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Can anyone please advise me....?

I have a rotator cuff tear I was doing ok with it last year, with the help of physio.......then I made things worst by holding a lift door open while we were on holiday 6 months ago.......!!! Don't ask.......I did it twice would you belive.....!

Consequently I've made the tear widen a little more and I know surgery will be inevitable.......

What I would like to know is how successful was your surgery....?

Which type did you go for......?

What was your experience of the procedure.....?

All replies gratefully recived........anxious.......😐

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    I can.understand you feel.anxious as I did last year when.I had the same full.tendon.tear having.had frozen shoulder for 4years beforehand

    I had an arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery I am now 5 months post surgery and due to having had Fibromyalgia for over 9 years it has been a long recovery. I am sure yours will be shorter. There eis alot of information in the Internet. What does your orthopedic surgeon suggest??

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    Hi Dolly. I had an R cuff tear too after a fall in which I landed on my shoulder. Doing ok ish then I tried to lift a heavy bag and wham........ I was referred to hospital and finally got an op to repair it after several months. It was very successful for me but i had to be really careful not to use it too much at first and followed the advice of my physio to the letter! It was done by keyhole surgery, I had three small cuts, and a local aneasthetic so was aware what was happening. Chatted to the aneasthetist most of the time. I was allowed home the same evening as long as I had someone with me. Didn't sleep very well at first but things improved when I took Tramadol, prescribed by my own doctor so maybe you should ask about that! Hospital may prescribe but best make sure you have something for the first few days then you can see your GP. It took about 12 weeks to fully heal and more or less back to normal but with warnings not to lift heavy things or overuse to begin with. Use the sling and take all advice from your physio and doctors. Hope this helps. Best Wishes Pollyanna UK
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    I can say is a very painfull recovery. Is it your Dominant arm?

    1. My anesthesiologist gave me a nerve block that lasted 24hrs. If you never had one be prepare. Your arm is totally dead and your mind want to play tricks on you. With me there was a time that I felt that I had some bodies arm with no control. I kept telling my self "It is okay it is my arm.

    Sorry g ok t off track.

    I had a partial tear rotator cuff and my upper bicep. As of today I am still in pain especially when I lay down.

    I am still on Vicodin ( which I only take at night) I have had my foot fuse and a total knee replacement and that was a pice of cake compare to having rotator cuff surgery.

    Sorry I don't mean to scare but it is very painfull recovery. I also needed help on getting dress etc.

    I think now I am okay that I had the surgery and getting use to the pain which is slowly getting better. I do have some range of motion and finally my doctor has given me a prescription for physical therapy.

    Please if you can give me an update on the nerve block, if that is a choice the anesthesiologist gives you.

    Whish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

    Mine was aurthroscopy surgery.


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    Hello Dolly (haha) , don't want to alarm you but I've had both shoulders repaired twice (rotator cuff tears) with very little success , sorry , Mal .
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    Hi Dolly, I am 5 1/2 months post-surgery for full rotator cuff tear. I had arthroscopic surgery with a nerve block and "twilight anesthesia." I wore an immobilizer for 3 weeks. I could only sleep in a recliner during that time. It seemed to relieve some of my pain. I started physical therapy 6 weeks after surgery. Some days I came home in tears because of the pain. I can tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I was just discharged from PT and the surgeon. My pain is minimal and my range of motion is about 85 percent now. The pain prior to surgery was excruciating! I would definitely have this surgery again. Hopefully, I won't need it. Good luck, keep positive, and no matter how difficult, you must keep up with the physical therapy!
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    Thank you all sooo much for your replies.......

    I definitely need to do a lot more research that's for sure.......more information is required.

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      Best not to listen to all the horror stories as we're all different in the way we heal. If your rotator cuff is badly torn it's unlikely to heal on it's own without surgery. If you want pain relief and full mobility in it surgery will be necessary. See what the ortho clinic say and then decide. Too much googling can make you more anxious so take it easy. With regard to type of surgery, I believe your surgeon will tell you what's needed, not you him! Good luck. rolleyes
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    Hello again Dolly , I forgot to mention that my second op on my right shoulder was done last year , the procedure involved inserting a graft jacket over the tear , this is used on severe tears and acts like a patch would on material , even with this my rotator cuff still tore again and I carried out all my PT to the letter , you may be totally different and heal like others have said they have , I just wish that I had spoke to people prior to my first op (15years ago) as I think I would have left things as they were . After saying all this , if you are confident with what your surgeon is saying then go for it , as you have been told by others we are all different , hope this helps you , Malc .
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    Hi....well good or bad he information is interesting and informative.....

    As I am not in excruciating pain I've decided to with hold having surgery at present........

    My physio agrees with my decision....

    Thank you all for your replies.

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