Roaccutane muscle and joint aches

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How are people finding the joint and muscle aching?

Says 1 in 10 people get it. I'm really aching.

Anyone got any tips? Thinking hot yoga just to keep moving and stretching...

I also have a fantastic moisturiser so no dry face if anyone is interested smile

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    Hello Sally,  

    I was on 30mg, and I'm close to finishing 60mg and I've had zero muscle aching. I am quite a gym junkie and was told to tone it down a bit but after a couple of weeks on the 30mg tablets I went back to my usual routine as I was feeling great.

    However, when i first started going to the gym, many years ago (before roaccutane started) what I used to do was have a bath, it relaxes your muscles and gets them feeling nice and loose.  Hot yoga may do the trick as well, but try not to strain your muscles. 

    The moisturiser I use is Dermol 500 Lothian, and it is fantastic. My skin was beginning to get quite itchy and almost unbearable so i started to use Germoline, it really helped! 

    Hope this helps! 


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      So has your skin been fine up until the end? 

      Mines been great been on since 1st Jan, had to have a break to go to On holiday and another one coming up for another holiday. It's because of the sun.

      I just want to fine someone who had the aches to see if they go after the course etc...

      Thanks though that does help a lot. Going to try hot yoga today, think it will help just keep muscles moving.

      Thanks smile

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      You know yourself that your skin is incredible fragile while on the Roaccutane. Anything can cause your skin to react, I made the mistake of shaving with a blunt razor and I slightly aggrivated my face. Which caused it to be slightly itchy for a couple of days, but nothing drastic and unbearable. If this happens I recommend cold water and any itch-relief cream (I used germoline)

      That's really the only issue that I've had. Other than that, It has been incredible. My face has been clear since the first month or so and as the days go on my face is simply just getting clearer and clearer!

      I wouldn't come off the tablets unless your Dermatologists has specifically told you to do so. This may cause problems later on with blood tests etc. All you need to do when exposed to the sun is make sure you put suntan lotion on your face, and keep it well moisturised throughout the day, this will prevent your face from burning. 

      As for the aching, which is classed as a minor effect and although I've not had any 'aching', i know that it will go away after the course has finished. These side effects (1 in 10's) should only last while on the medication, as it's just your body getting used to the tablets. You will probably find as you continue with your course your body will get used to the tablets and the aching will lessen, or go away completely.

      As of this post, (Fri 11 July) I have 2 weeks and 1 day before my Roaccutane course finishes. I am completely free from spots, it's now just a case of finishing the tablets off. Which I'm more than happy to do.

      Hope this helps, please feel free to reply with any questions or enquiries.

      Sips! smile

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    I'm currently taking Roaccutane and have just been bumped up to 60mg a day. I'm finding the back pain/stiff joints quite bad atm. Are you still taking medication and experiencing pain or how quickly did it clear up?

    Also I'm finding the dry skin quite painful. My lips get so dry they bleed and my eyelids are extremely dry they sometimes split in the crease. I have tried all kinds of moisturisers, vaseline, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, E45 etc but nothing is helping. Any recommendations?

    I'm also experiencingn quite bad flushings in my cheeks and extremely bad sweating issues which I read can be a side effect.

    I took Roaccutane about 4 years ago for facial acne and couldn't praise it high enough as the results were outstanding. Now I'm taking it for body acne and seeing no improvement. I'm hoping I'll be taken off it soon because the side effects seems worse than the benefits. 

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      (Thought I'd try help) 

      I never experienced any back pain or stiff joints while on the treatment, but I have experienced them due to excessive workout over the years, i find that applying a hot water bottle to the stiff joints definitely helps! For the back pain it's a little more difficult to keep a hot water bottle there, so as often as you could I'd say to have a warm bath and let the heat soothe it. Applying some gentle pressure to the sore areas can also help relieve some of my pain.

      For a moisturiser I'd recommend Dermol500 Lotion, you should be able to buy one in a big pump dispenser, last for ages! I found that applying it as often as required really helped, my skin got really dry while on 60s, but Dermol500 helped greatly! Something i used to do was apply the lotion to the required areas and not rub it in, I'd leave it to soak into my skin! This way my skin would absorb the moisture when required.

      Some days my lips were fine, other days they were quite painful, so I applied Dermol500 to them as well, slightly weird I know but it worked. I also got a lip balm called 'Nivea HYDRA care' (Sure you can buy it in your local area, or amazon) and I would apply the Dermol500 first, let that soak in, then apply the lip balm on top, I found they kind of just worked really well together! 

      Flushing of your cheeks, avoid having warm showers where the water is splashing directly onto your face, use a temperature that is of room temperature! This way there isnt a sudden change and your face won't red up. As well as that drink plenty of water to cool yourself down and if you can wear less layers! This will give your face some room to breathe! 

      I really hope this helps and that you get what you want out of the treatment! 

      Take care,

      Sips! smile 

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      i am currently taking roaccutane 20mg and everything you wrote is like my life story at the moment. 

      my dry skin is painful and my lips are bleeding. nothing helps and i feel using stuff makes it worse or reliant on it. 

      im getting HORRIBLE sweating, and extremely bad pain in my muscles and bones. taking pain killers worsens the sweating. 

      i also took roaccutane about 5 years ago for some face and chest acne where as now im taking it for body acne and its been 2 months. 

      Nothing but all the bad side effects and worsening of everything else. 

      if you find any solution i would love to hear it 

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    Hey sally, i just wanted to ask which moisturiser did you use whils ton roaccutane? 


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      I was given testers of Certaben lotion & cream to try and then got the lotion of a huge 500ml pump bottle which is amazing. I keep the testers in my bag in work etc so I can get easy access to them when I need it. I re - apply on my face approx 4-6 times a day and it is an absolute life saver!

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    I have one week left on accutane 60mg skin is clear , but my leg muscles are so painful, my back is aching all the time , hoping it's not a lasting affect , I think my body is telling me it's had enough. X

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