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Rotten luck

I m really having a lousy year. To start off with in February I broke my ankle in 3 places and I sprained the other one. That all happened in one fall. My orthopedic surgeon that fix my ankle insisted I stay off of it for 14 weeks. So I could not walk from February 6th to May 7th. And since that time I'm walking but it's still very painful.

Then this past Monday I had surgery on my right hand to repair carpal tunnel and a trigger thumb. The carpal tunnel was caused when I had to lift myself up with my hands for the 14 weeks that I was not allowed to walk. Not a big deal I knew my hand would be out of commission for a while and it is my dominant hand so there is that added inconvenience. 4 days after the surgery I broke my middle finger on my other hand!

It must be a real riot to watch me manage all day. I'm limping every where I go and unable to open anything or handle silverware. All of my friends want to send me Bubble Wrap to wrap around me. LOL

I really don't know why I'm telling everyone all this unless it's really just to get a laugh. Let's face it I either laugh or cry and I choose to laugh!

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  • amkoffee

    I am glad you did tell everyone. It's good for you to let it out and for us to know how you are.

    You really have had a bad year, hope the rest of the year is much better for you, else you will need the bubble wrap.

  • amkoffee

    Wow amkoffee you really are going through it.  I presume you have OP as you have broken sooo many bones.😒

    However did you manage?  I find it difficult to get round and I only have PMR and OA to contend with.  (My OP doesn’t hurt thank goodness!  Not till I break something I suppose)!!

    Do take care of yourself.  Hope your healing progress doesn’t take much longer.  Treat yourself to something forbidden - it perks you up.😀


  • amkoffee

    No laughing matter. One of those at a time is more than enough.

    Without a good working knowledge of how we work it's so easy while helping one problem to initiate another. I wrenched my knee gardening and so went up and downstairs toddler wise. The my opposite hip began to ache and has only now begun to ease after reverting to normal stair technique.

    I'd settle for duvets all round. Nasty plastic bubble wrap sounds a bit yucky in hot weather. Write a book about it; it would sell well.

    • PS to above. Did anyone see Alice Roberts' programme where she re designed the human body with all the weaknesses replace with something from the animal world that was more efficient.? apparently dogs' hearts are much better than ours and birds breathing technique is fascintting. They don't have lungs like ours but do have membranes throughout their bodies which enable them to breathe in and out simultaneously.

  • amkoffee

    Amkoffee, some days you can't win for losing sounds like you are having one of those years. Cheer up you don't have many more pieces. I think your friends idea of the bubble wrap is a good one. Keep smiling if you smile the world smile with you, if you cry you cry alone. Smiling ☺️


  • amkoffee

    Good things and bad things often come in threes.   By my count (2 ankles, 2 hands, and 1 PMR), you are way overdue for your good ones.  

    So sorry you’ve had all this at once.   Not fair!

    Wishing you a great second half of 2018!

  • amkoffee

    Oh my goodness.  You must feel like the world's champion klutz.  I am so sorry you are having to go through all this.  Now, what you need for the duration, is a robot servant, preferably with a nice plush outer surface, who will fetch and carry for you, and when you hobble out for your walk will be beside you to protect you from any more injuries.  I agree with Betty.  You could write a book.  Or at least a really good column for a newspaper or magazine.  

    Get Well Soon.

  • amkoffee

    Oh my goodness

    Seems in your case, when it rains it certainly pours.  

    Now you will have some sunny days ahead of you. 

    Keep your pecker up and start to look at the sunny side. All those broken bones are in the past...just got to get stronger and build your 

    Self confidence again

    It's really hard to come to terms when you pass such a horrible year, but you will see, things will get better. 

    I was just browsing through posts regarding our fellow pmr sufferers who have overcome pmr and are now off prednisone...

    That was a great morale builder, knowing there can/is an end. 

    Keep well and as I said earlier, there are sunny days ahead. 


  • amkoffee

    I was wondering how you were getting on, but that is not exactly what I wanted to hear.. I like the bubble wrap idea.

    Not long after your fall, I too had a good one - fell out of a restaurant - no alcohol involved. Didn't tear achillies tendon, but damaged it. I am feeling very insecure as joints keep giving way beneath me. I finally saw a Rheumy today (only second time in 3 years) and I do love our simplistic health system down here in the southern ocean - he told me to get myself away to a warm sunny beach, do excercises in the water and do tai chi to strengthen muscles and help adrenals. What a wonderful way to solve my health problems. If only the health system paid for it.

    I think I am in love with my Rheumy.

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