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I suffered with this panic attacks and constant anxiety this march 2016. (I had attacks last year but not as bad this year. I got a lot of symptoms, all over my body, it comes one at a time and sometimes all together. (Shortness of breath, muscle pain, palpitation, etc). I had 5 or more full blown attacks already and sometimes minor attacks, but constant worried. I took xanax just 2 weeks on my first attacks, (worried to be addicted with medications) but that was it. I did not take anymore or any medication, except gaba supplements once in a while.

Right now, I can do what I want but slight worries comes out. And my major complain right now are the following:

1) I felt dizzy sometime, and it's like pendulum. Side by side (not back and fort) its like rocking movement (sometimes slow or fast). Sometime my back head/back brain feels numbness or harden (i dont know the exact term.

2) acid reflux that may cause gas pain all over the chest and stomach. And sometimes bowel movement twice or more in a day. And i have to do constant belching to make my feelings comfortable.

3) sometimes after eating, there is a pressure on my neck and numbness on my right face and jaw up to the temporal side, then to the upper right part of the head.

4) sometime twitching on my temporal (either left or right)

5) shortness of breath, but if i burp or belch, then it goes back normal.

My questions

1) Is this dizziness(rocking body/head movement) that i have right now is really cause by anxiety or there other underlying causes of this one?

2) Do in need to consider TMJ as to my numbness on my face and pressure on my head? My dentist cannot tell exact because she is not DDS, but she told me that its not tmj most likely since there were no jaw pain.


I was positive with h pylori but already threated ( 3 mos ago)

I had head MRI and ct scan but no abnormalities found. ( 2 mos ago)

Doctor told me that there were no ear infections and most probably not vertigo.

Took 25 mg of xanax for two weeks only (last april)

Taking vitamin b complex right now.

Taking gaba supplements once in a while.

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    Hello, oh you sound like me a few years ago, I thought for sure I had a brain Tumor or a blood issue etc. What you have is a bad case of Anxiety and I don't want to scare you but I went to the ER and had a CT SCAN and blood work and I was heathly as can be. Anxiety has a hundred different symptoms, I finally had a complete meltdown and ended up in the hospital for four days, yes the 5150 Ward and I was so happy to be there to get the help I wanted. Now you say you are taking 25 MG of Xanax? I think you mean 0.25 MG, 25 MG would probably kill you so right now you are on a low dose, I would ask the DR to increase it to at least 1MG two times a day, I still take Xanax as needed and you have to be careful not to abuse this drug. I would also recommend an Anti-Depressent too, you have to fight this with Meds first in my opinion because nothing else like over the counter worked for me but they would hurt you. Are you having sleeping issues? Lack of sleep feeds the Anxiety too so talk to your DR about that too.

    If I can keep it under control you will be able to also, I thought I was done and going crazy but nope it's just your brain playing tricks on you. Good luck and reply back sometime, there is a good group here to help!!

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      I was in xanax this feb 2016 only. I got phobia with meds or even supplements, (thinking that might be addictive or withdawal syndrome). My sleeping cycle is okay. Like 11pm to 7-730am. I can do 30 mins treadmill now for 9 days. But my only concern is this rocking type of dizziness. I never had cbt, coz i had a lot of ibook cbt and panic disorder books, but did not mention any rocking type movement. I also went to ER once, but never again til now.

      I just need answers for this rocking movement. Sometimes it comes, sometimes not.

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      Anxiety is most likley the problem. Dizziness is very common with Anxiety and could cause you to feel a little vertigo which will cause the rocking back and forth motion, this beast Anxiety masks itself with so many different things it's scary to think your mind is doing this to you, that's why Meds to me are the way to go, I know for sure I have a chemical inbalance so I still take meds. If you have a headache you take aspiran, if you have high blood presure you take meds, if you have Anxiety you take Meds!!!! Good luck   

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      I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night and still some how made it to work with complete high Anxiety.I lost 50 plus pounds in 2 months, had heart palpitations all day, dizzy spells, head aches, pressure behind the eyes, then agoraphobia set in, I had a fear of everthing and I was ready to call it a day at that point but I saw a Psych who gave me a low does of Xanax and Lexapro. The Xanax dose was so low it did nothing and the Lexapro had bad side effects which I expected as most Meds do but the more I took of the Lexapro, the worse I got, he said keep taking it and my wife said just give it a few more weeks, I knew it was going to get worse and it did, I was done and wanted to end it all and I swear my brother called me and I told him I cannot function anymore I need help so he called 911 and i went to hospital for four days and had to take 3 months off of work, it was the best thing I ever did and thank God my brother called when he did. I saw another Pysch who worked with me and we found the right mix of Meds to keep this beast under control. I know deep down I would never take my life so please get help if you feel

      bad, If I can make it you can too, it takes time but it will work.  

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    Thanks Joe, i have no work anymore for 8 months now because of this suffering, i might look for good psyc for me to test some best medz out there without having a long trial and error. Pressure back in my eyes is the best description of what i felt numb inside my head. Everything (symptoms) for me is periodical, but i wanna live normal. So i'll gonna take seriously your advice.

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    Hey my friend as you know I have been where you are now and I know you can do it, it will take some time to get the right Meds to work so be patient. There are 40 plus Anti-Depressents out there and it took me at least 7-8 times to find the right one to work for me, Effexor which is almost like Pristiq but way cheaper and made by the same company worked for me and I still take Xanax 1MG a day if needed, and Seroquel(100MG) for sleep whiich also is good for Anxiety-Depression and overall a good mood drug, i highly recommend it but remember,

    everyBODY is different so good luck on your new Journey to getting back to normal!!! Good Luck!

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