Ringing in ear due to pressure and actue hearing?

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I have been living with Tinnitus in my right ear for the better part of 8 years. It started one day when I put my head on the pillow and I could hear a quiet noise. Over time that noise got louder, split into a high pitch ringing and a tinny noise along with a feeling of fullness in my right ear that never goes away. For the most part I live with it and aside from some nights I am ok. I have been to two doctors and they can find nothing wrong with me. No tumor, fluid, diet problems. I never went to concerts, wore headphones, listen to loud music, or even worked with loud machines.

I was told it might be TMJ, but after taking 800mg Advil and using compresses it never changes. I saw a dentist and he told me I do not have TMJ. So I guess that rules that out.

I then went and saw a specialist and had my ears tested. The results were pretty odd. I hear at 0db levels which I am told is rare. My left is perfect across the board and my right is slightly off ranging from 0 to 5 depending on the pitch. I also have pressure in my right ear. I will say that I do hear very well, I can hear my wife's watch tick across the bedroom at night!

Now the doctor said that the reason for the ringing is due to how my body is reacting to the pressure in my ear. That the ringing and noise is the brain trying to compensate for the non-perfect hearing in my right ear. He went on to recommend having a tube installed in my ear to relive the pressure and hopefully that will end the ringing.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Anyone have these tubes installed and did it provide any relief?

I do know that when my allergies kick in and the pressure outside is bad that my ringing can spike temporally until I take decongestant or the pressure outside has changed.

I am very nervous about having someone operate on my ear and I don't want to make this worse.

What do you all think? Is he grasping at straws or is this a real medical condition?

Thank you in advance!

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    Hi I to developed tinnitus 8 yrs ago,from a head virus,like you I have rhinitis allergy at same time.Had an MRI all fine, then went on to have 3 hearing test over time I was given maskers back in November but no help.,I never listened to loud music etc more to what you've said. Only came to the virus I had, really healthy I was never seeing a GP.,but this has stayed with me daily the ringing is in both ears loud and low don't like either, if it's middling  I can at times ignore it as day goes on. I do think rhinitis and tinnitus play a big part on my day combination of the two,and air pressure plays a part to I can go from one room to another,and my tinnitus will change in tone.you say yours is the same.I sleep well compared to lots of sufferers,but when I wake next morning it's an intension grabber it then gives me anxiety which is getting better.3 yrs ago I developed a balance problem with it, so another added on to it. Myself I wouldn't have tubes put in ,personnel choice. If you do go ahead get back and let me know how it went.I have joined the British Tinnitus Association a year ago they are helpful.Good Luck Marlene
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      You know I still do not know what the cause of this was. If I had a virus I just don't remember being sick unless ear virus does not have any real symptoms. I guess because it started small and grew over the years might point to that being the culprit. The fact that on bad pressure days the sounds gets scary loud might mean the doctor is right or maybe partly right.

      I am seriously think about the tubes. If I don't do it the ringing will always be here. If I do it might get better but my gut tells me that its a long shot. If I do decide to go through with it I will certainly post here what the affects were if any.

      Hang in there!

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    I just read your post, and you have described my experience exactly. I wonder if there has been any development in your case. I also have very acute hearing. No hearing loss. The ringing only really bothers me at night, but the inner ear pressure is the worst thing for me. I wonder if you've learned anything new.
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    Well it has been a year and I have not gotten the tube for my ears. For the most part things seem ok though the ringing in my left ear is growing slowly. Like before I only really notice it at night or in the morning.

    I have noticed that durring the months of March till May the rining in my ears gets so much worse. I think due to the pressure and alliegies that I have developed over the past 4 years.

    I am still thinking about the tubes and will most likely pull the trigger for one of my ears to try it. This fall is my target date. I will update when I do it.

    The worse part ringing aside is the not knowing why. That drives me more crazy and the thought of what it will be like in 20 years. Hopfully there will be a treatment that works by then.

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    I would ask for a second opinion. I would never put tubes in my ears ... we all have our own opinions. You could lose more hearing and the ringing could still be there after you get tubes. They can fall out as well. But it is your choice. It may help. It may not. Did you get scans done? TMJ? ETD? Check your ear bones, cochelar, etc. Good luck!
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