it indeed was some kind of gallbladder issue, there would generally be other accompanying symptoms, such as elevated pain and nausea among others, which just never showed up.

      I talked to my doctor again today about possibly ordering a MRI instead of the CT and he said if I could *somehow* obtain information from a radiologist suggesting that the MRI would be a better candidate for diagnosing abdominal pain (I'm guessing specifically for imaging tissues, and organs and stuff) then he would consider doing it.  But as far as the standard operating procedure of the clinic he works for, the majority of abdominal pain diagnoses automatically go to CT.  

      Considering that I'm without insurance at this point, receiving health care between a local clinic (which provides manageable health care rates to restricted income individuals) and a charity "insurance" plan through my local hospital, trying to go to a gastroentrologist or some other specialist for a second opinion is kind of a pain.  

      At this point I don't have a clear diagnosis, so I'm not sure if it is a HH or not, but I'm wondering, did your discomfort ever feel almost like, (which is kind of hard to describe but is the only thing that comes to mind), a rubberband-esque sensation in your abdomen?  I know thats a very subjective symptom, but maybe you can relate..



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    Hi I suffer the same symptoms, just had ultra sound, same conclusion, nothing showing except, Fatty Liver, my G.P just said, loose weight exercise!! Must be another symptom of I.B.S ? Was admitted to A&E with suspected heart attack, bloods showed Liver again. Glad to say it wasn't my heart smile.
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    My H.H. was discovered by an endoscopy. My stomach has always been a problem with ulcery like symptoms but only once was a duodenal ulcer found. 

    I have never tested positive for helicobactor pyroli.

    I tell you with the things in my life I have been fortunate to survive at all. At the moment my target is 102, provided the medical profession do not kill me first wit innapropriate medications for my heart:-) 

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    Sounds like you guys have something going on with your gallbladder. I have had the same thing for the past 6 months. I have had HIDA scan, US, CT you name it has been done. My liver enzymes were also really elevated. I go back to the doctor in a month and he already told me I do not need surgery but people can have negative test and still have problems with their gallbladder. As the HIDA scan shows possible hyperactive gallbladder. Whatever it is it has been hurting for too long and I get really bad nausea some days that make you feel like you are dying. Good luck to you all. I am also a make in my late 20's.
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    I spent the last 15 years daily hunched over my screen and 18 months ago  noticed a dull pain on RHS rib line, sounds like what  you are experiencing.

    I worried so much I went to the doc and had a US and have been told " multiple small  gallstones". I don't get severe pain or anything , just a dull ache , intermittently and occassionally a second or two of mild nausea.

    I had stopped drinking in case it was fatty liver but all that seems OK so I am enjoying the odd small glass again!

    I too had thought it was  to do with the computer work giving me costochndritis but now I don't think so and neither does the doc. I would probably take the scan you are considering but then I am prone to anxiety and would welcome the info despite the ( low ) risks.

    However I do think that hunching over a computer is really really bad for us and recommend making the effort to improve your posture if you don't want trouble later in life.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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    Hi Chris, I was wondering if your pain has subsided? I am in constant RUQ abdominal pain. I too diagnosed w/ mild fatty liver, had a CT at the ER, endocopy at the gastro...originally suspected gallbladder at after care visit where the MD told me to get to ER. After all tests came back negative for anthing super bad, they say Gastritus, before that my first primary care doc said maybe costral condritis or a diagprham/rib cage deal. Anyway I just wanted to know how long this pain lasts. I have had it since the 1/10/16 and its 2/6/16 so like 27 days and it is tough. I hope you have conquered this to give me hope??

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